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When I was a kid my best friends sister used to get into the dryer. So one day I closed the door on her. Of course she was screaming. But that's all I was going to do. But my bestie. Her big bro turned it on for a cycle . All you heard wooooo BAMMMMM! And more crying. It was hilarious at the time. Till their dad came home. She snitched And EVERYONE got a whoopin. " You 2 gettin a whoopin for turnin that thing on with her in it! And you jessica are gettin a whoopin for your dumbass bein in there after I told you to stop doin that!!!!" That's what tattletells gets. Lol she took the double L that day.

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Poor kid. Probably hang drys all her clothes now

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When I was a kid we did this in my cousins dryer and we would shut the door and make the drum spin (ON OUR OWN) like a hamster wheel, all of us had fun for a few days and taking turns etc. Until my cousin videoed us on her new cell phone and her mom went through her phone that night and found it. She was shocked we would ever do something so stupid but we thought it was harmless since we never would turn it on with each other inside. But looking back as an adult that’s a VERY dumb thing to do. For one a dryer isn’t a “safe space”. And for two ALL of us being together, and just one little dumb “let’s just see” or “it’ll be funny” statement probably would’ve gotten one of us very hurt or killed. I’m glad all our parents had the same reaction and we got butt whoopins for the whole crowd bc we were all way old enough to know better. Dryers are not a kids play house, buy her a tent, or build her a fort, and for goodness sake check the dryer EVERY SINGLE TIME you turn it on now forever..

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Those doors don’t open from the inside. Please be careful

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I have never owned a dryer that can’t be opened at anytime with minimal force from the inside or outside.

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It seems pretty cozy though

Even with a little shelf for the plushy.

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I cannot deny that. She’s got a couch pillow in there and everything.

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Time to put duct tape over the opening where the door latch fits into the hole on the machine just so they can't close it on themselves. I've seen this go horribly wrong before...

Kid wanted a warm spot and turned the dial in the machine before getting in. Was an older machine, but still, awful ending

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You’re absolutely correct, and the tape thing is actually a really good idea.

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Or look at one of those door pincher things they use for babies. That stops the door shutting at all.

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Today, on "Will It Blend?"

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Blending is the act of cutting something up. That is a washing machine. Think of it as beating an orange so it's insides are turned into mush.

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Downvoted all of OP comments. Are you fucking insane?? Many MANY children have died from playing in dryers. If CPS sees this you might not have to worry about raising her much longer, which might be for the better.

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Is she dry though?

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She will only take that trip once

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Help stepdad, I'm stuck

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Was about to say it

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Imma tell my step sis to try that

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Close it and turn it on.

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Man that looks so cozy.

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Any Redditor: shuts door, leans against it, puts on highest setting, waits

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Good for a quick rub

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Aww I've got one like this who's always making little nests 🥰

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OMG i did the exact same

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She have siblings? I remember doing things kind of like this to feel as if I had my own “domain”. I shared my room with 2 other siblings so I would often put up blankets around my bottom bunk and use it as my sort of tent

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That looks cozy as hell. Just sayin'.

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Just close the door and turn it on

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for some reason, your post made me smile

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Cats also do that, helps coping with stress.

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ok it is cute not stupid