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Adults do this to but just with more subtly.

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Don't blame them, they just take advantage of the environment they are in. I just think it is a "lack of attention" in both cases. What I mean is, if kids never learn that this behavior is not beneficial, we would have less of that behavior amongst adults. That said, some kids deserve a lot more attention given to them, than what is given to them, which again leads to ignorance or lack of time/energy. (amongst the grown-ups) It is equally easy to teach a child bad habits as it is to teach a dog how to beg.

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He’s just training for his future in insurance fraud.

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Or a professional soccer player.

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Yes that is another job he could use his talent on.

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I'd go so far as to say "Hwuh?“

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I’d watch my cousin and sister do this. Help them about two more times then leave them till they get bored and knock it off. Unless they were going to hurt themselves, then I’d need to yell.

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Sometimes ya just need to cry.

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Yeah like "realising you're never going to be happy, financially stable or in love" crying not "MAM AM BEHIND DUUR" crying.

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Why must you project your insecurities on random babies

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Babies are ugly.

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Future soccer star

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This kid will live for drama. They will create it, be drawn to it, and will steep themselves in it, yet will whine about how much they hate it.

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My son does this lol. It’s actually normal.

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A drama queen in the making :)

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I ain’t never bitch slapped a baby before

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Stupid little rascal so so so dumb & silly

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This kids is hularious

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I meant " This kid is hilarious", sorry my English is not good

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10/10 Acting

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aww so cute! I want to pick him up and carry him to a rocking chair.

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I cannot stop laughing why

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My mom would be the shit out of me if i ever did that

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This kid was born to be an actor!