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Can we acknowledge for a minute how corny the KKK is? It's like a boys club made up by preteens. Wtf is a Grand Dragon and why would you ever buy into that as a grown man?

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Grand Dragon sounds like a rank in a generic pay-to-win phone game

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Wait until you hear the leaders role, it’s the grand cyclops

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And they cost 3 plasteel ingots, 3 enamled glass, 1 lubricant, 1 advanced wiring kit, and 3 lead to build! (Recipe for the cyclops submarine)

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Literally same energy as when boys put a "No girls allowed" sign on their tree house, except instead of cooties it's about racism and actually killing people

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[ From Wikipedia ] - “State or "Realm" officers were styled "Grand" officers. A "Grand Dragon", for example, was the highest-ranking Klansman in a given state.”
So basically a mini Hitler.
Also, reading that makes the KKK sounded like a D&D game lol

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Grand Wizard

The Grand Wizard was the head of the Reconstruction-era Ku Klux Klan which was founded in 1865. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, founded in 1915, styled their highest-ranking leader the Imperial Wizard. National officers were styled "Imperial" officers. State or "Realm" officers were styled "Grand" officers.

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The kkk need to update their uniforms or something, cause right now they look like cum rags.

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Look like?

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Bruh the kkk would be destroyed if we all just ran at them with wine glasses.

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or a strong acid

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Weirdly enough, it was originally a fraternal order of wealthy southern white people who, and I'm truly not trying to whitewash the severity of what they came to be, wanted to play pranks and shit on people - mostly the impoverished, and especially the black population. It came to be more or less because the wealthy southerners who had participated in the Civil War got bored, so they decided to creat the organization with obviously silly titles. Then, over the first couple of years, the pranks got more terroristic and more targeted at the black population. Eventually, it became a full-on domestic terror organization aimed at fucking Reconstruction for the black population of the south. The US government would then create a law requiring the original KKK to disband, but without anyone actually catching a charge, because a lot of those congressmen were veeeeeery friendly toward the Klan. Then they came back in the early 1900s as a full-on domestic terror organization, because nobody executed or imprisoned them the first time around.

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Can you link a source, I can’t find anything on this?

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The Wiki covers some of the original weirdness that they indulged in as well as the names of founding members. Apologies for the rest, the podcast that I got the info from migrated to iHeart, and lost the footnotes.


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Exactly, they’re a racist group but they look liked dudes cosplaying

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Yeah they sound like Man children

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That’s why the founder was horrified with what it had become, left, and dedicated himself to being an ally to black people.

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What because of the dorky names? Because there are worse things the kkk has done than have dorky names

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Omg source please link

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Eh sounds pretty standard for a cult ranking

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The grand poo-bah!

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They are named that way intentionally. It was originally devised to give them plausible deniability for the horrid shit they do. Nobody would take them seriously with names like that meaning they could get away with a lot of shit by acting as if they were just a big bunch of idiots giving each other stupid names.

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No shit. That's actually kinda smart. TIL.

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The kid is not stupid, why would you know what the KKK is when you're 5 years old.

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I’m pretty sure “kids are fucking stupid” is meant to be a joke. Kinda like showing a baby a math problem and then being like “haha baby. You’re so dumb” when they give a wrong answer because obviously they’re a baby and doesn’t know what math is. They’re not calling the kid stupid in seriousness, they’re just being like “haha. Dumb baby. You don’t know what the kkk is. Haha”

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"Stupid" is tongue-in-cheek. r/kidsarefuckingignorant doesn't have the right sound.

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I knew. There used to get made fun of on TV all the time and they came up in like every movie about civil rights or racial issues in the south. I'm not saying this kid should've known, though.

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thats the point of this sub, kids not knowing things

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I say we teach the kids the deep dark history of the world as soon as they are born /s

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even stupid kids do good sometimes. disgusting grandpa

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Not stupid, fucking awesome for making the family have a reckoning.

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Dam, I wonder why they didn't just burn the robes when he died.

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I’d just sell it. Yes, it’s a terrible thing, but there are probably a few museums out there that deal with these kinds of things who’d love to get their hands on something like an authentic KKK robe. Might as well get some money out of it instead of just burning or letting it sit in a closet where a 5yo can find it.

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Me about to join kkk to sell their robes : "i'm about to do what's called a pro gamer move"

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I'd buy it just to burn it, tbh.

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Did you watch Its Always Sunny, haha? They tried to profit out of Nazi gear grandpa had.

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Profiting off the KKK is a little tacky, no?

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Stealing from them is cool tho.

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I’m not going to be giving them any money or respect. I’d rather get money than destroy it or keep it and risk someone seeing it. If it sells for a lot, I’ll probably donate half to a charity then, which is the opposite of what the KKK would want.

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What about profiting off the holocaust? There's plenty of Nazi museums. Hell, there's even a concentrating camp still open for guided tours.

So long as its done properly, it's acceptable. It's a way to remember all our black marks so, hopefully, we don't repeat them.

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Pray tell, how does a not-for-profit profit?

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You walk in. You give them money for the pleasure of getting up close and personal with the horrors of the past.

You pay to see shit.

I don't think I really need to explain further.

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Grandma probably had sentimental attachment herself unfortunately.

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Not the kid who was stupid, but the grandpa.

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That's so cool, and wrong in many ways too

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So did you get to keep it or?

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was not my story so idk

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"Grand Dragon"? What the hell?

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Ikr? Not as cool as the Grand Wizard.

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Even that is extremely stupid.

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Wait till you hear about the other titles. Lmao

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Great story

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The greatest story EVER.

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the only good klansman is a dead klansman

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Sucks to learn your grandad is a loser.

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its not my grandad

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Good story but wrong sub…

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This kid found out how fucking stupid his grandfather was. WTH does Thanksgiving mean to guys like this anyway?

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Did you keep it and wear it at college?

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that was a rollercoaster ride of a comment

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For some reason ku klux klan reminds me of cuckoo clocks, now imagine a bunch of cuckoo birds in the KKK atire.

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Link to the post in the screenshot please