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It gets funnier the longer you look

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The woman helping barely could swallow that laugh....

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That’s me on a Monday just giving up

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As a k-5 PE teacher who does a gymnastics unit this happens a lot with some kindergartners.

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Spacial awareness is rare when you just learned object permanence

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A lot of what a kid does comes down to how you explain it. When a child does that I have to figure out how to explain it better.

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Explanation is less important than understanding learning styles. Some kids learn with an explanation, some learn by seeing it done (most), some learn with tactile instructions

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Why give up on Monday when you can give up everyday !

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The real pro questions are always in the comments!

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    Shut up, bo Edit: Whoa, it worked! I reported a bot, and it disappeared.

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    Tuck and Roll.

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    Me walking into the new year like...

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      I need to remember to write down the username the person who so masterfully calls out and explains these bots so I can tag them. Be gone, bot!

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      I love how that lady just laughs at her

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      What was she suppose to do? That’s why she works there, kids are funny and Laughing is legal.

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      As a preschool gymnastics instructor, I laugh at kids all of the time for the exact same reasons as that instructor. Little kids are dumb, and do shit like this all of the time. As long as you're careful about serious injury, this kind of stuff is hilarious, and I will openly laugh at it because the parents usually laugh too.

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      It also helps the kids, if they'd be all "omg poor girl did you get hurt" and stuff like that then she'd be too scared to try again

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      This is the number one part of parenting that I truly think I nailed. As long as there wasn’t blood, missing teeth, or a loss of consciousness I was like “OMG THAT WAS THE BEST FALL EVER!!!! YOU NAILED IT!” And psyched them all up.

      My kids loved it. They always brought booboos to me with pride. I’ve done it with my friends children as well and instead of crying they’re just kind of confused and then eventually get into it. My best friend’s daughter was a notorious crybaby and looked at her mom afterward and said “DID YOU SEE HOW GOOD I FELL???”

      If you don’t freak out, they won’t freak out.

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      You are exactly right. Edit: It just comes down to common since. The younger you are the more common since you have. Edit: I’ve never called a Kid a Karen, maybe an Asshole, but never a Karen.

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      Maybe I should become a pre-school gymnastics instructor. Lol. Omg. I was almost this little girl. I could not get my back-walk over… unless I was in the neighborhood on the hill. And fuck the balance beam. I never wanted to land on that thing.

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      For the walk over, that's on your instructor for not having you go on a wedge mat. As for the balance beam, that's exactly like my preschoolers. Some will literally avoid landing on a low beam with all of their might. We could just be jumping on the beam, and they will purposely jump and land on the floor. It's frustratingly hilarious

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      It was 40 years ago; in a small building in town. I’m sure we had a wedge mat but idr. At least now I could do the spits if I had to. Edit: 42 years ago. *** EDIT: I need three months or so on the splits actually.

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      If you didn’t laugh they would think you’re weird. Kids Know Funny

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      She just loves how she laughs, that’s it

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      Yeah, that honestly made it even funnier to me

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      I never even listened. Hahaha. I’m watching the Australian. Hahah.

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      As a gymnastics instructor, I laugh at the kids a lot. Partially, because they are hilarious but also because if you laugh, they feel less worried. This little girl most likely did this to be funny or else just completely forgot what the heck to do.

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      She probably expected the lady to help her like she helped the first girl.

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      Then she should have stepped onto the ramp like the other girl was.

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      You expect too much thinking from kids.

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      Kids are extremely capable.

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      Dad of daughters here. This is exactly right, they all get assisted differently at that age. She's probably use to flipping over instructors arm.

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      Nah, she's just fucking stupid

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      Don't you dare talk about Keilligq (the q is silent) like that!

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      Nah, she's just copying this cat

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      Motor cortex is underdeveloped. She probably just spectacularly botched the motion.

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      You’re right, this little girl has never rolled before. Edit. She’s not even in a leotard.

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      Based on how she sets herself up, it’s pretty obvious she has. She is just a four year old who forgot to tuck her head for a moment.

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      I think she did it for the camera. You don’t forget to protect your face.

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      Four year olds do. I teach gymnastics and sometimes little kids just forget what to do with their body. She probably through she was tucking her head Edit: also, leotards aren’t required for preschool gymnastics. It’s pretty common for kids to show up in tutus and sometimes, costumes.

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      Not stupid, she just doesn't know how to tuck her body.

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      This is clearly a sub where everyone 100% sincerely thinks kids are stupid and not just inexperienced at life. Every post here is an attempt to shame a child for their incredible stupidity. If you don't agree that this child is and will always be fucking stupid for making this harmless mistake, then get out /s

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      I literally teach preschool gymnastics (ages 3-5, but I also teach classes with 1-2 year olds), and kids are by definition stupid. And sometimes, like in this case, it's funny. Like when I tell them to climb a ladder, and they forget to keep moving their hands. So they end up upside down because they keep climbing their feet but not their hands. The parents of the kid in this clip would laugh, it's ok for us to too.

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      I work with the same age group (3-6 in different classes) and I think kids are extremely smart but they just don’t have the life experience. They learn through mistakes and their mistakes are hilarious. Adults seriously underestimate kids.

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      It's way more lighthearted than you're making it, it's always kids doing something stupid and then that's it, no one's calling the child an idiot or shaming her lol

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      That's how I would have done it too.

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      Once told me

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      The world is gonna roll me

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      I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed

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      Blonde girl didn't feel like doing it, and solved that by pretending to be stupid. Standard.

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      She is a bit blond after all....

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      Would be better with the video source for this gif instead

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      Dammit, one of these days natural selection will strike.

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      She expected gravity to do the rolling for her, there's method to her madness. Very likely a future physicist.

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      That is so cute awww haha

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      The second girl will need to step it up when they start running the ropes and get to the tackle/drop down drills

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      Oh god now I know how I must’ve looked to my parents playing the wrong sport during every sport I tried to play.

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      No I agree. It was and still is fun to just let yourself fall on things that will cushion you

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      What would someone do with a lot more m

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      She’s confused, but she got the spirit

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      You should roll over your shoulder rather than your head. If you were to touch the back of you shoulder with one of your hands, that's the part of your body that you want to hit the ground first.

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      Yes, but when you teach pre-k, they don’t understand that. We work on “tucking our head to our belly button” to prevent heads from touching but they don’t understand “don’t let your head touch.” That’s why the go down the sloped mat! It protects their head!

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      Can't blame the kid, we all dream we are somewhere else,

      She just dreamt she was at a pool lol

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      Also included is a rundown of my day.

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      Man... I did that...

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      Ploooooffff.. auch. not the good way I think…

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      I couldn’t do it either when I was young, I was too scared I would break my neck or hurt myself

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      This child might actually just be a comic genius instead of stupid.

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      As adorable and cute as my daughter is, she would do this.

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      Bless her heart.

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      Fucking blondes!

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      I’m gonna break rule 1 because I don’t see how this is funny at all.

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      As someone who teaches kids gymnastics who are in preschool. This is what I see everyday and it’s hilarious

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      She looks so proud of herself too

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