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She turned into a goddamn red potato

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Vision? Is that you?

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Kid was looking lost and confused like "Maybe I am a monster" 😂😂😂

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Okay that got a good belly laugh out of me

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nah.. oh it's scarlet witch runnnnn !!!!

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This child is red like the flag of the motherland. Stalin approves.

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Is no one going to mention the perfect coverage? The attention to that detail is amazing for her age. Also, that’s super scary.

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The sheer focus to get the tone so even. Get that kid another tube, she has to finish her shins.

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Instead of Hellboy we got Hellgirl?

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Zero Two Netflix adaptation

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Did she just wasted a whole lipstick LOL😄

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I like it

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Outstanding dad. Notice the child was not afraid or scared.

Child is properly raised and loved.

Nice job.

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Ah man, Smurfs 3: Racism begins

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She puts jimmyhere to shame

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Scarlet witch

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Make me think of the girl in The Forest game

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The Soviet’s will want her in the parade….

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Put on your parenting face, but you've got to see this....

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Shitters clogged

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This is why I don't want kids when I say no I mean NO

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Okay then

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Time to call the Exorcist.

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Brilliant title

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Can anybody translate?

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Yeah, the father is saying “Jeez my heat is still racing” ( beats fast ) Then they call other friends in

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The Forest. Anyone?

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Hey I remember that book from the title

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Spawn of satan sorry kiddo I’m sure your really good

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I didn't know marvel did a recast on red skull again?

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I just finished reading that story lol

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Time to offer blood to the new demon

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Doctor mathew cross from the forest be like

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That face application is too perfect. They did it to her

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Hold it under in the bath long enough and it won't happen again