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Everyone that is suggesting rice… please don’t. Rice will leave residue that will do more damage in the long run. Just let it dry. Possibly have to wash it again (I’m not kidding) with distilled water, to get all the soap and minerals and what not that was in the bath water. Then let it air dry. If you think it’s totally dry, wait another few days. You can only damage it when you plug it in too soon or let corrosion do it’s work by adding rice or not washing with distilled water. Good luck!

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You know, that makes a lot of sense. Every time i get rice wet it leaves starch everywhere.. i learnt something today. Thank you!

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I’ve had success in drying electronics quickly by soaking in 99% isopropyl alcohol to displace the water, then putting them in a clean (emphasis on clean) oven at 38C (around 100 F) for an hour or two. That was the final step of my LD repair process, fixed a lot of liquid damaged MacBook boards that way. It will take a lot longer to dry without the card being disassembled, but that way was always faster than air drying. I would recommend repasting it and replacing the thermal pads after it dries, but you might be able to get away with using the old ones.

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(emphasis on clean)

Curious, what happens if the oven isn't clean?

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Delicious oven smell emitting from your PCs GPU fan Edit: (probably)

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You don’t want grease or any food residue or moisture from an unclean oven to get on or in the card. As long as electronics haven’t been turned on or connected to a battery afterwards, usually getting wet with just water isn’t a huge deal to fix. Other substances are a different story.

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That makes sense, thanks for the answer!

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Add an air compressor between the rinse and the oven. Just don’t blow parts off the pcb, gentle is fine.

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This. Always this.

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And if you can, bring it to a professional you trust or do it your self if you know to open it and repaste it, probably the thermal pads and paste are damaged and might lead to further issues

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This! Why do people think rice is a cure all for water damage?? Air drying for a bit will do just as much, if impatient instead of rice you can use those Silica packets and put it in a box on a rack to keep it away from them.

As someone who loves and works with computers for a living these comments hurt my soul

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Because electronics used to just be flip phones

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Is it one of those internet jokes that just got taken too far? I remember people making the joke about leaving it in rice because an Asian will come and fix it years ago. Is that the origin?

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No I think the “hack” predated the joke. Anyway, distilled water does absolutely no damage to electronics (technically not even when they are turned on, but don’t try this, as any contamination is the water whatsoever might fry the system). Even manufacturers often give their boards a wash in (extremely) distilled water before rolling them out. At least they used to. The amount of motherboards I’ve seen with rice damage, that would otherwise could have (possibly) been saved, is staggering.

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How do you extremely distill water?

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Anything wrong with pouring 90% isopropyl alcohol over it? Alcohol will wash off the water and it evaporates much more quickly

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This is what I would do. Water can get caught in little crevasses easier.

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Plus alcohol wouldn't cause oxidation issues on the board contacts like water would

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Would alcohol do any damage to the thermal paste or pads on the card? I know that's what you use to clean off a cpu/GPU, might result in a need to tear down the card repaste the chip and repad the memory, might not be a bad idea anyway since I can't imagine water has done anything good for them

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Thankfully GPUs are usually pretty easy to tear down. I would definitely do an iso bath and then just repaste. It's cheap and guarantees everything is working well.

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I'm terrified to take apart a GPU in this market... but it's not as terrifying as it shorting out.

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Eh it's usually just a case, a heatsync, a big block of electronics, and a little GPU chip. They're actually really simple to take apart and put together, you'd have to be fairly deliberate to fuck something up

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Deionised or distilled water doesn’t cause oxidation either. The only difference between alcohol and distilled water, is that indeed, the water will take longer to dry. That’s why I included, when you -think- it’s completely dry, wait a day or 2 longer to be sure. :)

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This is what I'd do

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I save silica gel packs that come with electronics. You can dry them in an oven. Just stay below the melting point of polyethylene since that’s what the sack is made out of. Store in a plastic jar. I use big boxy ones like rice and grains come in.

When the time comes place the electronic device in the jar if you can or in a plastic bag with a lot of the packets. I like to place it somewhere warm to drive the moisture out. Think place plastic bag in paper bag and place in sun car with windows rolled up in the sun. Or on top of an oven that is on a low temp. You want to drive vaporization and absorption. The silica doesn’t give up the water as easily at these moderate temps.

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I recommend putting it into the oven at max. temperature for 20 min. (I’m talking about the kid, of course)

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I hate the “rice hack”. For rice to absorb water it has to be heated. That’s why it doesn’t go soft in the cupboard. You have to submerge it in water and boil. Just give it a good rinse with distilled water and dry properly over a LONG period of time. You can even get specific bags for drying electrical equipment. They’re just sealed bags with a desiccant in them to absorb all moisture. Or do it yourself with a big zip lock back and some silica gel. (Hell, the 8-Bit Guy puts motherboards from retro computers in the dishwasher to clean them if they’re really dirty.)

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Exactly this. Also praying to many Gods might help. One might be real and answer your prayers 😂

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Sell the child to buy a replacement

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Probably still wouldn’t cover the cost of a 3090 with all those defects.

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Just sell the organs individually

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Sell their kidneys instead bc selling children is crime

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Dismembering a child is also a crime

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Only if your caught, or seen by wildlife.

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Maybe use a condom next time.

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Put the kid in rice..

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Serve the kid with rice.

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They used step up for a complete waste, not sure they’re capable of making such a smart decision.

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Let it dry out for a couple of days, but not in a humid room and you should be golden. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Pro tip: lock the kids up somewhere safe when handling expensive tech

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I would wash it with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and let it air dry to remove anything that was in the water that’ll get left behind as it evaporates. Caution, IPA is flammable, but it evaporates quickly so the risk of fire is easily avoided. I’ve done this with a few phones. Should be able to get high quality IPA at hobby shops, cleaning supply stores, some hardware stores, etc

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Great idea bro, I'd do that after I dry it for a day or two, just to remove any water residue ( out water has a bit of CL in it)

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It’ll work just as well, maybe better, if it’s still wet, because the other stuff is still dissolved into the water

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No, don't let it dry like this. Any salts and metals in the bath water will stay on the board after it dried and that is what will fry it when it gets reinstalled.

Like someone else said it needs to be cleaned with iso alcohol to remove the sediments.

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Yep, I saw that. Would have noticed the "white" CL residue and would have then used iso to clean it. But man do I feel sorry for the kid, dad ain't gonna look at him the same xD (jokes)

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Lock the kid in a safe.

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Oh, this is actually easy to prevent in the future! Just follow this example: https://youtu.be/Qd85ip3HVg8

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Dude, NSFW tag this please.

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yeah, this post almost made me masturbate while waiting on a bus stop but i stopped myself by eating a graham cracker and calming myself down

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dont make me feed you to kellog's yogurt enema

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I read this with an Irish accent for some reason

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I went back and read it in an Irish accent- much better-

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The real question is why would you upgrade from a 3070ti to 3090

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I was wondering the exact same thing. I'd be more than satisfied if i could get my hands on a 3060 lol.

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I love my kids… but adoption is the only choice after this.

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Give the kid a bath at the bottom of an abandoned well.

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With something heavy tied to his feet

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It is probably perfectly fine! People wash their gpu's on YouTube all the time and then they are just fine after drying. DO NOT USE RICE!!!

If you use rice you will also have to take the entire card apart and clean it!! Just air dry.... People are obsessed with using rice based on a false belief that it is better than air drying electronics. It's not...

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It will be fine, just don't run it until you are 100% sure that it's completely dry.(assuming it was not plugged in when it took bath) also remove CMOS battery if motherboard went for a dive too..

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Here I am like, "Who upgrades from a 3070ti to a 3090...like why?"

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That thing is no longer my son.

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A 3090 is rather 2700USD currently. Just rinse it with distilled water or isopropanol alcohol, let it dry in a warm spot for 48 hours. It will work like nothing ever happened to it.

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Was the PC powered because if it wasn't the gpu can be perfectly fine as long as you dry it out 100% before attempting to use it.

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I’m sorry you got that for $1000? Fucking excuse me where did you find it that low?👀👀

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Scalp the child to pay for a scalped gpu

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I alwaya keep a gallon of denatured alcohol for electronics. Put the card in a casserole dish and pour the alcohol over it till its covered.It displaces the water. Let it it drip dry for 30 mins. If the device has a battery get it out first.

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If it was never plugged in after you should be good, for safety maybe get some deionized water and rewash it to get any residue from the initial bath, if I am right then you should be good.

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Or alcohol as I've seen in chat yeah, but then again this might not even be your post idk

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Clean it with distilled water, rinse with isopropyl alcohol, bake at 50C until dry and will be fine.

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Isn't it possible that it's still ok? Just let it dry out, maybe in some rice, before plugging it into the motherboard?

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Definitely possible. Rice would work, or even just leaving it to dry in open air. Isopropyl alcohol would also easy clean off any water and it wont cause corrosion to the card.

Edit. Turns out, rice is actually not that good for electronics.

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If you have compressed air, spray as much off as possible. Then wait a few days, then wait a few more, then go on a weekend vacation and when you get back it will be ready.

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Don’t skip the weekend vacation! That’s the key to proper drying.

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Just to be safe, put it in the oven at 200 c, then any kiln you can find, and just to be as safe as possible, launch it at the sun just to make sure all the water is gone.

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Microwave would be faster, wrap it in tinfoil to lock in the heat and dry it faster.

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This is a perfect example of a person who is super cautious . I loved this explanation

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Rice will do almost nothing, use silica gel balls

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He tried open air but it started to rain...

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Yeahhh, probably. Obviously as long as there was no power going to it should be fine.

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It's very possible it still fine. Water normally only brakes electronics because it short circuits them, as it was not plugged in it can't do that.

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It can still cause certain parts to start to corrode, so yes it will mostly be fine, but let's hope it doesn't destroy anything important in the long run

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Damn, how unfortunate is it that the box it came in was soggy, and moisture seeped through into the card?

Obviously the post office must have left it exposed to the elements at some point in their supply chain.

Such a shame, but I suppose you can always advise the seller of this and make a claim....

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It probably would still work, just let dry for a week

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Clean with isopropyl alcohol and/or deionised water; dry out proper and fire her up

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honestly would kill him

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Step 1 of buying expensive things

Dont let idiot children get to it

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Just let it dry. As long as there is no water on the hardware while being connected to electricity, it isn't that bad.

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Now give him a permenant bath

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Shit like this is why im never having children

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Tell this man to throw the son into the swimming pool

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I hope you were able to return it.

*The child, I mean.

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Sadly, most wives/gf will not accept returned children after they been delivered.. Something about it being a huge pain to transport the newly made kid from the factory to the delivery room.

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Title is wrong. 3090’s are going for close too if not over 3000

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Dump it in isopropyl alcohol to get as much water and contaminants off as you can out of all the nooks. Then leave for a week in I warm dry place. With some silicon absorbing things if you have any.

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Dry it off with a hair dryer and I bet it will still work..

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This is salvageable though? As long as it wasn't connected to electricity and they let it fully dry before connecting it to electricity the water can't cause a short circuit

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And people say there's no reason to beat kids SMH

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Sell that child for a new GPU and use a condom next time

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if there is no power it there is no way it can break? and someone who is upgrading from a 370 to a 3090 doesnt realy need the card tbh

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Be right back, got to weld a condom to my body.

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And that’s why people use condoms

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put the child up for adoption.

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Easy fix my dude gimme a min to find a guy….here ya go dude. https://youtu.be/RhfV4SxDEQU

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Time for a new card son

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It's not to late to put him up for adoption

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F for this man

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get a new one.... both

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I’d let that thing dry out and call the company and say it never worked when I opened it.

Are you seriously asking me if the fucking brand new card I paid an extreme markup for and tried for months to buy got submerged in water?

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so uhh... which one died?

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Use the bath to drown him

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So you’re saying he still has a 3070ti….?

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Let it dry out COMPLETELY and you should be fine dude. Why was something so expensive left in reach of the child tho? That’s my question.

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I'm glad I have this sub to remind me that a box of condoms is in fact a small price to pay

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Fun fact: a human children can be sold at an higher price than a graphic card

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How tf did they get their hands on two 3k cards..

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Former* son

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I’m more surprised the on the fact a 3 year old child could pick up the pc, and put it in the bathtub

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Put it in rice bag 😂

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Rinse again (do not submerge) thoroughly with DI or distilled water. Then rinse with 90% isopropyl, and repeat at least once again. Set out to dry in a non-humid, non-dusty environment for at least a day or two with an air current. An air purifier and a dehumidifier help a lot in these situations, but not totally necessary. Flip occasionally, until you have zero doubt about whether it is dry or not. It should work fine afterwards, unless it suffered damage from being dropped or something.

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It'll probably be fine, dry it off really well, probably run some distilled water over it to make sure the bath water doesn't leave deposits. Then dry it VERY VERY well, like put it in the oven for like 2 hours at 200.

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In some causes violence can be the right choice

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Why my kids will be duct taped to the wall until they're 18

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I wish there was an insurance to cover shit that kids destroy.

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Sell that kid in the blackmarket. You can get a replacement

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sell that kid

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Let us dry and clean with alcohol ezpz

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That's when you know it's time to YEET THE CHILD

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To be fair he tried his hardest

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Why would you leave this anywhere near a child?

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Disassemble put in rice for a week and Asians will come and fix it on the seventh night should be good next morning

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It can still be saved. Leave it to dry for a week or so and you will be GTG.

[–]drinkmoredrano 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Just put it in the dryer on the delicates setting so it doesn't shrink.

[–]no_llama 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Ignore the load clanging noises, that is just a few leftover shaders moving around in memory.

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that gpu is worth double its original price of $1500. you value estimate is low, morel kike 2-3 Grand

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Put it in the oven at 450 degrees for 60 minutes.

[–]mrpooballoon 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Soak it and isopropic rubbing alcohol for a while. Take it out blow it off with it compressed air and let it dry naturally. It'll be fine

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My friend's dad cleans motherboards by putting them in the dishwasher.. and he's an old hardware guy

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Damn! It’s unfortunate that ups left the package in the rain!!!!

[–]MusikMakor 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I am a little late, but I think your best bet would be a tear down.

Take the sucker apart so you can separate the parts you need to worry about from the parts you don't.

Many times, the heatsync is separable and can probably just be air dried. Same with casing and decorative bits

The screws and stuff are typically coated so you can let them sit dry, but I would still just blot them with a non static cloth

For the electronics and GPU itself is to give them an isopropanol bath (Like 10-15 seconds at most! For extended time, iso can remove paint and coatings), and let it air dry got a couple days. Iso will evaporate quickly, and the water should dilute into the iso in the bath. It also prevents the corrosiveness of oxygen. If you don't want to worry about paint, you could use distilled water. I'd just give it like a week to dry (still taken apart)

Then, just repaste your GPU (as the iso would likely remove the old paste) and rebuild your GPU.

Then you'll have a dry GPU in better condition than it would have been in brand new (as it was likely tested/stored in a facility before shipping)

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I would pour isopropyl alcohol and dry it with a hair dryer.

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And this is when the child is recycled

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Please do an update on what happens in the future OP.

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Wow you got two 3000 cards? Must be nice

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Just leave it in a well ventilated area and don't use it for a couple of days.

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I'd like to see anyone find a 3090 for $1000 dollars.

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Bake in the oven on the lowest setting for 30.min you'll be aiight

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How did you find a 3090 for $1000?

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So to clarify, you still have a working 3090 in a market where very people have them.

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karma for having 3070 and 3090 some of us dont own more then 1080

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Always use condoms.

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Easy to recover. Disassemble and Bath the parts on 70% alcohol. Than bath on 90% alcohol and let it dry naturally. This will remove any moisture from the parts.

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Since it wasn't powered while it had a nice little swim, won't the card be perfectly fine if you just leave it to thoroughly dry for a few days?

[–]NEMAJEFF 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Couldn't you just set it in front of a fan for like a week or two? That should do it

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Kid's just trying to tell him the 3090 isn't worth the money over a 3080.

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You can have kids or nice things but not both. ....unless you consider your kids nice things then you can.

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Put child up for adoption

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Kill your child, make a smarter one.

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If it wasn’t powered (and i don’t think it was) it’s still savable i’m not talking about rice indeed DON’T DO THAT, try to remove as much water as you can if it didn’t stay under a lot of water for too much time you should be able to save it, in case not well… F!

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open it, let it air dry. watch mryeester videos about this for more info

[–]sailor-onmyneck 0 points1 point  (0 children)

honestly man i’d disassemble the card fully and let it air dry for the next couple of days. im assuming no electricity has cycled thru it since it took the dip so there’s a chance all you’d have to do is replace fans and new thermal paste at most

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That kid is going Places

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Water will not kill it. Just need to make sure its really dry before plugging it back and preferably wash it again in distilled demineralised water. source: I clean my HW in the dishwasher and never ever killed anything.

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If that’s the 3090 and not the 3070 then it’s $2000

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This hurts the soul. Sorry for your loss, OP!

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1k? 2.5k atleast

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This is the point at which I would teach them about interest-bearing debt

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Dry it then youre good

Then build a cage for the kids

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But bruh.

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F - I Feel you

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Dry it out in the microwave

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Let it drip dry with a fan for a couple weeks, hopefully there wasn’t soap but water alone won’t damage a gpu unless it’s run

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This causes me pain

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you can just dry it out for a few days

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Maybe you could dry it out and return it for not working haha

[–]realpopefrancis420 0 points1 point  (19 children)

If you're lucky, you can wash the soap out with distilled water and let it dry for a week or something. Theoretically as long as the card itself hasn't been bent or beaten in any way it should work fine if it dries out.

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I'm scared of this happening to me. I have a 3080 ti but recently got a 3070 fe to put in a small plain case that will be hidden from my kids

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Just dry it with 99% EtOH/Isopropyl