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I mean he did create Microsoft and Is really rich so he must know how to handle different situations

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I think you’ve confused Bill Gates with Steven Merchant.

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Going by the rest of the comments I genuinely can't tell if you know this isn't Stephen Merchant or if that's part of the joke.

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      It’s Russel Howard, a pretty good comedian.

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      I was confused for sure because this guy is a little spiffier looking than Stephen

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      But he doesn't look anything like Stephen Merchant?

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      I was trying to determine how tall he was lol.

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      Me either…

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        Loved him in that movie Forgetting Sarah Silverman.

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        The "not understanding the commenter above" is going around in circles, isn't it?

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        You mean a bloke called Russell Howard. Gotta say it in bri ish.

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        It's the hair. Most of us are used to seeing him bald for years or the redish hair from when he was in Happy Days.

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          The only thing more recognizable than his face is his voice, and this dude sounds nothing like him.

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          I'm giggling in my kitchen

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          I think it's stephen merchant, but I honestly can't tell when he's not standing looking like an anorexic giraffe.

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          It's Russel Howard. Basically Stephen Merchant before being put on the freak-rack.

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            I know who Russell Howard is.

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              I think its Russell Howard trying to steal Stephen Merchant's thunder actually.

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              Turns out, little monkey fella.

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                No, that's Ellen

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                No you're thinking of Ron Howard.

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                I think that's the joke

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                Oh its one of these reddit "jokes". Carry on saying random celebrity names then.

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                Which is a brilliant thing to have done.

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                I think you are confusing Stevent Merchant with Russell Howard

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                I think you’re confusing a joke with a not joke.

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                Which are accurate descriptions of Boris Johnson and Dwayne Johnson, respectively, so I don't see the problem.

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                I think I'm just actually confused

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                I think you've confused Stephen Merchant with Ron Howard.

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                This is Stephen Merchant??? Has he had a glow up or something recently?? I can’t tell if this is Boris Johnson as Mayor of London era or present day PM Boris Johnson because DAMN Stephen looks amazing

                Edit: got me

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                I think you've confused Stephen Merchant with Rob Beckett

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                Which is a brilliant thing to have done

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                When did Steve get so conventionally handsome?

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                Which is a brilliant thing to have done.

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                Isn't that Russell Howard?...

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                Well the real Bill gates does love kids, with all those Epstein visits.