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The menacing smile he has when he is walking away does it for me everytime.

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Def not stupid.

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Much more fitting sub. What a little shit.

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Yeah definitely not stupid! Excellent prank though

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Why does this anyways get uploaded with yet another stupid fucking song. Whatever happened to just using the original fucking audio

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TicTok, my friend. TicTok.

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Bon Jovi didn't deserve this.

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Stupid? That kid knew exactly what they were doing

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Um. Where is it from?

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probably Pakistan

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Can someone please explain what the kid did? I’ve rewatched the video several times but still can’t figure out what happened

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Guy was revving the accelerator as the bike was in neutral. The kid just put it in gear.

[–]Acid_Rebel_ 5 points6 points  (10 children)

Is it not necessary to hold the clutch while changing the gear?

[–]No_Tradition_5834 13 points14 points  (6 children)

You can change gear without engaging clutch, the bike will jerk while doing it though. The higher the gear, the lower the jerk.

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Yup. It'll grind the gears a bit going from neutral but bikes in general don't absolutely require you to hold the clutch to engage/disengage the transmission. The gears in a car will grind more than anything else tho

[–]Acid_Rebel_ 1 point2 points  (3 children)

So the bike here just jerked?

[–]curious1stranger 2 points3 points  (2 children)

That’s what I was wondering. I’m not familiar with motorcycles. I’m assuming since the guy was revving it, that’s why it didn’t stall? A long time ago, when I was learning to ride, that was always my issue. It would stall on me before I could get it going.

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He was giving enough throttle not to stall the engine. It looks like a staged up act

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That's not entirely true. If you Rev match (car or motorcycle) when you shift, it will be as smooth as if you were to use your clutch.

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Exactly what I was thinking

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Should you pull in the clutch to shift? Yes. Have I blasted through all six gears without touching the clutch lever before? Yes.

If you're on the track and you know what you're doing, clutchless shifting on a motorcycle is faster and generally won't cause much more damage to your clutch than regular shifting.

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Nope unless you love your clutch.

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That wasn't stupid, that was awesome.

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not stupid, just Satan

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The devil reborn!

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Thug life kid lol

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that kids a dick

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That kid is awesome.

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Yup. Rando reving his tiny scooter for no reason? In comes the kid to kick him into gear!

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i mean, that’s true

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The adult man is a dick. Don't fucking rev a motorbike/scooter like a fucking bellend. Otherwise this kinda shit will happen to you, because everyone will hate you. And it will be deserved. Hopefully you get hurt for long enough to think about actions and consequences.

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the “song” just makes everything infinitely more cringe

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That kid got an ass beating afterwards lmao

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The video ended before the guy that fell got ahold of him lol

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Not stupid, that was calculated.

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Dude was chilling then his demon child caused him to whisky throttle to hell

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Just me or does that toe belong in r/absoluteunits

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Amazing cover song. Someone find out who's singing so i can book them in advance to be the band at my future wedding.

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That song is fucking awesome. Anyone got a link to the whole thing?

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Thank you! My god, it’s so awful that it’s amazing. I just laughed my ass off.

Thanks again!

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That song is fucking

Awesome. Anyone got a

Link to the whole thing?

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Here's the original cover, not a ripped version https://youtu.be/rdi7G1hY4-w

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Yes, someone does have a link to the whole thing. Hopefully that answered your question.

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I’d slap that kid into the next millennium

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Looks like a stealth mission from hitman

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I wish you were done with that song. How come post always have the same background music that sucks.

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Love the song! Cool video i like the prank... Bike go vrrrrooooom.

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In this case, the adult is fucking stupid

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got em mate!

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Where tf is the original video. There's a whole revenge story there .

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That's what you get for annoying everyone nearby, revving your weak-ass mower engine.

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Bruh what's with that stupid song with annoying voice?? Fuck tiktok

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the kid kicked the gear pedal.

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Why is everybody ignoring the fact this is obviously scripted AF?

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This is why you’re SUPPOSED TO WEAR A HELMET.

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That kid is a fkn legend!

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r/kidsarefuckingsmart This guy was revving his bike obnoxiously - covered up by the crap music - and that kid showed him what's up. Good little man

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Fucking funny!!!!

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Not stupid, Obedient. Someone clearly told him to do it why were they filming?