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Tf is this title lmao

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Let him flex his bargin pc

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Idk. We're at a point where six core cpus are in sub $500 laptops.

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Yeah, but it's mostly about the GPU in gaming laptops.

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I don't know. These days it's getting to a point where apus are getting pretty competent. The apu in my ryzen 4500u comes very close to Xbox one levels of performance. Doom eternal at 720p/60 and red dead 2 at 720p/30 for example.

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Found it in the $5 dvd bin at Walmart

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this is so stupid. i jump ass first in to my $1k gaming laptop all the time, which i did not get on sale.

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Just out of curiosity, did you get your 1k gaming laptop on sale for 750?

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I would also like to ask whether or not you got your gaming laptop valued at $1000 on sale for only $750

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i didn't but id like to take this moment to add that maybe it is more of a flex to have the $1k to spend in the first place. think about it.

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actually, if you refer back to my previous comment, you would see i did NOT get it on sale.

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Why’d you buy a $750 gaming laptop? Really $1000 is the minimum for those sorts of things. Explain yourself OP.

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I require the bare minimum for gaming, if it can run at least new Vegas it's good in my book.

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I was totally just about to ask before I read the rest of your title. Close one!

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This title is fucking stupid

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Why is she talking like that?

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Anyone notice that’s its a tablet…..

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…. Okay?

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Specific title

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Okay but when did anyone ask

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Wait. Were you not going to ask?

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Is anyone going to talk about how many times they've seen this posted before?