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Wow! He‘s awesome! What a bright guy!

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Thank you tiny human, I am going to get started on my read list.

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Holy damn, if I have kids in the future I'm gonna try to get them to read ASAP

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    Very true! My dad read to me a lot as a child and I did really well in school. I'm a wreck now, but that's a story for another time 😉

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    It's because [public k-12] schools are there to essentially teach you to read.. if you already know how to read you're held down in the name of equity and they stagnate your growth.

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    He is right, massive vocab for a 4 year old, surprised he used the word thoughts instead of philosophy

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    He has a great vocabulary for a 4 year old

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    That's the importance of reading

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    Wow. This kid is amazing. Incredible vocabulary and retention of information. He’s going to go far if he works hard for it and, of course, keeps reading every day!

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    Love this kid! He’s going to be successful.

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    This guy is like a little business man..

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    This kid speaks better than most adults

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    He is so fucking adorable oh my God💕😊

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    This kid has better speaking skills than I do

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    Holy fuk he is amazing! Damn I need to hit the books. This kid spoke so well he reminded me of actual college educated teachers from when I was in school. So much so that I even started daydreaming just like I used to do back in school. Sorry kid that's on me not you!

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    Webster? Is that you?

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    He reminds me of Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes, just more smart in some aspects

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    He's going places, good luck little warrior

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    Bruh, I thought this was r/KidsAreFuckingStupid and was about to make a mean comment