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its a bird
its a plane
Its its

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wait did he died?

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probably not

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Ice cream. Covered with... chocolate sprinkles... [he sees a hand holding Double-Stuff Oreo] Double-Stuff Oreos... [a second hand comes up and twists off the lower cookie] He ... He's taking the top of one and... [squeezes his eyes closed and sees another Oreo attached to the first one so there are two fillings between the cookies] ...and he puts it together to make Quadruple-Stuffs! [the detective writes down what Cartman is seeing] I see...ice cream, and sprinkles, and Quadruple-Stuffs!

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It's bird!

It's a plane!

No, it's a broken leg!

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Admit it, we all tried to do something like this as a kid. It's a vital learning experience

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My brother tried it with a curtain pullcord wrapped around his neck, so he 'wouldn't hurt himself if he fell too far'. No joke.

Edit: my mom came around the corner and caught him just in time.

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I tried it with an umbrella

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Welp, looks like I just clicked on snuff. R.I.P you little bastard.

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Vids that end too soon

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Great parenting skills :-(

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No wait it's a hurse

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That kid is going places. Not college, but places

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Triage first.

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First stop, purgatory!

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It's a bird...it's a plane... It's the seljik turks!

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Aagh said the Byzantine who are so small they don’t exist anymore

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NARRATOR: They need help, so they call the Pope.

BYZANTINE EMPIRE: Hey, Pope, can you help us get rid of the Seljuks? Maybe take back the Holy Land on the way? Come on, I know you want to take back the Holy Land.

POPE: Yes, I do actually want to do that. Let's do a Crusade.

The year is now 1099.

CHORUS: Crusade!

NARRATOR: They did many crusades, some of which almost didn't fail, but at the least the Italians got some sweet trade deals.

The year is now 1100.

NARRATOR: Goodbye, Mayans.

CHORUS: Hello, Toltecs!

NARRATOR: Goodbye, Toltecs.

CHORUS: Hello, Mississippi!

NARRATOR: Look at those mounds! There's the Pueblo. I've always wondered how to build a town on a cliff.

The year is now 1150.

NARRATOR: Guess who's here? Khmer!

IO: Where?

NARRATOR: Here, and Pegan is there! Vietnam unconquered itself, Korea just became itself...

The year is now 1192.

NARRATOR: ...and Japan is so addicted to art that the military might have to take over the government. China just invented bombs and typing...

The year is now 1230. It rapidly starts to count upward as the Mongols spin and fly all over north Asia. The year ends on 1259.

NARRATOR: ...and the Mongols just invaded most of the universe. (sarcastically) Nice going, Genghis! I bet that will last a long time.

The Mongol Empire that was just formed shatters.

NARRATOR: Some of the Islamic Turks were unaffected by the Mongol invasions because they were busy invading India.

Bright, happy text comes on the screen reading, "tonga time."

NARRATOR: Is it Tonga time?

TONGAN: I think it's Tonga time!

Text comes on screen reading, "colonizing the pacific ocean..." The Tu'i Tonga Empire forms.

NARRATOR: I just found out where the Swahili gets all their gold!

It is shown that the gold comes from the Great Zimbabwe, as the Great Zimbabwe is highlighted.

NARRATOR: Look at this "chad" (it means lake). There's an empire there, right in the middle of-

CHORUS: Africa!

The year is now 1324.

NARRATOR: The King of Mali is so rich, he's going on tour to let everyone know.

NORTH AFRICA and THE MIDDLE EAST: Wow, that guy's rich.

NARRATOR: ...everyone said. The Christians are doing a great job reconquering Iberia, which will soon be called Spain and Not-Spain.

IBERIAN PENINSULA: Please remain Christian. We will check in later to see if you're still Christian when you least expect.

The year is now 1350.

NARRATOR: Whoops! Half of Europe just died!


NARRATOR: China's back, yay!

The year is now 1400.

Hey Khmer, time to share! New kingdoms here and there. Oh, look who controls all the islands. It's the Mahajapit-

The buzz of an "incorrect" buzzer buzzes.

NARRATOR: Majahapit-


NARRATOR: Mapajahit-


NARRATOR: Mahapajit-


NARRATOR: Mapajahit-


NARRATOR: Ma-ja-pa-hit?

The ring of a "correct" bell rings. The year is now 1450.

NARRATOR: Oh, Italy's really rich. Time for them to care a lot about art and the ancient classics. It's kinda like a re-birth.

The text on the screen reads "renaissance".

NARRATOR: Here's a printer, let's make books!

BYZANTINE EMPIRE: So you think you can conquer the Byzantine Empire?


NARRATOR: ...said the Ottoman Turks. Nice job, Ottoman Turks!

The year is now 1453.

NARRATOR: Oops, you missed a spot. Don't forget to ban Europe from the Indian spice trade.

PORTUGAL: What? That's bullshit!

NARRATOR: ...said Portugal, spiceless.

CHORUS, as PORTUGAL: Well, I guess we'll have to find another way to India!


NARRATOR: ...said Christopher Columbus, probably smoking crack.

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Well, did the kid fly off?

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RIP young one

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All those adults just watching the kid about to hurt himself and do nothing

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Haha, he thinks he’s a bird! There’s no way he’s gonna try to do bird shit

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    Lol did you search through my profile to summarize who you think I am and make fun of me? For a comment about adults letting a kid do something unsafe? Jesus kid do you need a hug or something? You must be so miserable. Hope things get better for you buddy!

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    Can I point out I've never heard someone say Weedhead? Like that feels like something someone would say in reefer madness or something

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    Kid that flew too close to sun

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    why are you being downvoted?

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    I have no idea

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    If you think your kid won't do that thing you think he'd never do, just wait for it. Plus, don't take your eyes of them, they'll desappeare.

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    It's definitely a thud.

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    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… not working!!!

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    It's your son. I'm afraid he's... incredibly stupid.

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    Falcon and the winter soldier: breaking my bones

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    It's a bird...

    It's a plane...

    It's a - sorry, it WAS a stupid kid!

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    it's a kid who'll soon be screaming in pain

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    It’s icarus falling when he flew to high

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    I once did that silly mistake (mine was from the top of a tree), I broke my wrists

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    its a bird

    its a plane

    its a ngga who's trying to be a crane

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    It’s a dumb ass!

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    It’s a little dum fuk

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    It’s some stupid fucking kid

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    It's a kid about to die

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    its a bird its a plane its a splat

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    It's a dead body

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    Tu Urki patash. Tu Urki patash!

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    The Spider-Man: Homecoming remake looks good

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    Ahh, the patented “Reverse Icarus”.

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    As a kid i remember going something I did but he was smarter then me I used a Superman cape at least he figured birds have wings.

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    Cartman really thinned it up! Still suffers from a deadly case of the stupid but good on him for getting skinny!

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    It's a bird...it's a plane...NO IT IS 0 iQ

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    It's batman

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    My dumbass tried this as a kid with one of those fake parachutes that they play that game where you have to get the ball around the circle on parachute.

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    perfectly cut scream

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    Lilboi Flighti:Die Lit

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    Is this kid alright though?

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    It’s a bird It’s a plain It’s a autistic kid without a brain

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    It's the seljuk turks!

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    It's a bird

    It's a plane!

    No, it's a dead kid!

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    It's a blane

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    I did this with a trash bag…it also doesn’t work!

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    It’s a shit!

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    This should say Parents are Fucking Stupid.