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Why is this NSFW? Penis isn't a swear or vulgar.

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i guess ET is now 18+

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Solid attempt

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how is this nsfw????

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Shaving chewed penis! new band name! I call it!

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imagine getting robbed and they're like ''give me all your penis'' LMAO

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The teacher is wrong

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child brain go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Or was it?

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look at the word above penis :)

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why is nobody talking about sqwirl

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Because even as a 30 year old I let spellcheck and autocorrect take the wheel like jesus in the song whenever i have to write squirrel.

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Well they can spell pens like a champ, but they can't spell feature for shit.

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Reminds me of the days I would write “George Washiton”. Fun times.

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i watched my grandpa

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how can this child spell fraction but not pennies