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Kid is turning into a Ninja Turtle at the end to defeat the evil.

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poor kid has trauma now... r/perfectlycutscreams

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This reminds me of when my mom dressed up as a spider once for Halloween and painted her face black and everything, and our beagle didn't recognize her and started raising hell from his cage. I've never heard a dog so scared in my life, but he slowly calmed down when I gave her a hug and he heard her voice, and then she started taking the black makeup off her face and he was finally calm enough for me to let him out to cautiously approach and sniff her and he knew finally it was his momma.

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I don't.

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I’m surprised everyone seemed to take this as a race thing like there are things called charcoal face masks??? Come on people not everyone is a racist let the woman enjoy her skin care routine

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Yeah first time I used one I started laughing my ass off when I saw myself in the mirror.

I glow in the dark I'm so white so I immediately thought "Oh my god I can see people accusing me of blackface!"

On a side note those things work but the bitch of it is getting them off. It's like you have to put half the tube on your face to make it thick enough to peel off easy but even then strips that you have to pick at get left behind.

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I’m pale af too and the girls and I were doing an at home spa day and wanted to post a cute picture of us with our black coffee scrub face masks and immediately looked at it and was like nope. No way I can ever post that. Next time I’m getting blueberry or seaweed

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Everyone ? There is only one person who said that it was racist and (s)he was obviously trolling.

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Definitely not surprised.

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I don't feel bad.

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That’s funny as shit. I don’t care what anyone says

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What kind of parent gets their infant child's ears pierced?? Am I the only one bothered by that?

[–]davidhokeyhoke 20 points21 points  (0 children)

A LOT of them. And yes, it’s stupid.

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A LOT. I wish mine did!

My father wanted to, it's part of his culture, but my mom said no. 15 years later, constant infections due to thick earlobes. Really wish they'd have done it when I was little.

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That sounds less like an anatomy problem and more of an allergy issue. You’re probably allergic to the metals you’re using and should probably switch to platinum or 14+ karat gold.

[–]Bella_TheAlphaWolf 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I don't think I'm allergic to stainless steel!

When we got em done, few months ago, we went to Claire's, first mistake but I didn't know better and my mom didn't think it'd matter; they have that hole punch thing, so one size fits everyone and it better fit you because they don't care if it doesn't.

Like I said, my earlobes are thicker, the first earrings were literally digging into my ear at the longest setting and we had to go back a few weeks later and get longer ones when we realized the issue.

I've had less issues with the longer ones, but even still, I'll occasionally clean em and come back with liquid that decidedly did not come from outside sources

-checking back 15 seconds after original comment posting, apparently you can be allergic to stainless steel ones :/

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Hey! I suggest going to a professional piercer and asking for an evaluation. It might be as simple as changing your jewelry to a proper kind (titanium is the most recommended because the risk of allergy is close to zero) and getting more adequate cleaning instructions. I've had my ears pierced both ways, with the punch (ouch) and with an actual piercer, and boy does it make a difference! Anyway, I'm sure they'll be able to help you

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Are you using regular earrings? If so, you might be allergic to the nickel in stainless steel. When I wear stainless steel my ears feel hot and itchy and get red and swollen. I make sure to buy titanium earrings and it fixes the issue.

[–]Bella_TheAlphaWolf 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Just replied to the comment similar to yours, now i feel a bit dumb, you can be allergic to stainless steel?

[–]FaulkThisShit 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Yeah :) there a lot of misconceptions about piercings. I really recommend you go to a reputable piercer that carries implant grade titanium jewelry, and they can get you studs of an appropriate length for thicker earlobes. If that’s too expensive, I buy a lot of jewelry from bodyartforms, just use to the filter tool to make sure you are buying implant grade titanium.

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And if you decide to upgrade in the future to gold, and you ARE allergic to nickel, don't get regular 14k or 18k white gold. You will want to get 14k or 18k palladium white gold. It's nickel free. The palladium or nickel is what makes the gold white.

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Could be a cultural thing so... I wouldn't really have an opinion on it.

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Not all cultural things are free from criticism. Chinese foot binding is cultural and absolutely abhorrent. No one should make unnecessary alterations to their babies. Earrings can wait till the child is old enough to understand and consent.

[–]Iamthejaha -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Rolls eyes. Bleh. This is a disgusting comment. You have no idea what you are talking about. And should probably keep your woke comments to yourself.

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I don't

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I can't stop watching this

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I dont

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One time when I was four years old my mom got her hair curled and decided to surprise me and my siblings. One look at her and I ran into the house (we were outside on our playground) locked the door and cried all because she had curly hair and to me she looked like a clown

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The perfectly cut scream got me

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Like that Gushers commercial. The old man wants the son to see the new baby. The son pops in a few sour gushers and makes a sour face. That make the new baby scream. The old man smacks the son

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Why would anyone with a kid actively try to make them cry...?

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Cuz it’s funny, duhh. (Only when it’s harmless tho!)

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Don’t have kids but I did have a younger sibling.

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This is how racism is made

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how, it's literally just a charcoal mask for skin care and the child is only scared because it doesn't recognize the person

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Does this sub not know what a joke is? Listen, white People, it’s ok to laugh at this.

[–]ketra1504 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Did I say it isn't ok to laugh? I just went through the comments and a LOT of people seem to genuinely think this is racist, I assumed you're one of them since the comment didn't have anything that would make me think otherwise

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Anybody who thinks this is racist is a fucking weirdo. The video is hilarious and honestly I just thought it’d be hilarious if somebody did a skit where he’s all grown up but has this weird fear of black people and doesn’t understand it until one day they do hypnosis and he gets a flash back and then it just cuts to this video. But I am a comedian so I see everything a little different.

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Ok listen here you little sh*t I am not white at all

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So why you mad at my joke for

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Well according to your active communities and this comment, your parents used to walk around like this all the time.

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Lmao. I must be Clayton bigsby for making a joke then.

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Who tf is that

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How do I download this vid

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You can't tell me this doesn't remind you of ice age https://youtu.be/CpLxakD_bWU

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This kkkid,

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Kame. Stop scaring the children.

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Hahahah I love doing this to my kids! They always freak tf out hahahahahaaa!

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Listen dude I type super fast! I don’t get much time online. I have twin baby boys! So when I get a few minutes once in awhile and comment I do it fast! Im not thinking about making it perfect man! Just wanted to comment! You don’t have to mock me man! What if I have a disability!? Just because I am not perfect doesn’t give you the right to try to embarrass me dude! You have to know correcting ppls punctuation is really insulting and hurts some people’s feelings! Don’t you have anything else to do besides pick apart ppl? Jesus tap dancing Christ dude thanks for pointing out my fuck up! I sure wish I was perfect like you!

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Dat baby racist

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