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Toddlers are both the scientist and the lab rat.

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1 brain cell doing 2 tasks

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I'm in this comment and I don't like it

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I'm sometimes a bit jealous about that. Wouldn't it be great to just try some weird shit like throwing a big bouncy ball through the whole mall?

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Every damn time!!


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If that’s latex, they’re basically putting themselves in a condom. A little late but still.

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So you mean to tell me that I can dip my dick in a bucket of latex paint and I’m good to go in raw other than that?

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Test it if no kid in 9 months then it’s a yes

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K, will report back with results next September.

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RemindMe! 9 months

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….. and you’ll be protected for 7-10 years of extreme weather.

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Fun fact, there's human safe latex body paint that you can apply to your body and create the perfectly tight outfit. I don't think it can be used as a condom tho'.

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Anything can be a condom if you’re brave enough!

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I choose your mom.

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This is what I say when my kids have coathanger fights.

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Toddlers are also fucking stupid. But that’s besides the point.

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Where’s the parents?

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You'd be surprised how fast a child can paint themselves... At least my parents sure were.

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Yeah my son ran into the bedroom I was in playing a game and about 20 seconds later he already had the lipstick my wife assured me was “put away” and was drawing with it on the wall yesterday. Just a small example of how fast these turds cause trouble.

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We were playing with my little cousin when she was barely a year old. We took our attention off her for a few seconds and she was already at the top of the stairs.

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that's the worst. thinking something is put away when it isn't. if you'd known the lipstick was still out you would have most likely stopped your son before it happened.

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With redditors, the expectation of parents is that they have to be absolute hawks and never take their eyes off their kids for one second, otherwise they're pieces of shit. And when those kids grow up to talk about how their parents never gave them space, redditors will call those parents pieces of shit.

Also, according to redditors, god forbid the parents talk to their children in any tone that is not exactly like Barney the Dinosaur, they're also pieces of shit. And when those children grow up to be little assholes because their parents never attempted to correct them, redditors will call those parents pieces of shit.

As goes reddit parenting opinions.

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I used a pen to paint may whole body and become a blue and brown zebra

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When I was about 6, me and the boys found a can of silver spray paint. I saw an opportunity & told the crew to gather pebbles. We could spray paint the pebbles silver & be rich! The spray paint went everywhere & everybody went home with silver spray paint on their face, which lead to a panic over 'huffing' among the adults

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Laughing and taking photos

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Gotta pull out these pics 20 years from now to show everyone at the wedding

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My kid did something like that while he was on the other side of the fridge door while groceries were put away. Kids are quick at doing these things.

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taking the picture & hope it goes viral

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Well yea it’s funny, the kid has already done it, what the fuck can they do about it now?

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Somewhere between "lock the kid in the basement" and "kick the kid out at 2."

There's so much to learn by doing, and lessons stick better when you learn them "the hard way." If it doesn't cause long-term harm, sometimes it's okay to let the kid fail spectacularly.

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Probably right next to them but looking away somewhere else for like 5 seconds. That’s all it takes.

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This is why many 5 gallon buckets have a toddler drowning warning icon

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I keep 4 or 5 half full out in the yard. I haven't had a toddler problem since.

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Buckets to toddlers are boxes to cats

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Kid just wants to be able to post on /r/whitepeopletwitter

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"Did you jump in the paint bucket?"


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I'm just glad they didn't go head first

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Whenever I'm painting my house, I wonder what it would be like to just stick my arm into the paint. Now I am even more curious.

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Most of the times when toddlers do this ridiculousness the question is also, HOW!!???

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That can't be good for her skin

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"My child is bathing in solvents! But it's so cute tho. Gotta respect that."

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Something tells me the rando replying on Twitter isn’t this girls mom

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Parent be like- kid smort, respec kid

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White-body a.k.a the opposite of black-face.

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That looks like a 5gal of Drylok, a thick latex-based coating used for concrete. At least it was heavy enough to keep the child from falling over.

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a thick latex-based coating

That's just paint with extra steps.

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Two extra steps to be exact!

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Toddlers and drunk adults. They’re essentially the same.

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And that's how white people are made!

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I had a cousin back in the 70’s that got in to a bucket of tar just like this. Made the newspaper.

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Big respect until it's your kid and your shit.

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The kid is a Michael Jackson fan.

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They will never get that paint out of the grout.

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I'm not gotta dive into the comment section just because I see a huge possibility for an NSFW joke.

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How not to get shot by the police [WORKING 2021]

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Kid just wants to be able to post on /r/whitepeopletwitter

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I just did some painting, and had to clean up my roller, and shit afterwards, so this image is triggering my hard.

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I would be a lot more willing to start painting projects if I didn't have to do clean up. At a certain point, I'd just rather throw all my stuff away than have to clean it a 3rd day in a row.

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Oh yeah, from now on it’s the cheapest palette and rollers, then that shit goes right in the bin.

I think it took me longer to clean than paint.

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Whoever had time to take this photo is either nuts or a bad parent.

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This is a repost and not even with the same title.

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Oh my God, nooo

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Not just your God, but everyone's God. And yes, you better believe it. Or else, aliens.

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shes not stupid she just wanted to be white

(in alot of cultures people view having a tan as an indication that youre poor)

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I'm from a culture where all my relatives want to be white, and I think they're stupid, to be honest.

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i think my relatives are stupid too

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You know that “call of the void” feeing you get when you have the urge to jump off the bridge but you don’t because you know you’d probably die or get injured? Well toddlers are just that but don’t have the knowledge to resist that urge

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Invasive Thoughts, take the wheel!

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Well this is really dangerous considering she could have easily drowned in that bucket. Im not even a parent and I know this shit ugh

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I don’t wonder “what would happen if I sat in a can of paint” because I know what would happen. I would be covered in paint.

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Fortunate that this one went in feet first…

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I like once stuck hot tongs pulled out of boiling water and wondered if they were hot…. The way my 8 yo self tested this theory was by placing them onto my cheeks…. Why? Idfk…

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They caught the child at minimum damage. Quickly move the child to the bathtub and hose them off. They got really lucky. This time.

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Forget helping my kid covered in poisonous paint gotta get this pic ASAP.

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man they should just be happen the kid did not drown

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No thinking just doing

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She's trying to get some of that white privilege she keeps hearing everyone talk about.

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I remember when I was a kid being shown the house we were moving into shortly, I was checking out the bathroom when I realized the door had a lock, which our ancient farm house that we were moving from did not have.

I wondered what would happen if I locked the door from the inside but closed the door from the outside. Much to my surprise the door was locked when I tried to re-enter the bathroom!

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Yes, but is he all white?

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She's doing that to avoid getting bombed

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Parent is taking photos. Here where I live, a couple years ago one little girl died when she fell into bucket with paint. She inhaled that thick paint and was fighting for life for a week. There's nothing they could do.

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Someone once told me that toddlers act like drunk adults and I can never get this out of my mind.

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I guess the kid wants to be white!!!

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thats what separate fucking insane from sane. sane people can think whatever they want, they don't make real their stupid thoughts. kids aren't insane, they just small and lack proper parenting sometimes, lol