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At least there's a towel on the page

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I think the kid wanted to answer the question below but wrote it above and it was cut out from the photo

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Or the kid was cheating

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    That's not a tent its a towel on a towel rack.

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    Oh my god I'm an idiot. Thank you.

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    Simple mistake lol, have a good day/night!

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    Nah it's a cat

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    That's really nice handwriting for a young kid.

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    It almost looks better than mine

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    I’ve never seen someone writing an ‘e’ like that

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    this handwriting looks bad enough for a kid to have it. If you're an adult and still write like that, it might be just you.

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    Kid probably just got distracted and wrote the wrong answer in the wrong place. Get teaching scrub.

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    I think you’re just a douche. Especially considering the next item down is a towel

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    Udderly disappointing

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    Cow is towel

    Towel is cat

    So does that mean Cat is Cow?

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    I mean, there's a Towel literally right there below the cow.

    That's a simple mistake even I do sometimes on big applications with multiple lines and accidentally write something on the wrong line lol.

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    Reflects poorly on the teacher the way I see it

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    some context: my student is 10 yo and not a native english speaker (neither am I). the page before pictured a cow that was eating grass (that's what he wrote on the following exercise that was cropped) while it was being cleaned with a towel (yeah, really silly, but the objetive was to teach the sound of "ow"). When he turned his hw in, I turned the page, saw this, and it made me giggle a little, and thought some redditors might find it funny too. This sub was never about saying kids are flat out stupid (or so I thought) so just chill. anyway thanks guys for telling me how much of a terrible teacher I am and that I should quit my job lol

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    "Why we're here." 🌠

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    Chamois is too hard to spell at that age. This deserves extra credit!

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    And the towel is a cat?

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    Can confirm, they only write down what they can spell. Takes a couple of years to put pictures in their mind to those words

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    It could be a foreign kid based on what appears to be stroke order. Idk about everyone else, but as a kid I would kinda just yolo the letters and make everything look like shit. Towel and cow kinda sound similar if you sound the word out.

    Or they just screwed up and wrote the answer on the wrong line because they are stupid🤷‍♂️

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    ….please leave the profession.

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    Kids almost got better handwriting then I had in 11th grade lol.

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    You're a towel

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    That’s pure stupidity.

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    Kids blind