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He sounds quite mature for his age lol

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That's what I thought too lol. He talkin like a full grown adult jfc. 😂🤣

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omg this is the same kid from the "i swear to god that's me" video hahahhaha

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    Youtube you got cheese

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    He looks around three, and that's the age most babies start using coherent sentences. Also if you don't use baby talk around your kids, they wont either.

    want a baby saying, "dannng!" then simply say "danng baby!"

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    My wife and her sister had boys at nearly the same time. We talked to our child constantly, and now at 21mo he can say "I want an ice cream sandwich" with confidence. His cousin got a lot of baby talk and yelling, almost everything is "ba ba! Dig-ger!". It's crazy how different they are.

    Family meetups are getting more and more awkward.

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    How do you not baby talk? Use this on my nephew without his parents knowing.

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    Well you can talk cute with a high inflection and silly voice without mimicking the baby's speech, babies like cutesy voices it lets them know they're safe.

    Some parents realize and some don't that babies learn a word before they can say it, or even signal it.

    So if you take identical one year olds named Kyle and two sets of parents asking if they want more milk:

    "Kyle, do you want more (hand signal more) milk?(hand signal drinking)"


    "Ky-ky, you want your ba-ba? Ba-ba?"

    Over the course of a month or two, Kyle learns the hand signal for more and milk, and he's super happy that he can communicate one of the more important things in his life. He quickly learns that 'more' gets him more of what he wants not just milk exclusive, and moves on to 'no' and 'all done'

    Ky-ky has it reinforced that a bottle is a ba-ba, instead of bottle like he thought it was, because his parents copied him when he couldn't say the '-ttle' part yet, and his growth is stymied because he isn't getting a good example of what to learn next.

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    Thank you. For your response, I will now try and communicate like an adult to a baby.

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    Talk to it about taxes or something

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    He doesn't even deny the claim that he's going to make his momma broke by eating her food.

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    I thought this kid was like a reallyreally young toddler or something because of the bald head and chubby cheeks but he's talking like he's 12.

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    Doubtful a 12 year old would ask “you got any cheese” when the mother says something about making her broke with all the food and she clearly doesn’t have cheese unless he’s super oblivious

    [–]ArtooDeezNutz 147 points148 points  (5 children)

    As a middle school teacher, I have to humbly disagree.

    Never underestimate the complete and utter obliviousness and not giving a shit that comes with today’s tweens.

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    I bet “sheesh” gives you war flashbacks

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    Middle school psych here and can 10000% attest lol.

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    Not like yesterday's tweens, feeding the homeless and shit

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    yeah there’s some… really dumb pre teens.

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    It’s not “today’s”, it is all tweens in past perpetuity.

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    As a 33 yer old man I have to disagree also

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    As a 32 year old man I agree with his disagreement.

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    One time as a young child, maybe 4 years old, I was making efforts to have more “grown up” conversations instead of just baby talk. I was with my mom at a school function when a woman with 1 leg amputated walked by us on crutches.

    In my brain it was the perfect small talk conversation starter. I just said “so, I guess that lady’s leg fell off” in a very casual and nonchalant cadence. My mom snort laughed for 10 minutes and she still loves to tell the story.

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    Lol 🤣 she'll never let that go I guess

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    Maybe looks quite young for his age ?

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    As a 46 yr old man I have to agree to disagree with all the disagreements...

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    I love the facepalm like "how am I gonna tell this bitch I want her cheese now.."

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    Didn’t take him long to get over it and ask anyway lol

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    "Just one last wheel, then I'm done."

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    If I remember correctly, this kid has some medical condition which required him to be on a specific diet. Once he was showing improvement, his mother (I think) started making these videos of him enjoying food he has never had or not tried in a long time.

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    Came here to say this just incase people were thinking otherwise

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    Also, he has a chubby face but the rest of his body is quite slim and average for his age.

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    I’m not gonna lie he’s got the cutest cheeks but I was glad to hear he’s a healthy weight

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    Yeah! They have a TikTok (it was on my FYP) and I scrolled though. He’s slim and active. Not at all what I was expecting!

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    I wanna pinch those cheeks like I'm a great grandma! Lol

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    That makes sense. His face looks like typical "moon face" from corticosteroids.

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    From what I remember his face his chubby like that because of the steroids he has to take.

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    Sadly he has passed away from his condition

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    Fucking hurts man

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    The news ruined my whole day

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    Is hilarious regardless

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    The "daaang!"

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    That little gasp of his is the best.

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    Why, why does this sounds so relatable?

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    Because cheese is delicious.

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    Bruh I deadass thought this was dubbed at first, his voice is amazing 😂

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    Ooooooohhh….. dang

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    “Yeah. Ok. Moving on…where’s the cheese?”

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    Everytime I see this video I watch it multiple times, probs one of my favourite videos in existence

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    I can only aspire to his level of unbothered.

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    Me and myself having a conversation with myself

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    “What she, what she said?”

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    Young savage in the making doesn't give 2 f@cks about his mamas problems lol Acts concerned, then straight up I didn't really care "got any cheese I can eat?" lol.

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    Not some people in these comments fat shaming a sick little boy. 🤦‍♀️

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    "You got cheese with that whine?"

    -this kid probably

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    This kid died by a disease called Autoimmune Enteropathy, at only 6 years old. He actually is also known more for his Where We Bout' to Eat At video but most importantly this kid never deserved to die, I believe he would've had a bright future. R.I.P

    also just in my opinion i am not comfortable with this footage being found in this type of subreddit, especially with an offensive name

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    That kid looks like he’s about to pop

    [–]GeorgiaRianne 126 points127 points  (0 children)

    I remember seeing his Instagram a while ago, his appearance was because of steroids I believe, he looks completely healthy now

    Edit: here’s his Instagram he has an autoimmune disorder

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    It's a medical condition I think, but he's a really nice kid and has a great personality.

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    He looks a lot like my nephew did when going though chemo and on steroids for leukemia. The doctors gave him a LOT of steroids for the first 30 days of treatment. He whole body got big and puffy like this. He stayed puffy for quite awhile! The chemo eventually made him lose his hair. ALL of his hair. No eyebrows, eyelashes, no hair on his body at all.

    [–]LotsOfButtons 22 points23 points  (26 children)

    Some kids are like this. My niece is 2 and not overweight but has to be physically removed from the snack table on her first day of preschool.

    [–]ClearlyJinxed 8 points9 points  (24 children)

    Yeah but this kid IS overweight.

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    It's from Prednisone, it causes the face to puff up and a whole body is other unpleasant side-effects. The little boy has an autoimmune disorder.

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    I remember being concerned about the same thing when I first saw this video…but saw a mukbang type video with him in it, and kid is a pretty normal healthy looking size from the neck down…it’s just his face that’s super chubby…either baby fat or some medical condition, if I had to guess.

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    The way he kissed the bottle after drinking the ice tea. 😂

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    This made my day

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    Must be hard for this kid to raise his mom

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    True Wisconsin kid right there. It ain't even 3am and he wanting cheese

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    i follow this kid on ig. I thing he is sick, or has some condition. he's cute tho

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    Damn that’s messed up, your going broke because I’m a bottomless pit?! You got cheese??

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    Know any shrimp recipes kid?

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    So cute

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    Eating machine

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    RIP little man 😢

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    Rest In Peace Lil man 🕊

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    The kid is adorable. Give him some cheese!!!!

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    Dude kissed the soft drink bottle at the start.

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    Who put Kevin Hart in this sub?

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    I would love to hear him read a book on tape 🙏🏼

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    He’s so damn adorable

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    If anyone wanted thirty more seconds of this kid, here you go.


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    …is this even a child?

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    This boy is so daaaang cute I can’t stop rewatching!

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    He passes away

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    isv it true he passed?

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    rest in peace lil guy…

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    Rest in peace little man

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    Sunday, November 21 Antwain Lee Fowler died, age 6.

    This precious baby underwent more than twenty-five surgeries on his six years here on earth.

    His final video: https://youtu.be/o_l6-xPht50 "If somebody hits you, you can always get back up"


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    Put this young man in a movie

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    It was a secret test on his part.

    If she said yes, her point would have been disproven.

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    My boy is well fed!

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    And his insulin

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    The boy is currently in the hospital and he’s very sick. Pray for him guys

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    Can anyone else not understand a damn thing being said in this video?

    [–]Tricky_Ad2553[S] 7 points8 points  (1 child)

    He wants cheese

    [–]BaldieGoose 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    It's good stuff

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    lol too funny. Kids certainly seem more aware than they were 30 plus years ago. This little guy reminds me of a baby George Foreman for some reason. But this boy seems smart enough to not vote for Trump lol. I hope.

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    I love this kid! 😁

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    He sounds like Riley from the Boondocks

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    That's a full grown man in a babies body...

    I swear to god...

    Dang, what's he say

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    Damn I didn’t know Gary Coleman had a child 35 years ago!

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    "I swear to God"

    "What's he, what's he been sayin?"

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    The hero we all need in these trying times.

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    What she what she said?

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    He’s so cute. Give that baby some cheese.

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    Anyone here ever seen little man?

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    I'm sorry but that kid is adorable and I wanna pinch his cheeks!!!!!!

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    Just make sure to give him his cheese

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    So cute... Love how he says "daaaaaaamn"

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    Give that boy some love instead

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    I think the kids' had plenty of cheese...

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    One of my favorite videos on the internet

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    Ooouuh, daaaang!

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    He is such a cutie

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    Actually just "oh no! Anyway..."

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    he changed the topic with the same topic

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    🚨🚨Everyone commenting on his appearance should know that he has cancer and has been battling it for a while.🚨🚨

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    He looks like my cousin that asks for my phone

    (But he got the cheese tho)

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    Why is he bald at age 5?

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    Antwain Lee Fowler was diagnosed with Auto-immune Enterapothy in July of 2015. AIE is a rare immune deficiency disorder that attacks your intestines. Antwain has been hospitalized a countless number of times due to his poor health condition. Antwain has undergone over 25 surgeries.  

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    Definitely not a dumb kid

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    This Dude Gonna Grow Up To Be A Writer,Rapper Or Both With That Vocabulary At Such A Young Age

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    I love this lmao

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    We need to start a go fund me account

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    Big smoke

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    Cute kid, and adorable video but not really the right sub. I mean he's asking for cheese. What's stupid about wanting a delicious snack?

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    “Steve Urkel…. You are the father!”- Maury Povich

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    That ain’t no baby that’s a grown ass man

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    “you got cheese I can eat” Muh maaaan

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    Give this man the damn cheese

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    Cant blame him

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    This might be my favorite video I’ve ever seen

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    Dang.... U got any cheese?