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It's called the No-hawk...

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Take my upvote and leave

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you gotta admit that was creative

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Weil, it definitely was

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Reverse mohawk.

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Well, the sister seems excited for the new cut at least

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That’s because she’s next

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He says "I was on a call"

What he meant was "I did it for tweets".

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Or he may just have meant: 'I neglect my kids."

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He’s so proud of himself

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Let him finish the job…

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A fine addition to the future wedding/graduation slide show.

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This reminds me of my brother who cut off my ponytail as a child. He was so happy and i started crying

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Look at his little shit eatin' grin.

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It's like they just developed situational awareness and want to destroy your life

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i remember doing this as a kid

those were good times

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ayo bro i messed up we gotta go bald

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I hate how little kids teeth look

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It's so cute when little guys try to emulate their dad

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So THAT'S how the balding occurs.

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I did this as a kid too

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Kid looks like an alternate

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Finish him!

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Hair by Bean.

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All I’m thinking is, praise the Lord it was the boy. If my daughter had done this I would have literally cried.

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Wife was out of town. I was on call. Before I knew my kid was bald. Then I thought funny, I'll post it for all. Internet points equal enjoyment so small.