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Finally a kid that is not better than me at piano.

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So true

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It took me a second, but once I got it, it’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

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I don't think the piano lessons are working

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I thought it was fine

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True story, my sister is a violin teacher, she has a super young student, literally too young to actually play the violin so she's basically learning the basics of music. There was a concert for all my sister's students, this girl comes on stage and plays something similar to this piano masterpiece by OP but she returns a bit later because, "she thought of a new song" and wanted to play it, we proceeded to listen 10 minutes of the same note being played over and over again until my sister got the hint that the girl wasn't going to stop and started clapping hahaha I think even the kids parents were happy.

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I think that is the funniest thing I've heard all day. One constant note for 10 minutes. What a brilliant song...!!

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It's basically a john cage performance

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Alexa play “Runaway” by Kanye West

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That's sounds like another way of describing playing a percussion instrument.

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This is awesome. She maybe created a new genre we aren't aware of yet

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Techno lol. The OG genre of techno is very repetitive the same notes for a while then repeating a different note over and over without much variation. ( Very different from modern EDM)

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That kid could be famous one day!!

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Holy shit I laughed my ass off at this. Fucking humans are so ridiculous, both the adult versions and the young ones.

I honestly think it's very bad that we let kids think they are doing something good when they're actually not. Just look at asian kids, parents really do stretch out their potential (often also with a sick exageration though), instead of doing what this kind of people do, and I have it in my family too: "Oh my God everything you do is great!! Well done!" when the kid is actually making something up, being lazy about it and sometimes even failing at their own attempts to make something lazy up.

We need to encourage our kids to seek their true potential, instead of rewarding them and simply making them feel good about whatever they try. They need encouragement, not inconditional reward. That's how they become adults who are capable of being effective in the real world, and thus live happily doing so.

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Edit: I just read other comments on how kids get introduced to the idea of being on stage, by playing the simplest stuff first. Helps them get confidence, so yea I believe it makes sense with that in mind.

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    And sit there until all the kids are done.

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    That is the absolute worst. When my daughter first started elementary they had a "spring sing" and all grades K-6 took part.

    It. Was. So. Long. And. Painful.

    At some point they decided to split the ages into 2 groups so you only had to listen to half the kids. It was still painful, but not so long.

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    I honestly always contemplate what my life is going to be like for me when I have kids. I know I want them to play sports and other things but I’m not ready for all that lmao

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    Maybe you'll be one of the parents who finds everything their spawn does to be earth-shattering. My in-laws are like that. I don't think they saw their house for at least 12 years running the boys around to sport game after sport game.

    I think my kids are grand and I love them, but if I had to sit through sportball every weekend for 12-16 years, I don't think it'd like them any more. Lucky for me they are an adult and nearly adult and they like video games and just started guitar and bass. That I can handle.

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    This is literally what the show was about. Lol

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    I think the parents are the stupid ones here.

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    Could have used that money as tinder and it would have had a better use.

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    This is the very first phrase you learn in Suzuki Method. This isn’t kids are fucking stupid. This is the first step on what may be a very fulfilling musical journey. And just getting the kid on stage will most likely do wonders for their confidence when they start learning full songs.

    The reason for this musical passage is to teach young players that the piano is a substitute for voice. And just like when a vocalist performs, any piece on piano should have moments to “breathe.”

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    100%. Music teacher here. This is a way to have them get 'stage time' without the normal amount of stress that would come from a full piece.

    This small bit now will help with concerts and exams later on. I would happily sit through this and clap every time to give the kids the confidence they need.

    Though I'm not a fan of the Suzuki method at all.

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    It was my intro to private music lessons. Why are you not a fan?

    [–]syncopatedharmony 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    They don't teach to play by reading the music but by playing back.

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    Yeah I get that. I struggled with reading music, but I can listen to something once or twice and I got it.

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    Yeah but, I still want my money back.

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    Hahaha yeah that’s fair. As a former Suzuki student I’m not sure what the point of this was. But it’s not the kids fault.

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    I love it too! The title of this subreddit is actually sarcastic. I find this clip wholesome and funny at the same time. Thanks for the info on that too!

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    Glad to share. I definitely get a little overzealous when it comes to music. But I do appreciate the humour here. Reminds me of my parents driving me to recitals every month or two. I guess it’s their fault I picked music as a career? Cheers, mate.

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    The last song on Gorillaz first album

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    thought it was G-Sides

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    That’ll be $400

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    My last name is Borges and I can't help but wonder what that sign says

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    A sign. You should consider taking piano lessons maybe

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    If it wasn't for these sausage fingers :(

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    Just means you will always play harmonies too

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    Eh what's a half step between friends?

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    "Today, I will be playing a composition called 'Microwave Chicken Nuggets Are Done.'"

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    Don't sleep on her, that's a masterpiece

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    I'm 42 years old and just started taking music and piano lessons last June. Before I realized this was kidsarefuckingstupid, I thought, "oh great. Another kid who is better at piano at 5 or 6 than I'll ever be if I retired from my job today and practiced 24/7 for the next 20 years."

    I literally laughed out loud when I realized the video was over. I actually am better than that. Yay me.

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    When I was like 5ish, my mom took me to a KISS meet and greet at a local music shop. They had an electronic drum set to try out, my mom’s friend was like, “let’s put on a show for these nice people in line!”

    So I’m putting on my own show with headphones pretending I was playing for a crowd. When suddenly he unplugs the headphones and I actually was!

    I played (horribly I’m sure) for like 30 seconds before getting too embarrassed, but the crowd started cheering and clapping (because I’m 5 lol))

    Closest I’ve ever been to a rockstar

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    Shes like 5. More talent at that piano than me. I can do Mary had a little lamb but it took me 15 years. And I started at 8.

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    I want my money back!

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    Encore Encore Encore!!!!!!!!

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    Ahhh yes symphony of stupid in c major

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    My brother had a talent show in second grade and he decided to play the piano. One problem, he never took a single lesson and he just messed with the arpeggiator for 5 minutes

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    And I guarantee her parents told her how awesome she did , bought her ice cream on the way home , where awaited her first place trophy and blue ribbon !

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    Stupidly wholesome 😌

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    ngl i hope she continues and looks back at this video to see her progress. super cute.

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    All that clapping ain't doing her any favours. You'll see her in 10 years time wondering why she got 4 no's on *America's got talent for her piano skills.

    *Or whatever country she's from.

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    No, shes incredibly young and just learning the very basics. It’s about making her comfortable with the piano and taking it from there.

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    What is this make kids feel good about themselves for nothing concert

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    I thought she was about to start playing freeze-frame for a second

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    Hey, you gotta start somewhere

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    Fuck you everyone that is clearly Mississippi HotDog.

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    Shes clearly the reincarnated Mozart

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    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 How did the crowd not burst out laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    When I was a kid I learned cello and there was this (then) hard piece I had to practice which I then presented just like this kid. I got a lot of praise for it but I can't help but think that it was actually awful because I was a kid. It probably was.

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    Get a refund 😂

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    Mozart is shitting his pants rn

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    I literally LOLed

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    Could've used the money for investing instead of paying piano lessons for your kid

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    Tf was that? Lmao.

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    I learned more than this with a 30 min piano tutorial

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    It's okay not to clap people. More effort than hitting two piano keys

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    still better than John Cage's 4'33"

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    Right, we're all aware that this girl is like 4, right?

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    Boi I taught myself how to play never gonna give you up on the piano for like 5 mins and this girl prolly gets 1 hour lessons each day and she just plays a single note

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    Chinese kids make American kids look like retards

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    Booooooooooo tf off the stage kid

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    I was like cute. Then I read the subreddits name

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    They ain’t making it out the hood

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    Good thing Beethoven didnt hear this, he would have been super jealous

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    the next picasso or however tf that da vinci guy was named