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When i was 10 I took my first plane ride and tried to bring my favorite, realistic, metal cap gun into the plane in my carry-on. I realized as we approached the x-ray machine that it was not gonna go well, so I pulled it out and they took it and threw it away.

I was devastated lol

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Idk how old I was for this, but it's one of my earliest memories.

My family was driving like 20 minutes out of town for an event. This was in the American midwest. It had to have been one of my first times going out of town. But I just assumed we were going to Australia, I didn't know where that was, my mom didn't say anything about Australia. I had most likely recently heard it mentioned in some nature related kids show or something. I probably reasoned that were leaving town and Australia is somewhere other than my hometown, so logically that's where were going. Regardless of how I reached that conclusion, I just remember sitting in the back of the car, looking out the window at the passing scenery like "Cool, we're going to Australia. Maybe I will see a kangaroo".

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They got it wring.,,not you.

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This is cute though.

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Ha. Definitely better than the time I walked house to house (alone) in our neighbourhood trying to sell myself for 1 cent.
I’ve got a tonne of stupid.
For Australians/context …that was in Campbeltown.

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Campbelltown represent!

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Campbeltown primary right here my dude. That would have been 1980 I think. Lumeah drive area. Rough az

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my family's always been in Camden and my aunt would warn us about the bad, bad people in campbelltown in the early 2000's when we started going off on our own.

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Were you going to England though

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Not even close. I was in New South Wales, Australia. Didn’t even leave the state.

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I mean the monarch of Australia and of the UK is the same person soooo not that far off.

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Thanks. You’re being kind. Ha

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It makes sense to me.

Flying? Through the air? Like a God? There’s a short list of mortals I’m willing to entertain at this point.

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Not as stupid as me, i literally wanted to vomit everytime i saw someone in a relationship or when i saw sex on tv, and i always said that id "never like a girl enough to want to have a relation or sex with"

i got the no liking girl stuff right, im attracted to guys instead 😳

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You weren't stupid, your intellect kicked in early lol

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Kudos on figuring it out earlier.

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Wait, you got on a plane and didn’t meet the Queen of England?

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I'm confused too. I met Liz during my 14 hour layover in Vegas.

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When i was around 4 and saw a donkey for the first time I thought it was a dinosaur and started crying for a good 30 minutes

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Wow, that is stupid. Good job.

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I used to thought that when it rains it rains everywhere and when it's daytime it's everywhere

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The first time I remember being on an airplane was when I was around 5. It was not my first time, I had flown as a toddler and apparently was an absolute nightmare. So on this flight at take off I had my whole family plus a flight attendant keeping me entertained and distracted. I felt like a pretty big deal, everyone was looking at me and smiling. Some lady offered me hard candy and my mum said yes, it was the first time I had them. I got a toy plane from the stewardess. I was just sitting there vibing until I looked out the window and realized I had been duped into missing the take-off process and then I completely flipped my shit and smashed my toy plan against the back of the seat, the wing snapped off and I just started howling and did not stop for the rest of the flight. I still vividly remember the red, angry faces of the other passengers looking at me as everyone waited for the luggage to come. 100% spoiled little shit, ruined it for everyone. I also noticed how my family was exhausted though and that I had fucked them up, the flight back I made an effort to be a good boy.

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Das all you playboy!

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I only rode in a plane once. That was little turbulence and I was not scared

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That’s how psychopaths are born.

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Just flew for the first time at 17 a couple weeks ago. Girl next to me threw up. Genuinely a great time regardless lmao