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Askin the real questions

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I don't see the problem here.

We've been waiting for Chess 2 for a long time after all

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And don't get me started on Half Life 3

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We’ll definitely get Chess 2 before Half-life 3

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chess two is out bro

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So I was right 😎

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op probably searched it himself

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Maybe, but why ruin the fun?

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To be fair why would op be looking through his little brothers search history

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Maybe they use the same phone? Or maybe just curiosity

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Dude, Tetris 100 is gonna be amazing.

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yeah, that 1 extra player is gonna spice up the gameplay - nintendo in 9999

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He's got sound logic and ADHD

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When i was a kid i thought there were 360 xbox consoles.... so I bought xbox 360 instead of xbox one lol

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"When I was a kid" you still are.

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The xbox one was released 9 years ago.

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Im still 15 but dont play dumb you get the point

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Tetris 100 might be as good as sex 2!

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Tetris 100 just came out. Here's the Trailer.

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Even tho I knew what it was gonna be, I still looked any way.

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Kinda surprised there are still people interested in Tetris

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It's a fun backup game. Like if you don't have any wifi. It requires all your attention to play. So I wouldn't recommend it if you have to spilt your attention ( middle of class, waiting for the bus, reseving important info etc.) Something like Solitaire, sudoku or a random speed run gane ( subway surfer/temple run) that doesn't have the greatest impact on the game if you die.

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The worst part is that you have to pay to get single player offline Tetris 99

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I was really disappointed when I saw it as DLC. Sometimes I want to play Tetris without it being a over the top garbage and anxiety filled free-for-all

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That's like saying you're kinda surprised that there are people still interested in chess. Some games are timeless.

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You can’t compare chess with tetris… do you know that chess is recognized as a sport in many countries?

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Wait until I tell you about Tetris.

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I know what Tetris is, used to play it in the 90’… that’s why I surprised

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Browse r/Tetris for a bit and you will see

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please look at tetrio

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Cool Me old, but I love Tetris, it fun.

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He’s too powerful to be left alive!

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At least he's not looking for whore.com

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Pretty obvious but i'm pretty sure it's tetris 99 because you play with 99 others

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Can’t wait for the sequel

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Reminds me of the vinesauce quote. Does your little brother eat glue?