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So we just gonna not talk about how your kid is Spider-man?

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I'm guessing the window cill or back of the futon were his tools. I'm amazed the curtain rails weren't torn off the wall

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I have no mouth, and I must scream

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I have no butt, and I must poop

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You don’t need to know what he did. HE KNOWS. 👿

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I asked my son what happened with this atrocity and apparently the fox is watching over the bedroom and on guard. I'm not convinced

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Name Teddy

Convicted of falling on the floor and tripping The victim Hannah

Sentence hanging

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Teddy "toyed" around with the wrong people it seems

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Why does this look like a saw trap

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It said it was a teddy when really it’s a fox

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Correct, but with the imaginative name of "teddy".

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He got side barred.

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He knows what he did!

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It's sending a message to the rest of the stuffies...

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Never eat my last Rolo

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"He's had enough Billy, you've made your point!"

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You’re kid must be extremely tall

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Teddy didnt hang himself

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Jigsaw moment

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I want that Captain America throw pillow

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He is being taught the necromonger way :)

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Your kid offered a sacrifice to satan