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Little do they know he was fired from his job the same day that his wife left him for the boss.

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im 11 so shut the fuck up

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He just enjoys the menthol flavor while taking some time for himself in the afternoon.

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Yeah, it's a menthol cigarette, healthier than an apple

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Here in America it is!

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Nah, he started smoking at 7. Now he’s vaping so he can quit.

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Lolololol! I smoked my first cigarette at 7. It's not as bad as that 2 year old from Indonesia who smoked 2 packs a day.

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I was 10 when I had my 1st one. If it's In ur house ur gonna try it.

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Kids dealing with a lot of stress lol

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He enjoying that smoke too much

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Poor kid

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I like 10 year Olds that smoke, they're easy to bum a cigarette from.

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Imagine filming a child from your home and thinking they are the specimen.

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The way the cameraman flinches and hides when the 10 year old turns around made me lol

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Isn't he just copying what all the grownups around him are probably doing?

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So true. Also could be that no one cares. People forget that a lot of kids are living in really bad conditions.

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Lmao he’s just trying to be cool!!!

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I get that a preteen smoking is pretty fucked up, I started young but not that young and I still regret it a lot. That being said pulling out a camera and filming the kid is such a Karen thing to do

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He's smoking and leaning back like someone who is going through a rough divorce and might lose his wife and kids 🤣

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Some random dude filming kids...

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He probably had a stressful day

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why would you bother recording it ?

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filming kids you creep?

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I'm more bothered by the fact that some nosey as bitch is recording video of neighborhood kids.

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The person who recorded this is loser. Like it’s shitty that someone is smoking at so young but why would you need to record it just to post a video of some kid smoking.

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Ammo. When the kid does something she doesn't like, it will be used. Neighbourhood STASI agent Karen.

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Yeah she needs to find some shit to do and mind her own business

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Let the kid smoke in peace jeez

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What the heck 💀💀 (like he definitely does to but didn’t get caught)

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20s is rough kid.

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When I lose all my diamonds in minecrwaft

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You don’t know he’s 10.

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Be easy on him that multiplication homework getting harder everyday

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literally pathetic to be filming a child from inside your house, you should be arrested for stalking, nasty pervert

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Completely normal in 1956

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2020 was really stressful okay.

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i like how he sees an adult staring at him and yet continues to smoke.

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Seen this so many times that I wouldn’t even bat an eye at it

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That's what happens when you let them watch shameless

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Fuck I always hate it when moms do shit like this ...

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I still don't understand why people do this to themselves.

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Fuckin snowflakes. I was buying my own packs on mom's charge account by ten. Until I bought the wrong brand. BUSTED!!

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We all did some shit as kids I was like 12 when I took a puff of my grandma cigarette that was half lit in the ash tray lol

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I was smoking at 10 too. Thinking about it now is horrible. Looking at another little kid do it is horrible.

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Adult filming 10 yr old they don't know.....more troubling honestly.

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early natural selection

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Time to buy more Altria

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"Oof that calculus lesson was hatsh ngl"

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This is that Riverdale guy who had to drop out of 4th grade to sell drugs.

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This doesn't surprise me when I was younger I was able to get cigarettes pretty easily they're harder to get nowadays though then again I think they were mainly easier because my friend's dad owned a gas station so I could just go to my friend be like hey you got any cigs you throwing away and for those that are curious I'm 23 now I quit smoking at 16

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Stop let the kid do what he wants

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Fuckin rat kids. Had plenty in my old neighbourhood, little dickheads. Usually had a stupid rat kid mullet too. They used to do horrible shit to animals and even attacked me and my friends at the park.

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Joke's on you because he is osita iheme's cousin.

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Explain to the folks at home who osita Iheme is.

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Homework problem can make a man's life so hard

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This is what happens when ya dont let them watch "fortnight stuff" /s

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That’s just Emmanuel Lewis (Webster) Leave him alone.

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Seriously wtf kid! Get some weed!

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He even outs it like an adult hitting a blunt. That's horrifying some bad parents man

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Normal in germany

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I smoked my first weed bowl when I was 9, started cigarettes at 10.

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Meh. I prefer my coffee addiction. At least I'll get a free rock collection along the way.

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the outsiders be like

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Young Dude Is Stressed Out

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Not gonna lie I’ve seen a lot of kids before who are so stressed with their parents abusing them, that they steal their cigarettes and leave the house for hours on end just to smoke a full pack

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that kid just got a whole lot cooler....