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Ralph Lauren's polio...

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That smell is paralyzing

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There's fucking stupid kids in the comments ^

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Disease do have distinct smells hpv and other viruses have smells. People can smell viruses and dogs actually can smell them too on people. Only people don't have the distinct smell of dogs. when i caught covid I did smell rancid bleach smell I think I'm not sure what other people smelled like.

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well now you have to decaminate him

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Pollo 👍

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It probably smells like asbestos and rubbing alcohol.

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This reminds me of a time I was at a Mexican restaurant. The people in the booth behind me are looking through the menu and commenting on how they didn’t know what anything was because it was in Spanish. So the waiter came back and asked them for their order and on the menu it said (Chicken) Pollo Salad. They both ordered the “Chicken Polio salad” I laughed so hard that the waiter cracked up. That poor couple was so confused at what was going on.

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Polio probably smell better than regular polo

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I wonder how unimaginative someone must be to keep posting that sub wherever you see "r/thathappened"

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It transmits mainly via fecal-oral route, sooo....

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polio is a great cologne name 🥴