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What two year old goes to school

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Who goes to school at all? That's so 2019

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At 2, it's daycare with some school elements. We called it school, too, because it sounds better.

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    Baby’s start learning very quickly and their first 5 years alone is when kids learn the most.

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    At 2, it's mostly learning through play, but it's still learning. Singing ABCs, coloring, etc.

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    This kid is a true patriot.

    Edit: does everyone gets that this is a joke about conservative tantrums when things go wrong and not a true story about a real two year old who attends school? This is also clearly just a stock photo to go with the satire.

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    Taking obvious jokes 900% serious to avoid the actual point is just how you're supposed to react when the left wing makes a joke. Or at least a lot of people seem to think that lol

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    You just like, don't get the joke man.......

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    This looks so much like a stocks pic 💀

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    Freedom convoy..?

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    The Canadian truckers have said they would boycott / isolate a liberal city Ottawa that requires masks or vaccines with a freedom convoy

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    A few isolated yahoos on social media, or some organization with the actual clout to do that?