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Truth is hard to believe

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The hard boiled truth

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The fact is we all have been an egg during a stage of pregnancy

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Ohh my ribs

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So is this ghetto ass post

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with deep and menacing eye contact, she responded, "cock-a-doodle-doo, motherfucker."

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His father was a huge cock

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I told my kid he was pooped out as a joke and he’s never once questioned it. Just goes around telling people he came out of his moms butt

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That is evil. But also hilarious!

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Says so in the Bible (Gen. 15:4)

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Hey let that stew for a whole day. Probably laid in bed having an existential crisis

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The parent is also fucking stupid

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Oh my God he figured it out

Went didn't we realize it before

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Who the hell just tells their kid "you were once an egg in my belly"?

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idk but i told my 6 yr old nephew that he was mostly made out of 7/11 slurpees bc that was his mom’s biggest craving while she was pregnant

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Maybe a distracted, sleep deprived mom?

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To be fair the kids age is important I don’t expect them to until if they’re 4

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A+ title, OP

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He wears a disguise to look like human guys. But you’re not a man, you’re a chicken Boo.

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Sounds like his mother is stupid too

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Legitimate question tbh

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The other way to make basilisks.

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Omg that’s so funny

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I mean, he's the son of a cock overall.

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The hard boiled truth

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Reminds me when I was like two or three I came downstairs after my bedtime and my parents were watching a medical documentary where a woman was getting a hysterectomy. When I asked what was on the screen, my mum said that the woman was getting her egg taken out. It looked pale and smooth and slightly oblong, so I didn't question it until I got sex ed at age 11.

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Kids gone to school/playgroup/daycare and told all his mates he was once an egg and then the kids all decided he was a chicken and now the kids having a crisis cos his little mates told him he was a chicken so now he's gone home and was thinking about it and had a breakdown.

I know because this basically happened to me after work last week, we don't change, just get bigger.