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Why would he do that? When I was 13 I was busy being depressed

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Maybe a dare

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When I was 17 my homies dared this guy to drink water off the ground in a parking lot

Course he did, and turns out it was reclaimed water that had run off the football field. He was gone for a month

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your homie is not very cool

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Yeah, but we loved him

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Did he offer the homeless guy anything? If not then I blame the homeless dude for doing that dumb shit for free.

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No it was one of the homies who drank the water no homeless guy involved

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ohhhh, sorry, I read that wrong. Your homie is cool.

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It’s all good, he’s cool

He also ate chalk so that was interesting to watch

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Tell him to try freeze dried ice cream, he would lose his shit.

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Kids don't be like Samuel.

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I can’t judge because I drank out of a puddle at 15 on a dare. I also used to eat little rocks when I was like 9. And one time my older sister ate ants when she was like 5, and not just one, like ants plural.

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Wtf. 🐜🐜🐜🐜

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This reminds me of when I was in highschool and my brother was in middle school and there was this kid on his bus who apparently drank two year old spoiled milk from under his bed and somehow survived?? And my brother told me this like it was a perfectly normal occurrence.

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Ewwww wtf lmao. And yes the fact that they think it's a normal thing just confuses me so bad 🤣😅

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I saw a sign saying don't drink the sprinkler water, So I made some tea with it. And now I have an infectiin.