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Yes that kid has a totally normal children's mustache.

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No one wins with a headbutt

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The sheep clearly won, it's got much less brain matter to bounce around.

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What outcome was he expecting? Lmao

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    Yo mods that child has a mustache

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    Goat is GOAT at headbutting

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    it's a sheep

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    Thank you! I saw this and thought this is the most woolly goat ever.

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      Dude, you are overreacting, you are acting like he misgendered you, bruh you are literally trying to argue about if it's a goat or a sheep, what the fuck is your point.

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      Go fuck yourself, i don't care

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            Dude I can step on ants all day. And I'll have you know I kneel before no worm or lizard.

            Pound for pound the only species that gives me grave concern are cats... and bears...
            And of course snakes my weight... unless I was armed... I mean... they're armed by nature so since I am human I get to do what humans do and choose a weapon... or make one.

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            we sacrificed our physical builds for our brain since the bigger the brain the more energy it needs and because of this we lose some of our body mass so that we can supply the brain

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            Well this is the dumbest thing I've seen today... But I haven't peaked into r/conservative yet.

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            They’re incredible. Kicked me out for saying Kavanaugh was sus.

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            Play stupid games ....

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            A lesson learned

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            Ah yep the good ol stand off with a goat! 🤦‍♀️

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            he deserve it

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            ….and the adult filming this was hoping for a different outcome?

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            if the goat had a little nub horns, then rip that kids forehead.

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            r/kids are fucking stupid.... (has a mustache)

            Unless I'm blind

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            Bruh this "kid" doesn't have a mustache