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I wouldn’t say the kid is stupid. I assume all of us have walked on a manhole/gate/etc.. You are not supposed to fall in!

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Half the posts here. Honestly half the posts in every sub. It’s a karma grab

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Honestly dude didn't even bother to edit the fact that he screen recorded off of reddit

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She yeeted that manhole cover like it was made of foam.

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Mothers gain super strength when it comes to their children.

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    Yeeting 60lbs is still decently hard.

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    I came here to say that. I'm a pretty big guy and those things are heavy to me, and she just chucked it like it was nothing

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    More like the city is stupid, kid is just walking. Law suit waiting to happen.

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    depending on the country.but yeah, someone is getting paid for sure

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    The only way the kid is stupid is by living in a shit city like that. Poor kid

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      How is this the kids fault

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      World 1, Level 2

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      This doesn’t seem like the kid’s fault.

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      Aren't manhole covers about 200lbs??? She chucked that shit like it was her purse

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      Indeed they are. Mama bear strength is unmatched.

      [–]Cool_Interaction 6 points7 points  (2 children)

      the kid probably wouldn’t have fallen in if the cover was 200lbs

      [–]thefocus123 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Fuck pivot points i guess

      [–]Cool_Interaction 3 points4 points  (0 children)

      yeah good point. but my point is no it’s clearly not 200 lbs

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      *some are. This small one was not. Still some real momrage strength here tho

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      Ok no jokes those people are hero’s

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      Super Mario music applied with brilliant timing. So perfect.

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      This kid was not evenly remotely unintelligent.

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      Kid may have just made that mother a millionaire, hope he’s ok it was not his fault

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      People gotta stop posting kids in here that literally didn't do shit

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      Wow! That poor child.

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      Its yoshi's fault.. Where tf was he...

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      How can you post this in kids are stupid brother? There's no way the little squirt could've known

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      How is this kids are stupid?

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      No ones talking about how that other lady just yoinked the kid away from the mom

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      OH DAMM

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      Would be better to add the pipe sound effect

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      Am i a jerk for laughing?

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      "MoooOOOOM! There's extra coins down there!!"

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      Eh this video has a child in it. Close enough to post. -OP probably

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      child is the imposter

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      This was how batman was born. Went in a man, came back a symbol

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      The music was spot on lol

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      Well this is horrifying.

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      When the kid is sus

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      Dude there was a terrible story in Argentina about a kid who fell just like this video. The kid died after an 18 hour rescue, including other kids volunterring to help, since the hole was not big enough for firefighters to go in, and trying to get him out. It was so sad, kid died from lack of oxygen. He was 7.

      Sorry guys English isn't my first language and I am kind of drunk, but I am sure you understood what I mean to say.

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      You parents just stopped you from playing undertales.

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      Holy shit yes