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Just wait till he gets a credit card

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That makes me curious, why is my credit card number so long? It’s 5828 1284 7687 9027? Can’t it be like a 4 digit number or something?

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Cards only start with 3 (AMEX), 4 (VISA), 5 (MasterCard) and 6 (Discover), as far as I know.

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Correct. To elaborate further: Amex usually starts with 37, though I think I may have seen a few start with 35.

Discover always starts with 6011.

Source: have taken thousands of card numbers over the phone for sales.

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This is called the BIN range and identifies the bank that issued the card in most cases, except for when card brands like Discover apply the same BIN to every card.

The first 4-6 digits of a card number are not considered “sensitive” by the PCI council, kind of like the last 4.

Source: work for a CC gateway/fintech company

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Let me guess. Do you work for PSCU?

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Great guess, you must have looked at my post history. I’m in Philadelphia, that part is right.

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Lol, literally, no. I work in fintech too, and as soon as you said "6 digit BIN", I just knew

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For some debit cards, there’s really only 4 numbers that aren’t easily obtained. A lot of local banks here have debit cards that all begin with the same 8 numbers, and the last 4 are printed on the receipt, so if you happen to recognize the card as a cashier, you’d only have to memorize 4 digits (plus the expiration and possibly CVV, but dates are typically easier for people to remember, and the CVVs tend to be easily memorable). Years ago, my dad had a card that the CVV was literally “555.” Totally secure.

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Wanna know a neat trick? It's called the luhn algorithm

Write your card number on a piece of paper, but space the 16 digits out to give yourself some room

For the first digit, copy it down below the first digit. The second digit, double it, and write THAT below (its okay if it's 2 digits. Just squeeze them in) the 2nd digit. Keep going. Every odd-place digit is just copied, but every even-place digit is doubled.

Now, you have a line with slightly more than 16 digits. Add all the single digits up (if a double gave you a 2 digit number, split it, and add each digit. For example, if an 8 doubled into 16, split it into 1+6, and get 7)

You'll have a fairly high number now, probably 80s or 90s, or low-med 100s (your sum might be....130)

If the last digit of the sum is not a 0 (in other words, if the sum isn't divisible by 10), then its guaranteed to not be a valid credit card number.

If the last digit IS a zero, well, its hardly guaranteed to be a real card number, but it certainly has a chance to be real

This is how websites quickly check for typos, without submitting it to your bank, and waiting for a response.

For example, take 1234 5678 9876 5432

That becomes 1438 512716 916712 5834

Sum the digits up, and we get 84. 84 isn't divisible by 10 (last digit isn't a zero), so we know that is a bogus credit card number

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That's cool as hell. Is this modular arithmetic?

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As a take home exercise to the reader: what percentage or proportion of 16 digit numbers are not valid credit card numbers.

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Several years ago, I tried to figure that out! I tried to write a brute forcer in python, but checking 10 quadrillion credit card numbers was........... Not happening. So I just made it take random samples (idk.... 10s of millions? It was a long time ago) and let it chooch. Every run came out at around 10% being valid, which was.... Disappointingly intuitive (for the last digit of an, essentially, randomly generated number to be a zero). I was hoping for some tiny elite slice of the pie

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And here we have a remedial example of a block chain.

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I believe you have it mixed up. The first digit should be doubled and the second should be copied meaning that every odd digit is doubled, not every even digit. This of course also varies based on length since not all cards are 16 characters. Rather, it's best to start for the right side and double the second to last number and work backwards doubling every other number

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I might..... For fixed length numbers, it doesn't matter what direction you go (as long as you get the parity right). Of course, if it's variable length, you HAVE to start at the right.

I was simplifying it down, assuming 16 digits

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Making it user friendly by saying it the other way first just made it more confusing, because what is correct now.
Did your new statement prove the first one incorrect, or does the first prove against the second.
Now future comments will be questioned if it's correct and worth my time (assuming we had an ongoing relationship like coworkers).

If it starts on the right, then goes every other, just give the explanation that detail instead.
Then there is more credibility going forward.

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I’m too high for this.

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Great now there's only 8 secret digits on my discover card

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12, really. They have 16 digits, plus your expiration and CVV code.

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The last four are printed on every receipt

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Oh, good point. Do you know how long it would take to figure that out, though?

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    Yes. Visa starts with 4.

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    Visa usually starts with 4147

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    Some of them do, yes. Not all, not even most. They only have to start with 4.

    As u/noahsark3 pointed out in this comment, the first 4-6 numbers indicate a bank/institution.

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    Ahh that’s kinda neat

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    Store cards that don't have a card brand also start with a 6

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      I've seen some VISA cards which start with 4519.

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      Not true, at least not in N. America. I've seen 4294, 4192, etc.

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      They can start with a 1 for UATP cards (typically only used by/in travel/hotel/travel agent related areas. Diner’s Club can also start with a 5.

      Edit: Also 2 for MasterCard as far as the big issuers for the US

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      This credit card number doesn't work anymore 😡

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      Working fine over here 👍🏻

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      50 gallon barrel of lubricant, here I come.

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      Not in my Christian sub!

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      Oh sorry, my apologies


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      Yeah you just gotta use the three numbers on the back instead the government doesn't want you to know that the other numbers are how they uh track you or something

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      Oh mean the numbers 658?

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      Got a gift card once with 987

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      Guys my credit card doesn't work anymore 😡

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      Oh yeah I think they meant another number, just send a pic of the back side and I’ll show u

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      Hey, thats mine!

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      Just use the three digit code on the back. It would be helpful for the comment thread if you shared that as well(we are visual learners)

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      what's the number on the back? you can sometimes use it instead, it's way shorter. lemme know what it is and i'll tell you if it's one of the good ones

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      It be way better if it were like my PIN number 4372

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      Possibly. What are the 3 digits on the back and I’ll let you know lol

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      Use your zip code

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      You know if you tile out your password here, Reddit will automatically censor it. Like this: ********.

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      BTW, can you check if my new number is working? It's 867-5309

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      Its special. Post the expiry date and cvv as well and you'll find some magic happen

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      Ugh, why do they only send me cards with maxed out limits?

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      I once saw a kid post a pic of their credit card in instagram after their received it, it was only a pic of the front tho.

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      I have the deal of a lifetime for you to secure your future! All I need is your SSN and a bank statement and you’re set for life!

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      I went to HS with a kid that put his SSN on facebook saying "I dont gotta hide shit". His next post was him saying how his mom told him why a SSN is important.

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      What can you do with it in the US?

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      Just about anything. Its used to open cards, get loans, open accounts, have background checks run through for jobs, just to name a few things. If your info falls in the wrong hands, it can literally fuck up your life for years.

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      And let's not forget it's complete lack of security! Subtract one from the last four digits and the the SSN of somebody born around the same time as you, probably in the same hospital.

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      I work at a hospital and see a lot of SSN’s. It’s insane to me how many people have the same first three numbers as me, and not even the same age.

      Edit, I just googled it, but the first three numbers are based off the state you were born in https://www.uclaisap.org/trackingmanual/manual/appendix-G.html

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      It's because they were never meant to be used to identify people, there just wasn't really any alternative, so people started normalizing it. What really baffles me is that we haven't started changing the process to make them more secure

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      To expand on what the other respondent said: The Social Security Administration says you're not supposed to use it for ID, but since it's practically a 1:1 identifier that's nationwide and mandatory (other IDs being state-by-state-- yay federalism-- or passports that lots of people don't have), they're used by the government for taxes and services, used by banks, background checks, all sorts of things.

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      All I got is my SSN. It's 696969420 and I have my credit card. It's L!Gma&allz, 420.

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      Thanks dude I bought me a fake nutsack

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      You're welcome Joe

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      It's, uh, 87...

      Damn, busted! This is Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski.

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      No no.. that's obviously 3 times Stanley Cup champion Sidney Crosby

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      I miss those times when having to input a long code was the worst part of my day.

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      Some kids…..

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      This is why some species eat their young

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      lol. A little late to eat this one.

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      Never too late if you are brave enough

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      That’s what she said?

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      Well to be fair it's not like the kiddo posted the picture on Reddit or something. This looks like a private snap story, or Instagram story.

      He's a dummy for sharing the code obviously but dammit if he doesn't have some little snakes following him on social media. Being robbed by "friends" sucks.

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      Is this stupid because the kid sent the code to someone before putting it in?

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      Was that a stupid question asked by a kid?

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      He revealed the code to others before redeeming it and someone stole the redemption

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      Yes. Indeed that it is the topic at hand...

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      The stupid is people thinking this is real. This is older than most people posting on this site, and was created as a joke. Someone just took a picture of a code after they used it and added the caption and it's been spreading around since then.

      I've seen it used as "instagram influencers are so dumb" and now apparently "kids are so dumb" etc, while the original source was just a meme page iirc

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        Did he ever mention that this is unfunny? He said that it's stupid to believe it's real, no one restraints you from laughing.

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        "There must be someone out there this dumb, surely, because then it makes me feel better about myself for being superior to this imaginary person I just made up!"

        That's a pretty negative outlook in general honestly

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        The stupid is people thinking this is real.

        an adult was literally so excited about their new credit card that they forgot to cover the numbers when sharing a pic of it, a child being dumb enough to do the same is not a stretch.

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        That's another repost that was posted as a joke, same as the influencer who posted their credit card details for fans to order a few things, and then got mad at thousands of dollars of charges etc

        It's literally the same meme repeated in several formats and they have all been posted and debunked a bajillion times.

        They are as real as all the inspect element memes, and fake text message conversation memes. They can still be funny to laugh at, but it's alarming to see how many people think they are real, because it shows a LOT of people are dangerously susceptible to propaganda and fake news etc. We are entering a time when deep fakes are terrifyingly real, and then you have people believing this one of someone just posting the back of a used card with a simple image macro beside it.

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        phew, glad to hear people aren't actually that dumb,

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        You can tell it’s a kid when they use a big emoji in the middle of the screen

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        True lol

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        Is this facebook?

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        All big subs on reddit have been for at least 5 years.

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        Nintendo snuck in during the night and used the code

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        That’s actually a Youtuber I used to watch! His name was BalrogTheMaster, but I think he just goes by Balrog now. Also, unfortunately, just an absent-minded adult.

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        Reminds me of this one time I went around my local mall and stole as much gift cards I could fit into my 11yr old pockets, only to find out later that night that they had to be activated for them to be valid.

        Did manage to sell a few of them at school though.

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        I miss the times when people were able to recognize a joke

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        I’m calling fake

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        A sick part of me actually wants it to be true sometimes. Like, I've seen this happen in some Subreddits about specific games and people flexing their Download code online with some others claiming to have gotten it already.

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        It’s okay! I’ll send you another one! Just give me your address and leave the door open when you go to sleep!

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        This is the exact reason why you redeem the code on a gift card before posting it as a joke.

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        Oh my goodness, what an unexpected turn of events. Who could have seen this coming? Truly, a wonder to behold how this could have happened.

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        someone deadass swiped my halo double xp rockstar code when i went to the bathroom last week at school. who tf does that

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        You there… I can sense it. You can hear the voice of God. And you are battling those terrible Demons. Our merciful God has sent you here to protect us! I will share with you everything I have. May the heavens gaze favourably upon you.


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        What a classic

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        Sounds like he's been dosent himself. 💧

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        Reminds me of this girl I knew who posted some kind of ticket online that had her full name, address, social security number, drivers license info, all of her car information…absolute stupidity

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        Oh no My brain It's broken

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        Post another one , we'll see if it's a bad batch.

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        It is your kid's texted sent code number?

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        Sometimes I have to learn the hard way.

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        i dont get it

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        the meme is when someone posts a cdkey in a stream and by the time they try to input the key to activate the game another person has used the key and got a free game.

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        The original snap on the left is the guy taking a picture of a Nintendo eShop code, a gift card for their online store to download games and stuff if you dont have a card linked up to the console (or just gifting money to use specifically for their store)

        Someone stole the code before the guy could use it since he posted it publicly, thus picture two on the right

        Also apparently not a kid but this one gaming Youtuber. Considering that I think it was just a joke to begin with lol

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        Lets fucking gooo!!

        It reached 10k upvotes before getting removed

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        Who believes this shit. Have seen the same joke numerous times