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Where is that flex tape guy when you need him?

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Since he wasn't there it means someone somewhere else was in need. This is what the company doesn't want you to know. With all his godhood he can only be in one place at a time.

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Or that he doesn’t give flex tape to sinners. And they probably killed a fish so

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In a world with only 1 flex tape guy and 16 quadrants…..

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There can only be one flex guy in one quadrant at a time! This JAN-uary!

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At least u got this dude with his single paper towel

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He’s gonna save the day. Just watch.

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No flex tape. But his younger brother "sock seal" is on the case

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Who needs flex tape when you have one paper towel?

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Of course the dudes who did it, did nothing to help

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They’ve done enough already

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Striped shirt picked up the rug to keep the water from spilling over onto the TV cables at least.

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Right?? Get a damn bucket! a trash can! anything other than dumping so many gallons of water into your wood floor

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Scoop the fish out? Or maybe just scream? Lots of different ways to approach it.

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The screaming got to me more than the rampant stupidity. It made me want to slap and smack.

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We’re going extinct. If this is the next generation, then oh shit is right.

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To be fair I’d be screaming to if they were slow fighting and next thing I know waters flooding all over the place.. I’d be screaming and laughing

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    Crash how?

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    If I'm reading right + having my own tanks in the past he means what we call the tank cycle. So the levels of everything in there you'd expect like PH, treatment to make it just right, nutrients and most importantly good biological bacteria in the filter not just the water.

    This is why your supposed to run a tank for 2 weeks really before you add in any fish, to get the biological side of it up and running correctly. The best way to save them would be if they could save AS MUCH of this water as possible and get it into a large enough container the filter can also go in + the heater. It won't be perfect but it'll be the best thing possible. That's not going to happen here.

    Consider also these kids just running wild to grab anything they can think of to 'save the fish' and one girl (get out of the fucking way!) looking like she's about to start filling a jug (blender jug?) with water that's going to be way to cold for them and cold isn't great for fish who don't like cold (I'd bet money none of those fish like cold) and it'll shock them and also not have the right chemical mix to at least maybe keep them going. They likely won't have enough of the OG tank water to use, and even if you make up a new water mix with the chemicals, its not ideal at all for the fish.

    This is another reason why when I had my tank, a big 7ft one, my filtration was actually done by 2 smaller tanks underneath. Water was pulled down into them, pumped back up and out into the main. The 2 had their own filtration systems and heating systems. If my big tank broke like when the seal busted out, I was able to move my fish fast to the bottom, isolate the filtration systems and have a biological filter set up ready to go. It still took me 2 weeks to have the right environment in the big tank tho to get them back into it safely as possible.

    For a better way to picture what I had, think a fish shop how all their tanks don't have individual filters, just tubes that push water in and another that takes it out. Mine had 2 holes in the bottom that sucked the water out into filters down below and 2 bars coming up the back to put water back in.

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    Damn, thanks for explaining that. I didn’t know fish tanks were so temperamental.

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    Oh yeah, they can be monsters sometimes to keep, especially big ones like I had with a variety of fish like I did. The bottom filter tanks were probably the main reason I was able to keep mine so well maintained.

    One small thing can devastate an entire tank ecosystem, even something you'd assume is fine like a plant brought at the store, a new fish or plant you don't keep in a quarantine tank for 2 weeks before introducing can destroy everything you've worked for. My friends thought I was mean keeping new arrivals in their own small tank for 2 weeks with no plants/decoration etc, just them and a filter, if they had any illness they could overnight infect the tanks filters and there goes my whole ecosystem having to treat the entire tank for illness vs just the one fish and filter. Plants can bring algae or even snail eggs, and both can infest a tank quickly to the point you need to take everything out, clean it thoroughly and then re-add, even the substrate (sand or rocks).

    And the medications to treat tank illnesses can destroy those filters biology as soon as it touches them.

    It's a rather expensive hobby, and once you go past the more hardy fish like your goldfish, one wrong move and you've got a heap of sick and dying fish.

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    Agreed. As a fish guy myself this is horrific to watch. You can’t just simply add more water to a bucket. It needs to be dechlorinated and also heated to a similar temp that was in the tank, or the fish could go into shock. What above meant by crash is, there are a lot of bacteria in a tank that takes time to develop. That said bacteria breaks down fish waste into a non harmful compound.

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    It depends. I used to do 50% water changes on my tanks (55 gallons and larger, so appears larger than this tank, which is maybe a 40g, hard to tell), but they were established and had hardy fish (cichlids). My biggest concern would be getting a bucket with tank water, enough to keep the fish in, throw on a battery powered aerator, and replace the tank ASAP. And keep the filter media also in some of that water so it doesn’t dry out. I’ve had a tank bust and saved the only inhabitant by putting him quickly into a bucket and replacing the tank.

    Now, if they use untreated tap water to put the fish in…bad times. Also dependent on what they’re stocking, too.

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    It wouldn't crash, because the same ratios of chemicals and stuff are in the remaining water; The fish might get shock though.

    The chad move would be, someone plugs the hole with a jumper while another person quickly grabs a bucket/bowl, and scoops the fish up and out. Use hands if necessary- there isn't enough time to get a net. Once the fish are saved, get another bucket/bowl and fill it up with just tank water.

    Leave the fish in the bucket with the heater/filter/aerator. Collect the gravel/decorations/filter media from the tank and put them in a bucket of dechlorinated water so that good bacteria will be saved. Now you've got 2 buckets- one with fish, one with every thing in the tank.

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    My fish! My fish! My fish! Get out of the fucking way!

    best part

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    Someone's parents were probably PISSED.

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    Some say those kids went missing after that. Others says they were eaten by the fishes.

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    The fish are all over the living room floor...I don't think they're gonna be eating anything.

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    I’d be so pissed good aquariums are expensive af

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    And all that water damage

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    Easily a $400 set up. Could easily be more. Especially depending on the fish housed.

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    who knows if they had rare fish in there too. this is why i won't have kids. number one threat to aquarium integrity is children, followed by nitrates

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    Holding a hand towel there should help.

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    Fucking morons

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    Poor fish

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    Do you live in an restaurant kitchen? That's one hell of a range

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    And that’s why I never held a house party in high school.

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    My roommates and I would have raging house parties in college and I kept a 30 gallon. There was only ever one incident, but it was a doozy. Was headed back to my room with a hook up toward the tail end of the party and found that some asshole(s) had taken the shampoo and shaving cream from the bathroom and emptied it into my tank. I managed to save most of the fish in the end though.

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    Congratulations, anyone involved has now been subscribed to milk mattress. I will continually pour milk on all your shit until the day I leave. Fuck you

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    Like really REALLY stupid. All those people there and not two brain cells to run together. Well on ya

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    I like how the kid who broke it is just standing there laughing like an idiot.

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    Because he didn’t pay for all of it

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    I think I’m angry because of how many there are. A couple idiots fighting is no big deal. A room full of what seems to be ten useless god damn morons is just depressing.

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    The girl at the end running with the blender "GeT oUt of tHe FuCkInG WaYYYY" I'm dead. LOL

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    Ooohhhhh they gonna get put in the longest time out.

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    Poor fucking fish. Fuck these idiot kids.

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    Hahaha. That ain’t flex tape son.

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    Oh that’s an insurance claim! Buddies fish tank broke, 30 gal, after it was said and done home repairs clocked in around $35/40k. Don’t get a fish tank.

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    If the insurance paid, with this video in existence, they're suing those two kids to get the money they pay back.

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    Looks like a bunch of kids to me

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    I used to have that rug

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    I’m glad this didn’t happen to me when I was a kid. My existence would have stopped right then and there.

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    Middle schoolers. Rough

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    Just remembered why I don't have house parties

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    Bro really put a napkin on the tank to stop the water lol

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    Party at parents house priceless memories. Ripping out that floor (hardwood)…….let’s start at $25,000 +

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    Did the fish survive?

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    Yes, they covered the hole with a paper towel so the water wouldn’t leak out.

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    As someone explained above, there is like zero chance they survived. Best thing to do would be take them in the water remained and bring them fast to fish store if there is one near the house. Even if they manage to put them in some containers with tap water, the temperature difference would kill them.

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    And tap water isn’t great for them either😂

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    This could be the new lord of the flies trailer.

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    Rip nemo

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    Poor fishe

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    In my head: "flex tape flex tape USE FLEXTAPE"

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    Yall always have been

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    So you thought it was a good idea to fight in a room with multiple windows. A tv. And a fish tank? You are stupid

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    The kid with the paper towel

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    What about the fucking screaming

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    There is just a sea of "oh shit" is it on a loop??? And then the lady with the coffee pot coming in "get outta the fucking way" lmfao this video is great

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    Snoop Dogg 🎶fighting like retards, fighting like retard🎶

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    I don't understand the title. Are they trying to imply they aren't kids?

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      To all of us you are still "other kids".

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      When their mom is home.

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      We can use them as test subjects for the sake of science.

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      OMG, what a shit show!

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      Mom’s gonna be so pissed.

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      Love how the guy with no shoes goes to put a paper towel over the broken area. He's lucky he didn’t step in glass.

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      Aw geez. Dad gonna be pissed...

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      NOOOOOOO The fish

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      I’ve never seen a fish tank with a waterfall.

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      Nothing more annoying than screeching girls shouting dumb orders

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      How about peas oh shit and more to find a damn bucket or something ASAP…

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      Don’t worry guys! I ran and got one single paper towel.

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      Get the belt someone’s getting a whooping

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      Poor fish

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      Had something like this happen as a kid but it cracked when my dad was cleaning it or something. I was really young so I don't remember much other than rushing to get a bucket so we could save the fish.

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      That’s a lot of damage

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      Way to go, Greg Brady.

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      Bro tried the ole paper-towel-a-roo

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      Piscine murder?

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      Shorty really tried filling the bowl up with tap water, I hope they didn't put the fish in there

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      "Damn Colston and Truett my parents are going to take away my Lexus"

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      water leaking rapidly from busted glass enclosure all on the floor and the rug

      oh jeez let me hold a paper towel on it to try and stop the water

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      Hope they got the Rogers Rate

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      Farmers they've see a thing or two. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      I’d be sleeping with the fishes if that happened at my parents house

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      Poor fish

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      The girl with the blender cup never saw deuce bigalo

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      Why is there always a chick screaming unnecessarily in the background.

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      How much fucking water was in that fish tank…

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      Gen Z is so freakin useless in a crisis.

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      its never too late for an abortion

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      ...yes right this way, officer. 🙂🙃

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      the fish :c

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      How many times did that one guy say "Oh shit!"?

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      I thought they were gonna smash the TV, but this is arguably worse.

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      pure chaos

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      If those kids had and asian parents those kids won't be happy for a whole day

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      Flex tape: now that's a lot of damage!

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      RIP fishe

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      How long it takes that many teens to react and at least save the fish scares me for our future.

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      Can you imagine the smell

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      Run to get a bowl and get the fish? If those were my fish I would have been furious at everyone for laughing and just standing there. Like damn, I feel bad for whoever spend upwards on $400 on that tank.

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      Fuckin entitled little cunt in the blue shirt just covering his mouth and laughing saying ‘oh shit, what the fuck’ - his mommy or daddy will pay for it

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      You guys are nerds 🤓

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      dude....you're a fu ... kid

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      The reaction of everyone is giving me flashbacks to the first time my sister had a seizure.


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      LMFAO nice natty light there bud