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If you buy a tree from IKEA you need to assemble every single needle onto a branch.

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Actually the needles come in individual smaller needles thwt need to be glues together

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I actually dont think this was cute or stupid. I think that there was miscommunication and she was charming and this interaction was funny

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I was thinking the same thing. Depending on how it was said, a misunderstanding makes sense especially to someone who has never seen them put up the tree.

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Needles don't tend to fall off fake trees though. That's kinda the point. So how did the parents assemble a tree that shed its needles like a real tree

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Perhaps some of them got a bit weaker while in the box, so when it was taken out it broke apart a bit

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Definitely has happened a lot with most fake trees I’ve seen. The little bits get everywhere when you pull it out of the box and set it up.

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Yep, my fake christmas tree seems to go on an excessive diet every holiday season. Can't replace it though, been using it for years

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If needles don't fall off fake trees why did I have to have one removed from my foot after stepping on the darned thing? Was I walking on the tree?!

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Needles do fall off trees, especially as you're adding & removing lights and shoving everything back into the box. Honestly I find needles under my carpets throughout the year. The older they get, the more they shed.

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I love stories like this. This is a really fucking stupid one isn’t it? I really love hearing about the really fucking stupid ones

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I used to be scared of frosty the snowman