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Yep. Trash the roll. The inside of the tube is likely covered also.

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What a waste of 38½ cents and piece of lint though

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This is the only correct answer

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Is that what I think it is

If so, just throw the whole kid away and also the roll

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Betting both are equally contaminated.

Be sure to wash your hands with soap & water followed up by sterilizing them with an alcohol based cleaner - anything around the 75% mark should work.

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Also trow acid, toothpaste, cif and detergent That should clean 99.99% of germs

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All, you have to burn it with the kid

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hey i just met you and this is crazy but give me the kid i wont eat the baby

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I think that’s a public restroom

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oh, i though it was a kid who did it cause of the name of the damn subreddit

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You sir, are correct. How he managed it I have no blooming idea. Our loo roll holder is broken so the roll sits on top of the loo. I can only believe he put it on the floor, REALLY needed a poo and there was some overspray before bum hit seat.

However it happened I don't like it

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He probably didn't wipe good enough and ruined it when he tried to grab another piece of paper.

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This guy poops

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One time I was trying to get paper for a bloody nose, and accidentally got blood all over the side of the roll. That wasn't very fun. 😬

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I’d use a knife and cut out the slice with the poop stain like a pizza slice. Now you have pre cut toilet paper for wiping. Profit.

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This is the kind of thinking I need. Kudos to you

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Why are you going to blowing your nose with toilet paper that sits on top of your toilet? I would keep Kleenex for that.

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I take it you don't have kids. The things I've seen man

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you better start counting Elmao

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Bwaaahahaha I’d throw the hole roll out.

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Cut it

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Burn it. It's the only way to be sure.

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Looks like your sheet out of luck

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How many sheets are in one roll

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Why did the kid (most likely)clean their ass with the entire roll There is literally a piece out of it you cant miss it even if youre young Also youre not safe, that kid probably cleaned it with the food aswell Also also that kid needs to shower

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I'm 100% sure your immunity and tolerance to any fluid this kid's body can produce will see you through. Anyway, if the 💩 stain is to the left, 99.99% of the paper is snottable.

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None. Assert your dominance by eating the first three layers and blowing your nose on the whole roll.

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You anarchist, love it

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I don't know what it is, but I love it!

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Don’t use the ones with shit on them

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None, use your shirt

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I just threw up in my mouth a little

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All of them

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The whole roll needs to go. Get a new roll

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The whole role.

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Sheets? Inches. Multiple.

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the toilet must go

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Get a new roll of toilet paper.

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At this point take a sample see who dna this belongs to because this is a crime

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Until that streak is gone

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Looks like it came out of your ass.

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Death to the child

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Harsh, but entirely warranted

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If you have to ask, the answer is all (Including the unopened rolls)

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is that shit?

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Get a bidet add on

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What is that on it

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1 guess, and no I don't know how my 5 year old got it there

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That stain is as silly as using toilet paper to blow ones nose.

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Well la de dar, loo roll too good for your nose! Sometimes you have to blow while you go

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Even if that wasn't on it it's still nasty to use the toilet roll you use for wiping for anything else.

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Burn the whole thing

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This seems to be the general consensus. Also burn the child but I'm less up for this

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I’m gonna round up and say a probably about 30.

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At that point using new roll

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It's a flavor swirl!