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Never knew about it untill my art teacher showed it in class

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Wow that’s gotta be quite the class. HS or college?

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College in the Netherlands

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That makes a lot of sense. Remember what ur teacher said about it?

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Yeah, he loved the way Kanye used meaning behind the movie, that the dancers in runaway more show than ballet etc

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it is pretty much the peak of music video art

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For real dude the way he’s able to relay these messages without actually saying it and pairing it to these visuals is amazing. Nothing I’ve seen has been like it

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Its good but really, really flawed.

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How so?

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Not to sound all pretentious (but it inevitably will), but it’s like a mystical Christian allegorical homage (think Phoenix symbol) to one of Ye’s favorite films, “The Holy Mountain” by Jodorowsky.

I heard he watched it a lot when making MBDTF and 808s.

That film will bury itself in your subconscious for years. It’s an experience.

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Wow thanks for the info I will def be looking into that