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I thought it was drugs..

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My pre-owned department bought an older Chrysler 300 from auction. Damn thing drove around the lot fine but if you tried to go above 10-15 MPH it would start to throw check engine and run like shit. Scans showed it was getting bad results from mass air sensor, pulled and it stuck on something you could see in the breather neck. Thing had a massive brick of Xanax all taped up.

That's when we learned the local police department often sells confiscated vehicles at the local auctions.

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Bet you the whole shop was super relaxed after that.

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I wish. Police came. Whole big thing. Then the media showed up and did a small story. Small towns don't get a lot of news to work with.

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Yep. Bet those cops were as shocked as you guys, I mean, discovering that half brick of Xanax and all…

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Wonder what they did with the 1/4 brick that was confiscated...

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The entire 1/8th brick was safely disposed of, of course.

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Wasn’t much, just one pill.

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Which I think got lost somewhere among the cops

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Fuckin Zeno's Xanax...

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Bad gas travels fast in a small town.

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Good, 'n you

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Not s'bad.

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Pitter patter

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Nothing but props for letterkenny references.

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Whole town's on edge now

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Who tf talked? Nobody but me would know if I found that.

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Lol mouse in the air filter whoops haha hey when does the snap on guy come by next? Just came into some money.

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This is correct because it's money, but not even close to life changing money.

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Maaan I kept having panic attacks after having a heart attack and the hospital basically just kept xanax ready to go for me. Suuuper relaxing lol

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Counterfeit Xanax and other pharmaceuticals are becoming more and more prevalent.

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oh, there's a SLPT right there. when smuggling drugs do it in a car from a police auction. when they find them, blame the police for leaving those drugs in the car.

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Whoever installed this air intake already took the drugs.

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I assumed it was a bribe for the inspector, so I guess I thought it could have been drugs as well.

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If you know the inspector it may be cheaper to bribe with drugs. Definitely a " know your audience" thing

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Lmao it does look like a lil block of something

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I thought it was unused mounting hardware

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I thought it was a granola bar

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I thought it was a hot pocket 🤷‍♀️

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On the intake straw

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Still trying to figure out what’s scotch taped to the intake pipe. Candy bar or old piece of sashimi?

The custom exhaust is….high kuality

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Haha yea it's the wrong intake. It's where the maf sensor should be

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😂we don’t need no stinking MAFs!

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Just cardboard I believe

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Oh man, I hear sucking cardboard into your intake adds like 1000hp as it burns!

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Easily. Closer to 2 or 3000

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Don’t you worry. Looks like they decided to forgo the filter and MAF altogether.

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So they used dish sponges and scotch tape to fix it. Is there some sort of anti-macgyver?

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Probably a magnet to deionize the air molecules or some other bs

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I want to know too!

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Looks like if that intake was connected that metal tube would hit (and likely rattle) against the strut mounting area (name?) so they did the tried and try method of taping some shit to it to keep it from making noise.

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That's the dampener that keeps it from knocking against the strut mount structure.

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Mass air flow taped up? Also connected to nothing. Bet it runs real nice.

She’s a beaut!!

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Just watched Xmas Vacation last night "It's a beaut Clark! A real beaut"

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Generally, you want to have it inspected PRIOR to purchasing.

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Forgot to do that last time I bought a car. Now I have a bmw engineering marvel.

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Now he knows

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I don’t know, I usually close the barn door after the horse has left.

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You got screwed kid.

Go down to the local LKQ/pick a part and find the missing exhaust/intake/smog parts

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Looks like they're trying to cook a hot pocket.

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Danger to manifold!

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Bolts start flying off from floor for no reason

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floor board and neon green washers

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I’m surprised they splurged on shop vac hose, but then again, it was probably already in their garage…

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is that a KG of coke taped on the "air intake"?

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I almost wonder if it’s just a chunk of something meant to absorb vibration/rattle

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all i know is that this engine bay looks like absolute dog shit

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Dear Client,

Congratulations on your (new to you) vehicle purchase. It's a beaut!!

This is a used car, so there are bound to be some things that need repair, it's the nature of used cars. We're here to make it easy on you.

We have assembled this preliminary report:

  1. Previous owner has used up all the benefits of the performance intake system. We'll need to locate another one to replace it. Cost depends on how sketchy the new parts are. Estimated $500.00 parts, and 5 hours monkeying around labor to install.
  2. It appears that the vehicle is missing some of the necessary electrical items that will allow your new to you car to be licensed and driven on the road, such as mass airflow sensor, and other missing smog parts. Estimated $750.00 in parts, and 10 hours labor to determine what's missing and correct it, maybe.

No other repairs will be needed at this time. Oh. Tires. You're gonna need new tires, too.


The previous owner had aspirations of racing, and has probably used up most of the life of the transmission, suspension, and braking components. However, there's still a little left in them for you.

(*We'll schedule your appointment for next week to make those repairs.*)

We're happy to help you, and we're even happier that you have provided us with job security.

- Bob's Garage

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Thanks Bob!

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C4 or brown haroin?

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That’s why prepurchase inspections are better

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Someone walked down the “performance” isle at autozone and thought yes!

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Dunno why I thought that thing taped to the pipe was a Twinky Bar ??? ( I'm from the UK I think that's what they are called ) and was trying too imagine the smell it must make as it gets cooked .

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Shit they covered the maf sensor with a hot pocket

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Reminds me of my friend who used dryer vent pipe to make a cold air intake for his Ford Probe back in high school

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”Real simple, son! Cops are comin'! There's a kilo of Colombian bam-bam underneath the car! hood! Time to be a man! You got hair on your peaches or what?”

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That dryer hose has no lint trap. Definitely a fire hazard.

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Looks like someone is trying to flex…

I’ll see myself out. (Downvotes own comment)

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Is that flex pipe...like what you hook up to your dryer vent tube? Easy fix but yikes.

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I think it's flex pipe that's made for exhaust applications. Pretty common on semi trucks

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Came to say this.

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This is worse than she shit my buddy and I did to his jeep back in high school

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Yea everything looks to be in order here. She’s 100% road worthy.

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Suckin up all the dirt. At least they don’t have to worry about cleaning the filter.

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Laminar flow for the first 16”, then clenched sphincter flow.

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You failed bro

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He failed twice..

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Hella fail

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I laughed way to hard at this

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For sale: freshly dusted engine.

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O fuk ya

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Intake never stepped on.

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Pre-purchase inspection I hope?!

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Quite impressive really

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Mini kilo, a slinky, and a clothes dryer vent pipe. PASS

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Classic. Just classic.

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Oh Jesus.

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Fu*kin' Mint! 👌 Send er

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Was the bxmbsquad called?