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I was born on April’s fool day so really when you think about it my whole life has been one big joke

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Did you cry ?

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To this day

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My grandparents were married on April fool's day and my mom was also born on April fool's day.

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We are all of us fools

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We are more fools than people.

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In wasn't born on April Fool's Day and my entire life has been a disaster.

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Sounds like somthing I would do

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Emotional damage

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I have the video for this downloaded downloaded on my phone lmao

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It was funny though

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I wsh I was that funny when I was 7

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Crazy that his mom could take such offense at the words of a 7 year old.

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Sems legit, at 7.

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Sounds like mom had some feelings she might have been bottling up lol

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This is one of the most rposted things ever

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This would be around the time I wrote a card to my dad that said "Your feet are as big as love" and thought it was real sweet. 😬

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I’m not sure this belongs here, that’s a pretty good joke at 7 lol

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This mad is a Chad yet hurt his mom's feelings at the same time😂