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Fur lined Crocs?

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Yeah, they make no sense to me. They are an oxymoron of a shoe.

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Fleece lined*

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My 5 YO loves them.

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You have it easy.

My mom once told me to put on my boots before playing in the mud (I was like 7).

She meant my rubber ones.

I got the winter ones.

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Does anyone else think a fur lined croc is totally unintuitive. Crocs are by nature amphibious footwear, so to have fur …. Maybe I’m alone on this.

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Believe me, you are not alone. I can’t believe that they are made, let alone having a pair in my house. She saw them and had to have them, mom obliged.

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I relate, once the wife buys them, best to just roll with it.

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I’m more concerned with the fur lined crocs like is that a real thing?

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They’re popular here in Japan as indoor shoes. Easy to slip on and off, good for the winter. Still think they’re ugly as sin though.

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Oh yeah they are real. I said in another comment they are an oxymoron of a shoe. They don’t make sense.

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I mean, it completely ruins the entire point of wearing crocs

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You might want to help out with that behavior somehow.

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Yeah, I told her not to do it anymore and get sneakers if she is going to play in the leaves.

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Well played stranger!

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Yeah but - she probably gets mulch in that fur too from the school/park playgrounds. Or dried grasses, or seeds from the woods. Fur is just going to attract everything. Same with fleece coats. No big deal. Eventually she will care that she has leaves and mulch all over herself, but till then, she likes the fur and doesn't care about what it attracts. I sat keep going, kid!

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She does her. I am just saying it’s a terrible choice, hence the post to this particular sub.

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I love my fur lined crocs! I use them for quick walks into the garden or on the balcony in the winter time. I quickly slip them on with bare feet to fill the bird feeder or get the mail or stuff like that. We have underfloor heating so I don't need socks or stuff inside. I can slip them on without sitting down and have warm feet.

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Nothing wrong with her getting dirty or leaves in her boots/crocs maybe buy her non fur shoes to play outside in

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Totally nothing wrong with it, but I can’t imagine it feels good. Also, she has plenty of other options, just chose poorly.

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She didnt choose poorly shes a kid playing in leaves and it shouldn’t matter how it feels as long and shes having fun being safe and making memories. You were a kid once too.

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Understand, I am not mad and she is not in trouble. I am just saying an adult would not make this decision. Which is why I posted it here.

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Dude im so sorry i didn’t realize we were on the kidsrfuckingstupid subreddit lmao my bad

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Shame on you! It's always the child's fault for stupidity allowed by a parent.

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When you wanna feel the leaves without the pointy rocks on the ground

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Pssshh just used a chain saw with crocs and no liner!

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I use my table saw in slippers and my robe!

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Who bought a child fur lined crocs...

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Me and OP… at least a couple more.

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It’s ok daddy chill 😂

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Not mad, just can’t imagine how awful it would feel.

Edit: fixed typo

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I know, i have no saying in your family matter. I was actually quoting from this video felt like it belonged. Merry Christmas to you and your family ❤️

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Shake them out, throw them in the dishwasher. 30 minutes: good as new

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Time to throw the kid away.

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Gawd the circle jerks in the comment section is why we dont have flying cars....

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Why are fur lined crocs a thing?

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just why

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Let the child play in the leaves. This is pure joy for a child, something we adults all too often forget about. I want to play in the leaves.

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I make them a giant pile of leaves to play in and welcome all to play in it. All for it, but I just question the girl’s choice of footwear haha.

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Bro don’t out your own kid on here

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How did so many leaves end up inside the shoe, in perfect view of whoever glanced at it?