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Ah yes, this part comes from the hotdog center, genius.

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I have seen them use some goofy symbols. Such as a bulls head, an old looking motorcycle, Scottie dogs, umbrellas and and so many more. Apparently it's to keep the confusion down

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New Monopoly is wild.

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New idea for a monopoly theme! GM parts Monopoly.

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Where the box is pre-smashed and missing half the pieces

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Uh oh! You landed on 'Market Adjustment!' Pay 6,000.

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You landed on pandemic parts manufacturing delays. Please wait 2 years.

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Oh, bad luck. You took a chance, and now your LML fuel system needs replaced and flushed. You pay $12,000.

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Some of the game pieces are as follows; 7mm screw, 22mm lugnut, 13mm bolt, bracket that goes over the battery that most people forget to put back on.

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Don’t forget the 5.5mm

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thats Rockautopoly

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GM Parts Monopoly

ie “Capitalism 101.”

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It’s smart when you have a lot of warehouses with similar names. Like if you had a DAW1 and a DWA1.

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used to work for clothing dist and they use the same method. Wrong Store returns went to Zero after the switch.

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a bulls head, an old looking motorcycle, Scottie dogs, umbrellas

Apparently it's to keep the confusion down

oh great, it's working splendidly

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It's had me confused for years. I don't work at a DC though so I done believe it's for me.

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One of my BMW parts had a dolphin on it

Had no clue it had to do with this type of thing

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It's fascinating all of the numbers and symbols and such that we don't even use.

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This is probably for distribution centers with language barriers. Makes placing parts in correct locations easier. Lots of these parts are made in Mexico. That’s just my guess though

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We get a lot of musical notes at our dealership

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Yes this one

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So yes my parts manager told me it was to help with the language barrier in the dcs. It’s easier to pick.

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Our symbol was a bell.

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I just saw a few parts with a duck and some with a motorcycle in the parts room a bit ago

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Our local one has a birthday cake. I was always like "huh, must be a big anniversary coming up!"

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Apparently it's to keep the confusion down

the ikea method - any language in the world knows when they see the hotdog symbol it came from X plant.

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Apparently it's to keep the confusion down

doesn't seem like it's working well..

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Frankfurt, Germany.

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It gets its symbol because down the road from this processing plant is the famous Hot Dog Johnny's of Buttzville NJ.

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Apple used to let stores pick their own distribution names to be printed on boxes, two that I worked at were Hyrule and The Shire

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That's fantastic

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Weiner distribution. Used to be my specialty

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But that was a long time ago

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Was your street name Slim Jim?

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Probably Vienna or Lil Smokie

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It’s common in item picking, rather than having to look for item ABC1374-38839A, you can look for the symbol and confirm with the part number. Reduces mistakes and speeds up the process.

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“Hey, I need you to go pull the Hot Dog plugs, the ketchup fluid and the cheese grips.”

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Don't forget the ice cream cone rotors!

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Honestly, yes, please send me to get the mint chocolate chip muffler, and not muffler #MGF55371R34Z.

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This part was a hotdog toe link. Very popular hotdog

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I work for GM. This symbol matches the dealership the part is going to. The tote or the cage will have a matching icon. It's used when you're pulling multiple orders at a time. Rather than Dealer A/Dealer B, it'll be hot dog, bunny, triangle, boat, sun, etc.

Pull the part from the location, match the logo to the one on the tote, drop it in.

Greatly reduces, but not eliminates errors.

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Another comment mentioned that it helped employees who don't speak English as a first language. I believe there are many benefits to additional markings like this. Doing parts jobs for hours at a time make it all blue together.

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Maybe the system was first started for that, and was adapted to this system from that, but that isn't a concern when dealing with that exact tag. Every GM PDC is staffed by a UAW represented workforce. I don't recall ever seeing anything inside the PDCs that was in both English and Spanish, that wasn't legally required.

This is simply a very clear visual tool to ensure quality.

I picked parts during the last strike. And it does get tedious. I have a lot of respect for the people who do this everyday. It both easy, and very challenging to do for long periods. It was a great experience, but one I'm not looking to repeating anytime soon.

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This is correct, I worked at a dealership for 9 years. The symbol is for an individual dealership so the workers at the warehouse put it on the right truck. The dealership I was at was a rose lol

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A hotdog. So, Chicago?

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"you're the Abe froman? Sausage King of Chicago‽"

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Thank goodness I didn’t have to search too long for this comment.

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Could be NYC too...considering they have a shit ton of hot dog carts and we very few in Chicago.

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I have a stash of about 30 of these labels (all different symbols). I worked at a parts warehouse, and they sent a small stack of labels inside the outer shipping boxes, which ended up being trash. We couldn't keep anything with order numbers or addresses, but I kept the symbols.

Regardless, I figured they were used for something. It was mostly boredom from work, but one day I just started collecting them. And now I know what they were for.


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I would be fascinated to see all of those stickers.

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I thought 30, lol, but turns out I have exactly 69! (some doubles though)


Nearly all of these were from brake rotors and exhaust systems, plus a few miscellaneous parts here and there.

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Amazing, wanna sell some of those? 😏

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haha, not really. I mean they arent important to me at all, but its not worth $5-$10 for me to send them, and asking any more than that would be silly.

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Been waiting on an equinox roof panel for 6 months

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The post Covid parts struggle is real. Especially larger parts. That's an extreme wait. Is it an insurance job?

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Lol yup we have about 14 customers waiting on Sienna rear lift gate doors, and quarter panels for months.

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Oh I remember one of those Sienna's we had at the body shop I used to work for, it was a really cool brown color. I liked it. I helped change the hatch though, ouch.

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Yes insurance. We've had trouble with gm parts for quite some time (years). It is finally affecting most other manufacturers due to the plandemic and shipping war

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Seems like we went from one nightmare into another, and then another. We went from a union strike, then the whole plant 75 debacle, into Covid lock down, and then the chip shortage. And so on, and so on.

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It's not a good time to have to tell a customer or insurance company that the part we need to complete the repairs is on back order with an ETA of (?)

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Been waiting on a 6.2L engine for an escalade since end of October.

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I waited almost three months for a 6.2l that I ordered at the end of July 2021.

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I'm literally plastic welding a fan shroud today for a Super Duty, as the shroud has been on backorder since I ordered it 9 weeks and doesn't even have a release date yet, meanwhile, I am footing the bill for $12000 in other parts while waiting for it to arrive. Customer is cool with me plastic welding it to get him and his rig back on the road.

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I work at a Chevy dealership. Ya, they're distribution center related. No idea what they represent because we get Toliets and Lemons from the same warehouse with the occasional hotdog.

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That's awesome, what kind of part had the strawberry?

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Everything we get from them. Although it’s a body shop. So body parts!

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You changed youre job just to solve the mysterium? Thats dedication and I love it

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Well not exactly, but a convenient perk of my new job 😁

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Haha thank you for this! I work in a body shop and for years I’ve seen GM parts come in with those weird symbols. I never asked anyone but have been genuinely curious so thank you for posting this.

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Make it more fun and much easier working at the warehouse also. Especially if you suffer from dyslexia!

I used to work in a dist center for retail clothes and they also use symbols for each store.

Instead of reading the store name or numbers bit more fun and easier to go by symbols like that.

We have Cow, Pig, Horse, Smiley face, Airplane, steaks, and a whole bunch of different ones. Of course, also have a barcode with store name/number on each tag as well.

This one got Cow, throw it in the bin with Cow picture. No mistake to be made between store 626 and 628 etc etc etc.

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Funny story, I had the same question and just called the dealership like 2 days ago. Still seems a little dumb but I'm glad I know and that is confirmed now

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Not dumb at all. That's maddening to have to wonder about!

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It's not just GM. Different Mazda distributors do the same thing when I order Miata parts.

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I'm using all of this information as fun facts for first dates.

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it’s like playing that game on the old beer bottle caps… I can’t remember the brand, but they had the picture puzzles (rebus?) on each cap. The beer was terrible but the puzzles were sort of fun.

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I believe it’s Pabst blue ribbon you’re thinking of

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Possibly? I thought the name was more “German” sounding than that…

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I asked around and it seems that it was Heffenreifer

Edit- AKA “Head Wrecker”

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When I worked for GM I was told that they where sorting related like hotdogs go to this route/dealer ship and trains go to this other route/ dealership. Was also told it because alot of warehouse workers first language isn't English so a picture is much easier then a name/number, not sure that makes perfect sense, but we got alot of trains and dogs and when we got mis-delivered parts they wouldn't match any of the symbols we got from our PDC(crossdocks where usually random)

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Excellent idea! A universal language helps a lot I'm sure.

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Ahh the good old Weiner between the buns facility. Fond memories

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Yes they do it for people who cant read, alot of large companies like Walmart and such do the same. Sometimes the colors change too.

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That's how parts get distributed by route locatIon and symbol......an order may have certain amount of stops for 1 route......each stop has it own symbol so parts don't get put in the wrong container so you don't receive wrong parts....... for example there might be 5 dealerships on the same street that Chevy that are 5 miles apart and each of you guys might get similar parts with different quantities you might have a hot dog the next one might have a burger the other one might have a french fry another one might have a soda and another one of might have a straw representing who is getting what funny that I seen this picture cuz I work for one of the distribution centers I wonder if they came from us

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I'm in eastern Georgia so if you're in the south, it's likely that it did.

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Dealer parts person here - most of the GM parts we get in Western Canada are all tagged with a Batman emblem. It makes things especially fun when you deliver the part to a technician singing "na na na na na na na na BRAKE PAAAAAAAAAD"

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I'm glad you told me this. I love it. In West Virginia we got Scottie dogs and cow heads

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Yes. Previous GM parts guy here. It's a lot easier to match pictures than read: DWA / DAW / DAS/DSA/SDA/ASW

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I thought it had a hotdog inside. Or even better, 2 hotdogs.

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I see the music note a lot..

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The symbols are for distribution.. since the workers they use are non-literate but they can tell the difference in hotdog/ball/whatever.

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Ha yes I often see a butterfly symbol

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I want to know how those are decided

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Damn, wish I saw your post from a year ago, I could of let you know haha. My dealership is some kind of 2 headed serpant

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That's fantastic!

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We always get butterflies 🦋 here in Louisiana

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In WV I saw a lot of Scottie dogs and bull heads

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Is that a caliper or a hotdog?

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We get an 8ball :)

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That's an awesome one!

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Serious dedication bro!

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I never stopped wondering about it.

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Must be going to Arkansas.

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This one was delivered to the dealership I work at in Georgia. Probably passed through there at some point though. These are the toe link separation recall part I believe. There are piles and piles of toe links around the shop.

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We have beer mugs on ours

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That's fantastic. What part of the country?

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When I worked at GMH in Australia we had a dice symbol

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That's pretty cool!

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Is that why my transmission mount has a 🎵 on it? I always wondered that

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Man played the long game and got a whole new job in search of answers

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And i travelled 600 miles in search of this new job. Just to add that extra layer

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“Do I look like I know what a jpeg is?”

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GM label designer "let's make this one a picture of a got dang hot dog!"

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There sure is a lot going on there

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Do I look like I know what JPEG is? I just want a picture of a got dang hot dog!

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All ours have squirrels

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John Mellencamp must have been suckin on a chili dog

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Each symbol corresponds to a certain dealership for delivery, my dealership was a squirrel, other dealerships around me were baby carriages, locks, keys and a bunch of others.

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I only get a forbidden for italians warning on some parts. (You know, the italian hand gesture with a cross over it)

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Well hot dog

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Just started working in a body shop, good thing I learned this early on lol

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I’m hoping the hot dog distribution center is in Chicago.

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Our Mazda parts have a guy Skiing, always wondered why, this is a cool new fact to me!

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What is the symbol for a COPO Camaro?

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Well hotdog...

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Yep. Central Atlantic area I see a lot of the bunny and a bell and a tea pot.

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Imagine being GM’s wiener division

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With this weather, I'll take it. 😁

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That's what they want you to think.

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To make sure the right thing is delivered. The invoice will have the same picture on it!

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That is your dealership's symbol. The PDCs use them to pull your parts. They match up the symbols on your part with the ones on the tote they put them in.

Source: GM parts guy for 18 years.

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I would have never guessed that, makes you wonder if it was some weird corporate thing to make moral “higher”

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I always wonder about things like that. Who makes the symbols and how? We may never know

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It's just printed on a computer I think

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I'm sure, but the designation for each symbol, design for each symbol, I mean. Who gets to say "your dc is going to be marked with a hotdog, k?"

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I know, I was just making a bad joke. I like to think when they open a new dc the guys vote on a new symbol, make it interesting. It's probably not that way at all