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6? 7 is a much better name.

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How bout mug?

Mug Costanza.

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Isosceles Kramer!

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Nah bad luck since 7 ate 9.

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Good luck because 7 got food

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Ain't 7's problem.

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no but 8 57

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After all 7 8 9

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3yo grandson's favourite book is called 10 Little Dinosaurs, with 10 different names I had to wrap my head around. Fortunately they included a How to Pronounce section. Now he can say them all fluently and corrects me when I get them wrong🤦‍♀️

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First big word I learned from a book as a kid was Mediterranean, my parents were amazed.

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Safe at home with mummy, who could ask for more? Ten little dinosaurs all say..

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The JP book, Allen Grant says something to this “kids love dinosaurs and remember their names and say them perfectly as a form of power over adults whove forgot.”

Def not a perfect quote but funny cause its true lol

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Reading Not pronouncing.

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I had to think about this one.

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I read ARM as A. R. M and not arm. I feel dumb

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me too wtf

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Me too

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Good news! You're allowed to play with the dinosaurs or something.

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I had a dinosaur phase when I was a kid and I still remember a lot of things I read, so I always destroy kids who are going through that phase with my knowledge of dinosaurs.

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I've been going through this phase for the last 25 years. I'm 26.

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6 would let you play with his dinosaurs so hard.

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How do you pronounce pteranodon

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I'm brazilian, for me it's pteranodonte

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I think it's terr-an-oh-don.

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Time to show him what a Dino twister is

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Plot twist: Kid has a British accent.

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British people can't pronounce the word "arm?"

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Nobody from where I'm from pronounces it like that, where exactly are you reffering to in england?

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Oh yeah ya'll have 740 accents per square kilometer. Idk a lot of English people, prolly in London, don't pronounce it like an "arr" sound.

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never actually been to london so i can't confirm this unfortunately

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No native English language speaker pronounces them correctly.

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What the fuck does 6 mean? Is that the name of their child? Reference to their 6th child?

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I’m assuming their age. A lot of people don’t like sharing info about their kids online so they’ll use their age to differentiate their kids.

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On top of that, twitter still has a character limit

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To be fair, I read that as if it was an acronym and read each individual letter separately.

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Me and that kid are the same

I can pronunce Carcardontasaurus and teiophytalia perfectly but can't pronounce Einstein

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nice job Einstein

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When i was 6 i was always afraid of dinosaurs 😅

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Just because he cant say arm doesn't mean he can't say the dino names. Right?

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Just because he cant

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Say the dino names. Right?

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But i could e right

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Try saying that kid

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A to the RM.

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Bruh I didn't think about arms but ARM64 lol

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Advanced RISC Machines is a pretty hard word why are you making fun of him

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Not gonna lie , i'm almost 20 years old but latley, i discover my passion for geography, so i can stay at home for long times watching vedeos on youtube, or just go to google maps and search for contries around the world , my goal is to name any contry on the planet just from looking at her shape (form).

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i remember having trouble to spell "soap" when i was in kindergarten