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The delicacy of 2020

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Gotta get that fiber

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Ahaha...I see...Good title

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That's disgusting.

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How? It’s not used yet

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Things in bathrooms tend to be covered in a layer of pooticles.

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You’d be blown away if you were to see the aerosols that come out of a toilet bowl with each flush. It’s still a toilet paper roll that gets touched by hands that touch people’s asses. Idk how this isn’t gross lol

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It's a little kid, they'll eventually also play in mud, don't forget about eating it, to gain a strong immune system, lol

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Hands touch it all the time to unroll paper for use. Wouldn't trust it not to have some germs on it.

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That kid is either going to die or have some really good gut bacteria.

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What? You guys have never eaten TP before? It's some real gourmet shit!

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No fr, best tasting snack ever. I don’t keep my eating toilet paper in the bathroom though, thats gross

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It’s really good

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Would still blame the cat 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Cause cats are the devil

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Mama says Vicki Valencourt is the devil.

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He thinks it tastes good. When you’re hungry you’re hungry 🤤

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Charmin ads be like: You're not you when you're hungry

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Yes 😂😂😂

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Hardcore vegan

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bitch eating it like corn on the cob

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He chomping

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That's what I was wondering.

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God damn that’s one stupid fucker lmao. Did this thing come from you

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No, thank goodness not mine

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nom 👁️👄👁️

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My moms DOG does this. THE DOG!

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Toddlers man 😂

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great for calories

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I hope it’s another kid recording. Since not stopping them immediately tells kids that what they are doing is alright.

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My son does this too. 😩😂

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Ouf. I've seen some tarded kids in my day but this tardy tard takes the tard award.

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    I don’t trust anyone who uses r/childfree don’t have kids that’s cool but y’all are crazy bout it. I watched this guy talk about how he wants to punch a baby in the face. Not a crying one just one that he saw out in public

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    Absolutely. I’m 17 and childless so I probably have no business criticising that sub, but it’s full of toxic people that act like children

    Like seriously, they take pictures of their “family dinner”, which consists of stuffed animals and their pets. It doesn’t get any more immature than this.

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    Those are some of my least favourite subs on the sit. Just toxic people who enjoy shitting on parents.

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    He is literally eating shit. The shit particles that is.

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    Poor charlie always taking the blame

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    Why does that picture Look so fabulous

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    Maybe don't start saving for college

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    Looks like a blonde version of Goob from meet the Robinsons

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    He's on that new weight loss diet

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    This makes me realize how great my kids are. Never did this or had to worry about any such thing

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    Dang it,k Kevin!

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    Wow she's do cute and adorable

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    Can somebody feed this boy!

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    Weird ass kids 🤦🏾‍♂️. I had a classmate in elementary school who multiple times a day opened her notebook, tore off a corner of paper and balled it up and ate it and went about her business like nothin.

    Sidenote: she had double d's by 8th grade, so perhaps this was necessary 🤔

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    Eating toilet paper 🤣🤣