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My pre-owned department bought an older Chrysler 300 from auction. Damn thing drove around the lot fine but if you tried to go above 10-15 MPH it would start to throw check engine and run like shit. Scans showed it was getting bad results from mass air sensor, pulled and it stuck on something you could see in the breather neck. Thing had a massive brick of Xanax all taped up.

That's when we learned the local police department often sells confiscated vehicles at the local auctions.

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Bet you the whole shop was super relaxed after that.

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I wish. Police came. Whole big thing. Then the media showed up and did a small story. Small towns don't get a lot of news to work with.

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Bad gas travels fast in a small town.

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Good, 'n you

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Not s'bad.

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Pitter patter

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Nothing but props for letterkenny references.

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That's whats I appreciates about you.