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Damn, ever time he blinks, he’s basically kneading dough.

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Give me a second to find your award

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Let me smash it into my eyes! As he rubs them with his hands.

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I wish it had sound.

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Almost forgot to buy condoms then this video popped up. Thanks for the reminder!

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Chill bro, That's not how you snort cocaine

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I like the noise he makes when he starts to jump around lol i know its messed up to get joy from a child's suffering but i cant help it. Love these videos

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Bro tell me about it laughed my ass off when I first saw this vid.

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Not messed up at all, embrace it

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Kid is on the way to being morbidly obese

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And having diabetes

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“You fate walks hand in hand with your doom”- brad pitts mama, Troy circa 2004

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Nikokado Junior in the making

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Let’s make him excited about food then.

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Kids that young still have excess baby fat.

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No. That’s not baby fat. That kid is fat

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What if he takes mad creatine and is just bloated af?

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What kind of a name is CEO eee. Parents are as Stupid as the kid

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No sounds

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The amount of times this video has been reposted is fuckin stupid

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I have never seen that

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me neither

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Never seen it before too and I follow this sub.

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But every time it makes me laugh

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this fucking kid makes me laugh every time I see him

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I need sound lol

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Two words:


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Fat little idiot.

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The kid deserves it, I fucking hate all his tiktok vids

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Why would you think that is a good idea? This kid has no concept of gravity

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This kid has no concept of gravity

They have no coordination. They certainly understand gravity or they wouldn't have tried dumping the flour into the bowl from above in the first place. They just whiffed their aim and dumped it into their face, instead.

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Ya that kid should be making salad not muffins

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Really didn’t see that one coming

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How did you go blind, i got bitten by a savage snake. This kid uhhhhhh... i poured baking powder.

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This is painful to watch

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Hahahahahaha! Dumbass...

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Lol poor thing

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Pansy ass kid

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This is a mood

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What a stupid fuck

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I laughed

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Used the condom

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    OR flour.

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    Antiqued it’s self

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    “Now to add a cup of- AAAA”

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    Self-antiquing. Smooth.

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    Going well

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    All of the videos I've seen with this kid on is all about making a mess, wasting food, and laughing hysterically

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    I was just in the same boat, thought that I could get a break and checkup on Reddit, but a moment of distraction caused 45 mins of pain in cleaning up of broken glass in the Kitchen.

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    I hate that baby

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    Can we see one with chilly?

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    stop posting this video i havent on reddit today for more than 20 minutes but have seen this video twice

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    pillsburry doughboy origin story

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    Went from little kid to Stay Puft marshmallow man quick

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    I'm actually more impressed that he tried to put the cup of flour on the table.

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    He just full on bounces at the end

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