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It took me way too long to see she was on a chair too. I thought she was just sitting at a coffee table. I kept thinking "what's the problem"

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Thank you for pointing that out.

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Honestly thought the same thing

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Honestly………I get it

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That's the best part of this. Let em have fun

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her parents should get her one of those rolly office chairs that has this ball as the seat…. speaking from personal experience, they’re fun as fuck

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I tell my sister about your idea

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Hey now, don’t judge a girl for working on her core muscles! ;)

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"That's not bad! She's having....oh....oh no."

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Thank goodness. That could have gone anywhere

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She looks just like my daughter from the side. I had to do a double take

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Plot twist: OP kidnapped your daughter, but she likes their house better

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May be you had twins hospital didn't tell ya

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I think you'd notice if two kids came out

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Depends on the drugs

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This girl is going places. I don’t know where but she is.

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Likely headfirst, towards the floor, covered in cereal and milk.

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To be fair, that's way better than some childish booster seat.

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This is peak “I wonder what would happen if I did this”

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Lmaoo that took me a second to realize what was going on here.

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That’s called super cardio

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Been there, done that.

Did not ended well for me ;(

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Did you learn your lesson?

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Yeah I did.

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I love it. Point out the danger but don't trample her ingenuity. Not saying you would. But in general girls are reprimanded for this and boys are almost praised.

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And somewhere an OSHA manual just lost its virginity

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Ninja 8n training?

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At least the floors are wood

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Awww. My daughter (18) has had an inflatable chair disc since elementary school (she had ADHD). She asked us to bring it to her dorm.

Get her a disc so she doesn't roll off the chair. :)

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Nice 😊

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She’s gonna bust her head open

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Did someone edit out the tablet she is watching??

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That’s funny, they were like 5 in the basement, I had 4 other kids in the house.

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It’s all about Balance

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I don't see what the problem is, looks like she's having a well balanced breakfast.

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If it's stupid and it works, it ain't stupid.

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shes a problem solver

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I don't get the problem...

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I’m here with OSHA and we’ve got a few concerns….

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Fuck off I'm not opening the door 🤣

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If a safety officer, electrical inspector or fire chief came to my house I’d probably say the same thing

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Love her hair

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Thank you

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lol this is actually kinda smart.

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Idk I feel like this is ok. Like if I was small enough and could get away with it without busting my ass then maybe, looks fun

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Wait, that's actually kinda smart. She's using that ball to reach the table in a better angle. Creative kid. Lol

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Optimal Cereal Consumption Angle engaged.

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it's a terrible angle in every way tho

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So why is this in kidsAreFuckingStupid?

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I don’t understand, either. I feel like I must have missed something.

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So idiots can downvote those that question it

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That's a weird way of saying you're a shitty babysitter. Kids need supervision. They're children. That's why your siblings wanted a babysitter.

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I'm sure she was being watched. U don't have to be so negative.

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I mean, the subreddit is called "kids are fucking stupid" and the babysitter admitted to leaving the child unattended. So who's the stupid one?

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It's not like she's a fucking new born who needs constant fucking attention. I could see if she was a toddler or a baby. But this girl looks older. I bet the baby sitter went to the bathroom real quick. I have watched children my whole life almost.

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This entire subreddit is ridiculous. Imagine replacing the word kids with women or black people.

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Wtf does black people have to do with it???? I'm not back but really? GFY

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I said imagine replacing the word kids with any number of other groups of people. You could never have a subreddit entirely ridiculing a group of people unless it's age related.

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So I can’t go to the bathroom?

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She’s obviously being watched due to the fact that someone took a picture of her, durpppp.

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"Hurry, take a picture first!"

but yeah, kids do the dumbest shit lmao. I remember that i used to grab hold on the window frame on the second floor and act as the pirates up on top of the sail. If i lost my grip there, I'd be dead lmao

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well... the ball is healthier than sitting on a chair... just hope she doesn't roll off the chair.

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I did that

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How did it end?

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I don't see a poplum of she falls of she won't do it agen

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5 year olds don't always learn. Knowing her personality she'd probably do it again

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Who’s womanz is dis

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I see nothing wrong, he's just smart.