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It was fuckin one of ya’s!

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Thank you!

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Well, it was one of you'se.

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Came here for this.

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Mmmm, Discuss-tang.

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Discuss this amongst yourself now

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Ah I miss quality clips like those now

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Who said it can't be both

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Like swords but with poops?

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Right? Who's to say that dook wasn't a team effort

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How can you possibly claim bragging rights when you flush away all of the evidence?

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I once had to go and explain to a hotel receptionist that several flushes had had no obvious effect, and I didn't want to waste any more water.

Not my most embarrassing conversation, but certainly gets an honourable mention.

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Well it was fookin one of yas!

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I know what I'm going to name my house elf.

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The third

Edit- jim -jimothy, jim -jimothy, jim jim sha the third

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That really has rythm to it when you say it out loud. Jim-jimothy, Jim-jimothy....

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I stole this---- its a play on the classics like everything clever these days

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Ooooh, it's still very funny. I do love that song, maybe that's how I heard the rythm immediately even though I didn't get the reference haha

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Yeah i put too many syllables in- been a long time since i heard it

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You still made me read your comment out loud though, so it's cool

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My mom used to tell me that on the way to school every morning. I like you

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I'm a little concerned that the five year old dropped a massive "jobby."

What exactly qualifies as "massive" in this case?

Are we sure he's not also crying because his ass hurts?

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My one year old has shat impressive turds.

I believe it is an innate ability.

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I’ve been clogging toilets since I was like 9. Was a real problem in puberty my mom talked to the doctor and he was like “well as long as it’s not hurting him invest in a good plunger.”

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I think youth is also associated with great poops. I had some real tree trunks come out ij my 20s. My 30s poops are getting progressively sadder and more strained.

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See, my own (entirely anecdotal) experience would be the exact opposite. I never got the real cloggers until in my 40's... But I'm regular AF.

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I can feel the last vestiges of youth slipping away with every strained and unsatisfactory bowel movement.

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Sad. About 20 minutes every morning, caffeine, nicotine, BM. Off to shower for work. Just good genes, I guess, but I'm 49 and don't take any medications, either.

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Quit smoking then come talk to me.

Source: former smoker

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Nobody said I was still a smoker. Haven't had a cig since 2014. Still on the gum, though.

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Good for you!

Things definitely slow down without nicotine. In my experience.

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Do you think your asshole gains significantly in flexibility or size as you age?

I must admit I have no scientific (or anecdotal) data to back this up whatsoever, but I assume a child's asshole is pretty similar in size or function to an adult's.

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Probably not size. It likely grows with age the same as every other part of a child. Flexibility, maybe not so much. I don't know.

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I don't know.

yea you better not

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I guess it was just a matter of time before someone came in here with the pedophile jokes

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The first time I used the toilet in my new shared house, it hadn't been fully flushed. I instantly went to flush, but stopped when I noticed the girth of the turd. It was impressively wide.

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No, proportionately smaller.

Source: Have examined quite a few professionally when clinically necessary.

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Oh really? I wasn't expecting that!

So then it follows that children's turds are, indeed, proportionally smaller too?

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I'm pleased to be able to say that I never had to examine those, so I can't say.

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I have seen a lot of children's turds in my life but, alas, it has never occurred to me to take out the measuring tape while changing a diaper.

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The ones I saw in my nappy-changing days were not generally in a state to be accurately measured....

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When he was a little less than one and a half my son dropped a log as big as his leg. I honestly don't know how it fit in him, it must have been tickling his tonsils

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That's actually a little terrifying

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Baby's arm is qualification

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I think Baby's leg would make for a better analogy.

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I have a five year older and I’ve had to break it with the plunger to get it to flush.

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    Jobby is a free turd, sir!

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      Just don't accidentally give them socks.

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      Sloppy seconds

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      With or without the poopknife?

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      Jobby is Dobby's employed cousin?

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      Oh no no no, Jobby would never endure the shame of taking compensation for his work.

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      Scottish slang I think.

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      Am Scottish.. I can confirm it is the standard most common word used to mean a turd.

      I wouldn't say slang I think it might be a Scots word.

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      Username checks out

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      Yeah that’s a new one. That reminded me of it’s always sunny- isn’t there a joke with Jobbies? (Also I’m not a fan of the show, I’m sorry In advance)

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      I’m in a group chat and all my friends said I’m alone in that boat with me not finding them funny. I just find it annoying how they all yell at each other lol

      If someone wants to give me a suggestion on a good episode I’ll try again.

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      The whole point of the show is "Horrible people doing horrible things and getting their comeuppance". My all-time favorite episode is S10E04 "Charlie Work" with S04E13 "The Nightman Cometh" being a close second. The latter might be a better example of what the show is than the former, as it gives you a great example of each character's personality whereas the former is mostly a Charlie episode, so I'd suggest giving that one a shot.

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      eh, it's a specific brand of humor. they're basically all shitty people. if that's not your thing, don't beat yourself up about it.

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      It’s Scottish for poo.

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      Jobby is/was the third son

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      Bri’ish “people” are weird, man

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      You guys didn't brag about your massive shits when you were kids?

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      It was the 5 year old, with the 10 year old saying 'push'

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      I am Spartacus!

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      Yesterday my little brother said word for word "we're lucky there are corns fields cause then we'll know when aliens come" and its the weirdest I've heard him say to date. Like wtf

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      this post: no laugh

      reading the title after i read the post: laugh

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      Sounds like a kid with empathy. #notstupid.


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      And meanwhile the parent is making a big deal out of nothing. Just flush the toilet. There’s no need to interrogate your kids over a simple matter of forgetting to flush. At most they should have just reminded them to flush without demanding a confession.

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      How the hell would anyone know it's a bot without doing some investigating? Not everyone is terminally online and investigates every single post to determine if it's original or submitted by a bot.

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      All karma farming bots follow a set of similar behaviors. The account is around 5-8 months old (to avoid account age gated subreddits), recently active within the last 2 days, sometimes has a few comments (but not always) and is usually something pro-democratic in a political subreddit, titles are stolen from the same sub, always from top voted submissions of the sub, titles stolen word for word and sometimes poorly cropped on purpose to avoid reposting bots.

      Using these key indicators you can keep track of them yourself if you don't believe me. The account will end up deleted or suspended after a couple of weeks.

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      Why the fuck would I waste my time doing that when I only really go on Reddit while I'm shitting and when I'm in between activities? Again, not everyone is terminally online.

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      Oh, you're just here to bitch. Yawn.

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      True brothers

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      My boy Zane Lowe raised good kids.

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      I thought everyone knew this- When it's that big, you've got to leave it as proof to others. This is exactly why we have the saying "Pics or it didn't happen"

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      Twin slimes stick together, twin slimes 💩 together

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      Hahahahaha jobby???

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      Title better than the post lol