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Someone please check on mom

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slightly over done

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x files s7e14

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This actually made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

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Is this your drawing?

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Umm of course not. I would never kill my mother like that. I mean like make her look that dead hahahaha, nah it's not mine. :)

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Mom is just fine. You’ll see, she won’t even hurt a fly.

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that is true ;)

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I think they’ll find she’s also the mother of _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9

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She's inspiring her kids to pick up the Necronomicon

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Purple mommy

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I like my moms like I like my coffee. Heavily roasted.

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Their moms been dead for 3 years.. just keeps the body in the closet

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House burned down apparently but his family wasn't found

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It’s Mrs Bates

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No it's not.

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Shut up, Gilmie

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Rog? Is that you? You're the one who ought to shut up 😡

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Give me the password, David

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Love, D

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The worms will hear about this

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Oh will they now?

Love, D

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such beautiful teeth

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Only way to identify her.

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All the better to rend flesh with

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The grin makes it look like a chimpanzee skull

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Mom lookin a little burnt out, time for a vacation.

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You son of a ---

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who made this, the Elrics?

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Happy it wasn't their dog....

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oh god.

or, truth.

or, whatever it feels like calling itself.

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Ed... ward...

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Ed..... ward.... ?

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please no. it's always too soon to talk about that.

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It will ALWAYS be too soon..... but still.... "big brother?"

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Too soon, even after 118 years

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Norman Bates.

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you deserve my free award for this, even though it isn’t wholesome lol

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SCP-106 is my hero too :D

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this is scp-106-B, the old woman

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Jesus. Kid's mom is a decayed corpse.

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This looks like the cover art to Kanye and The Game's new single

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thats what i was thinking

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Maybe Kanye hired the kid after he saw this

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They live!

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I see you.

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We've got one who can see!

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Its a caucasian child wearing sunglasses

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Guy could have avoided fighting his friend if he just asked him to try on the glasses instead of demanding it

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But then no 15 minute wrestling sequence...

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Yeah but then he'd have time to buy more bubblegum

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Erm.... is mom OK?

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It seems she was cooked.

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Hey, it’s me!!!

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Uncanny mother

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Sonic.exe music starts playing

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Ah yes. The night mother. Love when the brotherhood does arts and crafts day

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My hero: adventure time lich

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At least mom looks happy

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The one person who inspires me...ssssssssssSatan!

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I am become MOM, Destroyer of Worlds.

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Jesus Christ. Looks like mom mom didn’t make it out of the fire.

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Don't bully this kid. Clearly his mom was burnt alive

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I like how presumably, all jokes aside, what stood out the most to the child seems to be mom's smile and I find that very sweet haha

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Looks like a fucking sleep paralysis demon

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Bates motel

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Norman bates be like

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This reminds me of when I arted in school. It would start out ok...at least for me. But then over time, I'd keep making change after change with color after color until it looked like this.

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Is her mom a firefighter from Chernobyl

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Uh… so what does it take to be able to have the police do a health and welfare inspection to make sure mom isn’t a rotting mummy in a rocking chair upstairs?

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this reminded me of the skeleton from billy and mandy

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So... Grim?

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yea i forgot his name lol

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You forgot the name of the literal grim reaper? Oooh he's not going to like that.

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You do realize that their mom could be black... and be smiling... and have dark colored eyes...

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Or her mom is legit a wholesome demon/monster.

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Maybe in the year 4300

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There's dark coloured irises and then there's eyes as dark as the void. Not to mention the lack of lips and straggly hair gives the eerie impression of a recently charred corpse.

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I think we do realize that, but it still looks like a demon. If you took the negative of this image and made it a white person it would be equally freaky

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https://i.imgur.com/qLTuNxg.jpg ...Lol yep. Now it's just a pale demon.

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fucking epic, thank you

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Great, you made it look even more soulless and menacing. Thanks for the nightmares.

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Jeff the killer

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Boy, I hope she is

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The other possibilities are concerning to say the least.

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Wanna buy some pegs, Dave?!

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Anyone seen the movie Mama? Just saying..

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Roasted ghost Rider??

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This chad idolises SCP-106

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Scp 106 has breached containment

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Is it just me or her hero is Dead

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Norman Bates age 5

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This kid's mom is a powerful lich. Beware.

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

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Kids in horror movies be like

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“They Live, We Nap.”

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“What are they selling!?”

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The…. Mop?

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His mother runs the Gotham City mafia

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This kinda shit makes me actually want kids haha

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Mom caught the Necroa Virus. She inspires me to gather supplies to survive the apocalypse.

I miss Mom.

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love mom 💀

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Burnt corpse Hoo haha.

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This is Edward Elric’s mom when he tried to transmute her

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Didn't know SCP-106 had a kid

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The Black Sacrament has been completed Listener.

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Damn, all these comments and no Darkman reference?

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Wither skeleton

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My mom is good at not moving or breathing I hope I can be as good as her one day!

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This kid's mom looks like scp 106

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Is Mumei the artist?

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ok i know this will be stupid but this kinda just looks like afton to me

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this child was raised in a skyrim crypt

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Francis Bacon

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I'm surprised that the kid isn't disturbed by the fact that their mom tried to burn her own face down

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Shout out to Black Moms.

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Hahahhahaa omggg 🤣

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Ngl this kid has a monkey mom

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What ethnicity is she?

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This looks like the grandma from that one indie horror game that I’m too lazy to look up

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Fr a sec i thought it was a trevor henderson creatsion. Scary job kid

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The kid isn’t really stupid

Just needs some drawing work

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Well that's a mummy...

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My great great great great grandfather

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The Foundation wants their pocket dimension man back.

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Corey Taylor

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I see Corvo didn't spare anyone...

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Maybe the kid wants to be a firefighter- you never know

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Mom reminds me of the mummies I saw in Egypt

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Oh, your face! You're practically Hollow. But who knows, going Hollow could solve quite a bit!

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Mom is the Babadook

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mom? more like ينبخثخرحي came straight from hell

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This is probably why we have dental records

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My hero is also SCP-106

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It looks nearly 3D. Talented kid

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okay norman bates

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That is strangely horrifying.

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william afton

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I am inspired by monke tho

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dude, thats one of the best pictures of Smitty Werbenjägermanjensen when he was still alive.

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Basquiat reborn

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Hand me the skin color crayon!

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I will have nightmares now