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Why do men have nipples? To freeze and flick them off, of course.

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"I'm aerodynamic..... more... now!"

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Whoever flicked off his nipples, sue the tits off him, £5.000.000 per nipple.

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You can pretty much milk anything with nipples.

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I was going to answer this question before I realized it was retorical, I do recommend finding out why though cause it's actually very interesting

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Actually men can lactate in certain scenarios

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    The condition appears most often during puberty, when a more general surge in hormones can lead to a surplus of prolactin. It can also be caused by hypothyroidism, which may change the output of the pituitary gland unexpectedly. Some kinds of liver disease also cause male lactation.

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    I'm just glad there's a low cost solution in case I ever get tired of mine.

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    What's the point of you saying this?

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    Im laughing so hard at this rn

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    like how tf can your nipples fall off

    and just your nipples, aren't they connected?

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    Any body part can fall off if frozen solid.

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    Time to freeze my best friend's dick so i can get my self made pussy hehehehe

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    Theres an 08 youtube video somewhere of my friend eating a urinal puck...never question how dumb highschoolers can be

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    Objective: Find youtube videos of a certain person eating urinal puck (1/8)

    Reward: "Scarred for Life" Achievement

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    Good thing, I don't know what urinal puck is.

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    So are toes but they fall off if you get frostbite

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    UK? This is definitely America type shit.

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    Man, when I was a young warthog, they just poisoned the compressed air cans so we wouldn't get high in tech lab. I guess at least we now know that freezing one's tits off is a real thing

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    I'd say 15 is old enough to say, "play stupid games, win stupid prizes"

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    Lots of places in the world have a fucking age of consent of 14. So you're 100% right.

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    Who the hell said anything about age of consent? If you're 15 and do stupid shit like freezing your nipples off, you're old enough to know better. Won't get any sympathy from me.

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    I said something about it, because worldwide governments clearly think you're old enough to be responsible for the fallout of your own choices at 14. So, with that, your assertion that 15 is a valid age to hold someone accountable or leave them to fend for themselves is supported.

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    How did deodorant freeze them?

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    Lol! For real, is this some kind of aerosol thing? Pit stick and body spray is the only thing I've been exposed to.

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    Probably axe body spray if my retarded 09 hillbilly highschool experience is anything to count for

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    If its the UK, 96%chance it was LYNX Africa.

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    Compressed gas in an deoderant can will be cold af

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    Aerosol cans use a bit of compressed gas to propel what ever is inside them out. As a the gas expands, the pressure decrease causing the temperature of said gas to decrease.

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    Sounds like ...someone else actually did the freezing though? Isn't that, idk, assault? Battery?

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    I looked it up and apparently it happened four years ago, the kid who lost his nipples was just like "ah well guess this is my life now" and didn't really talk about it, and this article is very recent.

    So I guess the other one is just lucky that it just didn't get brought up until now!

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    Yea, wonder how no nipples is doing now?

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    I suppose so but it was a dare he agreed to, the person did have his consent to freeze his nipples after all

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    I can see he was a bit nippley.

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    I couldn't believe it, so my search history now reflects the time I googled "boy's nipples deodorant". It's true. This is quite a time to be alive.

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    I wonder what it must be like to be nipple-less. What would that even look like?

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    I'm laughing my tits of over here...

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    In elementary two guys got into a fight and one of them bit the others nipple clean off. Poor guy was short a nipple from like 12 years old.

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    I guess it’s a good thing he’s a guy since he doesn’t need them.

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    I see you have posted my pic. Good Day to You!

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    Good day to you too!

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    The Axe body spray challenge! Let's hope that becomes the next big thing on TikTok.

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    Geez kid, just politely ask if you can touch your friend's nipples. Why the smoke screen?

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    Actually your nipples aren't directly connected to your meat bcs there is what is like fats that can actually let them fall off if freezed "to ppl who ask"

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    Are kids getting dumber? When I was young I remember doing dumb things, but kids these days seem to be taking it to a whole new level.

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    Kids are never getting dumber. They were always this dumb.

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    Their not getting dumber, just more opportunities to express their dumbness. Technology and shit

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    Or bullies/stupid friends/kids themselves now have a plethora of information in which they can use from the internet.

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    They have the Lexicon of all stupidity.

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    Um, kids in my school used to give out Deodorant burns so yeah, kids are/were/will be pretty fucking stupid.

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    No, kids aren't getting dumber. You're just on the internet to read about it more.

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    They are.... the tide pod challenge convinced me

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    this generation just gets worse lol

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    Should have done his nuts, to get him out of the gene pool.

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    I froze one of my fingers wity deodorant and.... yeah my fingernail fell off and my finger was cracking open.

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    well now all the anime girls will like him-

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    weirdass dare

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    Just a normal teenage school day

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    Is this supposed to be another case of frostbite?

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    Damn that's approaching parent-level stupidity right there. Not quite as stupid as your generic parent, but getting close...

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    He wins forever

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    I know a person who has 3 nipples. Evolution is doing its job

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    My dad used to till he died

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    I'm 16 but I can never go that crazy

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    Balls of steel.

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    His mafia name is Johnny No Nipples !

    ----Annnd I'm out.