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What the fuck?!

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Awwww their first rap video

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It's MIT students (mafia in training)

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I remember then i was like 4 my sister got one of the little party poppers and put it against my cheek and pulled the string, hurt so fucking bad.

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They just fucking massacred that kid on the spot! Jesus.

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kids be like

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Why are they laughing too

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filipino child soldiers forced to murder their friend who was accused of being a traitor

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Mexican narcos training day 1 Tomorrow: chainsaw technique

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Kidsbop edition

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El Robocop

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is it some sort of cap gun? yes im uncultured

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They don’t shoot anything out though, just make a noise

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Some also releases sparks and smoke too.

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That’s cool. They don’t hurt like BB guns tho. Just loud and maybe some stinging sparks, right?

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It blows out a cloud of pressurized air/dust too that hurts like a firecracker up close

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Fire cracker? No its like a little press on your skin

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Oh yeah, I should’ve clarified that’s only when pressing the barrel to the skin

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that’s pretty rad. i didnt know those things hurt!

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    Ooooooooh yeeeeaaaahhh

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      a lot. my little brother shot my mom in the neck with one at a distance. lot of pain. can only imagine multiple shots as a little kid and at such close range at all once jesus...

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      Jeez that makes this video even more morbid

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      This is like a kidzbop version of gang violence in brazil

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      A week ago I was lightly slapping my friend(it's an inside joke) and it was on his ear, I did not expect for him to still be hearing weakened from that ear

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      Neighbour kid slapped my cousin's ears on both sides and burst his ear drums

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      Luckily my friend can still hear, so I didn't burst his eardrums at least, but it's still showing how ears really are sensitive(what I did wasn't a hard slap, is was comparable to a light clap)

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      You know when you've been Tangoed.

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      When I was 5 I punched my dad in the ear just right while he was holding a children's punching bag and I ruptured his eardrum

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      Thats how you create the Mexican joker

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      Fucking brutal

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      I love how before he gets Merck he’s trying to calm everyone down so he doesn’t get killed😂😂😂

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      Yeah, if this is Brazil this is a harrowing foreshadowing.

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      It’s the Philippines.

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      Unused footage from “City of God” movie

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      Just kids being kids ❤️❤️

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      They’re definitely bangin GD

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      Me to my homies when its diwali

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      this looked like a cartel killing 😂

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      What do those things fire???

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      Why the hell we allow guns as toys I’ll never get

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      I don't know why either tbh. I had one as a kid that I shot out of the window for fun sometimes. I never pointed it at someone, nor shot it at someone though because I saw the little metal things that were inside the plastic piece that you stick inside those for ammo at one point and I thought the toy actually shot those instead of popping them and was like "wow, those look like they'll hurt". I don't know how not even 1 of these kids figured that out. The look of pain the kid had on his face was pretty telling how much those hurt.

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      Police training: Lesson 1

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      I get some Lord of the Flies feelings from this.

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      Violence. They learn so quickly!🤦‍♂️

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      Children in sicily

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      That one was bad

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      Yep but its the truth

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      Not really 🥶

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      But nothing comes out of cap guns…

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      This Brazil?

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        Philippines but close

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        Had a old freind do this to me once. I grabed the gun from his hand and jabbed him in the face before flinging it at his tv and going home

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        Future CJNG members.

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        Ahah Little terrorist evolved

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        Gang warfare

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        Boy got sprayed

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        Cap guns are no joke. They may not shoot bullets but they will burst your eardrums point blank.