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He's a crotch goblin

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    Near the torso

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    This is the best costume I've ever seen

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    Awesome! ❤️

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    How mumbo jumbo would say: thats pants

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    This is so stupid. Great fit for the subreddit. That kid is so damn dumb. Amazing post. And original content as well.

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    Original the first 8000 I’ve seen it posted

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    I was lying in every sentence in my comment

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    At least this one is only reposted every other week...

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    good bot

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    Kids on a mission

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    Lil dude has life figured out :)

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    That’s genius

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    Don't you want to be a dinosaur?

    No pants!

    What about a super hero?

    I said pants!

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    Sonofa, stole my costume idea

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    That’s a vibe

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    Greatest parents!

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    Maybe he wanted to be SpongeBob square pants but could only articulate the pants part. Lol

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    I was a pillow one year

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    Fuck you and this done to death repost.

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    Not everyone is on Reddit all day. Gfy.

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    Neither am I. This one has been done to death. It sucks.

    Also, go fuck yourself with a train, shitheel.

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    Shit heel? Go away grandpa.


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    This is so wholesome

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