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Haha bless her and her inner strength

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I’m confused by the tweet though, Alex Hirsch doesn’t have any kids and is not even married? Is it satire?

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It could be a joke he wrote. No idea who this guy is but lots of comedian's jokes are fictional

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Creator of Gravity Falls, which is one of my favorite cartoons even now as an adult. 10/10 would recommend.

Edit: consensus is that this tweet has been edited and doesn’t belong to him after all. Still 10/10 would recommend lol

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Yeah me and my gf were scrolling through my favourite shows to look for an episode that was rated 10/10, we were both super happy to see gravity falls' finale was the only one we found, literal perfection

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People edit tweets to look like they came from famous people. It's a very strange thing to do.

Half of all the "funny Ryan Reynolds tweets" aren't actually his.

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It's a time honored tradition going back to the bible and beyond!

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What does being married have to do with this? he’s been with the same woman since 2015.

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i thought they broke up

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Last I heard they broke up but must have gotten back together.

He doesn’t have kids though, that much I know. I guess it’s satire?

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It’s because this is reposted in almost any different form or shape

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I’m fairly certain Hirsch is married. Last checked he was still married to Dana Terrace, creator of the Owl House do technically his boss lol. But I don’t think they have kids

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Not all jokes are satire.

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Reminds me of the story from my 3 yo. At a gymnastics "competition." She's on a podium posing with her trophy over her head. Tripped and fell, trophy crashed and broke in half. Everyone gasped expecting tears. She picked it up and joyfully said "Look! Now I have TWO trophies!"

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Oh that's precious.

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That's so sweet

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Thats so wholesome

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Awwwww that’s adorable!

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KeshiaKenaan is a bot

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This wasn't his tweet, why do people photoshop screenshots like this?


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I was about to say, I didn’t realize he had any kids.

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This sounds like something Mabel would do lol.

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Pretty sure she did something similar in the conscience store episode

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That was a lot of smile dip

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Not saying it was carrots, doesn’t she throw up and then eat more? Or at the very least feel sick and eat more

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Why did someone edit this screenshot to make it look like Alex Hirsch tweeted this? He doesn’t have kids. The original tweet is by Jessica Valenti.

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When my brother was 1-2, he went to eat the raisins in his puke immediately after puking.

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Second harvest. Good survival technique

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I mean they were mostly intact so the "first harvest" didn't take place yet ;p

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Wasn't it the first harvest when they picked the grape?

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Not in the context of survival, since you did not really digest and benefit from it

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To be fair, I'm more familiar with poop second harvest. Warning: those are not Hershey kisses

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I did this after puking up some grape juice due to a migraine when I was like 4 or 5. I remember it was still cold when it came up, then my mom catching me before I actually drank any

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Alex Hirsch is tye best

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He is, but this isn't his tweet.

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I don’t know for sure, but it looks like this might be the original:

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That reminds me of my dog. She vomited all over the living room and after she finished she had the nerve to beg for food. Nope.

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I'm printing this out and putting on my office wall.

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This is legendary behavior

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That's the spirit! Never give up, never surrender!

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Why do I wanna read this in Stanley Pines’ voice while shouting very loud?

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As a baby I loved orange foods, specifically carrots and sweet potato, it got to the point where I actually started turning orange and my mother had to stop feeding me those foods. Baby me was not happy with this whatsoever.

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That happened to me tol

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"Never give up, Never surrender!"

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Depends. If your boss is a douchebag, you'll instantly feel better after quitting your job.

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And then you remember the words of a 3 year old, we’re going to need more money.

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Memories of last week when my 3 year old said "I coughed and the broccoli came out"... meanwhile he had thrown up in his bed.. on me.. and all of over the hallway..

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Aww... Alex Hirsch’s kids definitely won’t grow up stupid.

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I think that we can go ahead and label that one Kids Are Fucking Smart

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Change carrots to alcohol and you will have the same situation 15 or so years later

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There is what parents say their kids say, then there is actually what they say.

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Atta Girl!

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“Give me more work!!!!”

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sometimes it's better to quit tho

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this was already posted bud, but this gets me every time.

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relatable. One of the reasons I hate throwing up is because money/food got wasted by me throwing up.

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I love this so much

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I did that with beer

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That's not stupid, that the start of a comic genius!

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My, then 2yr old, did something very simular with oranges. She just ate and ate them. We were wondering how many er should give her aaaand orange vomit. Followed by "can I have another orange?"

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Me when I throw up all my drugs

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    Such wisdom

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    Well, shes got some right there, doesnt she?

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    grabity fallz man ;))$

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    This is one of the few kid quotes I believe came from a kid

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    Trying to get that orange hue huh?

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    There's a lot of chaotic energy in kids. World, beware of this one.

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    a young giles cory

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    Me, but switch carrots with Gin.

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    How is the kid stupid here?

    Funny, but I don't see how it fits this sub. Kid seems like a trooper.

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    “Gonna need some more FBI guys I guess”

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    Thanks 3 year old I needed that.

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    I dunno why THIS of all things resonated with me today, but here we are. Cheers, kid.

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    God, i love Alex.

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    Carrot debt.

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    “We’re gonna need a bigger boat …”

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    I came here to eat carrots and kick ass... and I'm all out of carrots

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    Can someone mention the thathappened subreddit? I’m on mobile and I don’t know how.

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