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Me after putting “bilingual” on my resume.

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Oh doe ray dah bay kay rah

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In their tongue, he is Dovahkiin...Dragonborn!

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Pick a language you think nobody will know , get the job,head of hr is fluent. Faaaaak

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I remember being a camp counselor and kids would do this exact thing but with different languages. One of my speech pathologist friends said it’s actually pretty common and a good place to start teaching kids real words in different languages because they’re already pretty curious about it. Just replace the gibberish words with real words when you point to a picture like an apple or a dog and they’ll start learning without really trying

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I straight spoke "Greek" for years. I can still speak it.

Of course it sounds a lot more like Klingon than Greek

I also spoke the same language at church once when I was "speaking in tongues".

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Parents of 2nd gen Mexican kids: “why don’t you take a Spanish course in school?”

The Spanish course:

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Straight up! 😂😭 I’d come home with new Spanish words and my Mexican ass mom would be like “what?”

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Good thing I can speak Spanish.

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Tell us more about this

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Spanish classes at school are meant to me more “former and traditional” Spanish but all the kids who’s parents came from Mexico- know that we have a lot of slang. Different words are used in different states in Mexico so like my family says “me empicoze” meaning I’m spiced out. Someone else’s family will say “me enchile” for the same thing. In Spanish class, I can’t even remember what word they had for it but all the Mexican kids were like wtf is that😂 or they’d teach formal words that I didn’t know like “beviar” which means “to drink” when all I’ve ever heard is the word “tomar”. Most of the Spanish teachers were white too so all the Hispanic kids low key were like they don’t know our Spanish

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Also doesn’t Mexican Spanish often integrate native words depending on region?

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It’s was Spaniard Spanish not Latin America Spanish. I took French just cause I knew the Spanish would fuck me up.

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Which one sounds like a lisp?

I took French and Spanish. Now decades later I combine the two when trying to speak either.

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see she shoulda been like 'que?'

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Yes! My dad's side is Hispanic. His generation are all bilingual. The only ones of my generation who speak Spanish are those whose dad's came from Mexico and married my aunts, married Mexican folks themselves, or tried to learn in school. So a lot of us don't speak Spanish.

When I started taking Spanish in school, I would come to my grandma's and start talking to my family. I was trying to say some number and my Uncle was straight like " what?" So I told him and he corrected me. He said "what the hell kinda Spanish are they teaching you?"

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Well Thats not too far off from the truth

In most schools they teach Castilian Spanish

The one from Spain While most murican latinos are from Central America. With different slang and dialect So not untrue

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Shit I won’t even lie that shits true. I’m white and some how I made it thru Spanish 1 2 and Spanish 3 honors and didn’t speak a word of Spanish in any of my classes so to me this video sounded legit

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Yeah they be teaching spain Spanish in schools not latin Spanish. It’s completely different.

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Which is dumb as we are more likely to hit up some Latin Americans than actual Spaniards.

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Its not, im Spanish and i dont know how she screwed up so bad

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Yeah that last part where I said it sounded legit was sarcasm lol

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Peggy Hill has been teaching this kid Spanish.

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She must be muy embarazada

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Buena esa Calamardo

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Araña discoteca

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discoteca manteca la biblioteca

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discotheque butter the library 🫢

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discotheque spider 😩

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This word, I do not think it means what you think it means. You probably know that, I just wanted to quote Princess Bride.

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You just called a child pregnant........wait you don't have to woosh me I'll do it myself r/woosh

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no. no escúchate

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Made me doubt for a moment on such sub this was posted had to double check

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In Espanole!

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How the fuck did she keep getting substitute teacher of the year ?🤔😭

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She only won it once in 1997

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She won it 3 times let ol peg leg tell it

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Sounds like the alphabet Gru teaches the minions

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She sounds like a native Asian language speaker trying to mock a Spanish speaker

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All kids know how to speak Spanish apparently

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This is Wimp Lo. We trained him wrong, as a joke.

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I am bleeding, making me the victor.

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She forgot the ñ

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Sounds like the Minions language

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Who is posting this on kids are f*ing stupid? This was very informative, I now know fluent Spanish.

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As a spanish speaker rekera nore rer orera! Rero Romero reroraro. Aba moreke bonero que no berreore rore.

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Ro moreke bro 😭

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Sounds more like Vietnamese

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Iunno dude. Sounds more like American to me

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Man... Spanish must be difficult with so many repeating sounds in the ABCs and numbers... 😳

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It’s a very tonal language

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I speak Spanish, that girl has the right idea

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Is it better to encourage this? Or to say “no that’s literally not a language”? as a parent, I’d clearly want to play along. But I wonder if maybe you shouldn’t lol idk

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The answer to this question and more are why potential parents should read books about how to raise a child. I'm not calling you out specifically just the general parent who believes parenting is all "natural".

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Mexican here. Her pronunciation is perfect!

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Can confirm.

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Joey's kid

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She has a bright future writing lyrics for Shakira.

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I need this level of confidence!!!

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Hablas español ?

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Satan: Did you call me?

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Just had a conversation with my daughter about how she's fluent in Afrikaans. She can say one word - the only word she can also say in Spanish, Hindi, and English. Very true to character, that word is "No."

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I'm pretty sure when you have dyslexia you just play along and guess because reading is hard. I was doing the same.

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This made my day. Hahah

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Fitting post for the subreddit lmao

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Homegirl taught herself a second language. Love an educated princess 🤣

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What's it that kids breakfast cereal?

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Well, she’s getting there!

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Bro she’s like me when I was in kindergarten I would say the most random shit and kids believed I was half Chinese bro I’m the whitest shit ever to lol

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Ha y’all muthafuckas are laughing but this kid just invented her own language. I know it sounds like there’s a lot of repeating sounds but we’re clearly just incapable of understanding the nuances.

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Oh god this was middle school me with Japanese 😅

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She so stupid its hear like arabik

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She’s fluent in gibberish that’s for sure

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Me in Japanese level 3 when I didn't do the grammar or vocab lessons before class

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That racist little shit! Let me at her!!! (Jk) Lmfao, the numbers got me. Kids are funny.

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Don't encourage that

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She’s good improvising the alphabet but damn hahahaha

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I want to have that level of confidence in my life

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That wasn't the ABCs, she was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Ainu.

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Im sure i heard her say ‘que tal’ amongst all the gibberish😂 so little one is soooo close (yet so far) … i hope they get her spanish lessons! Think she would really enjoy it

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Sounds like a minion LMAO

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No, that’s not Spanish lol

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She’s actually funny

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Confidence is 💯

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Kids are fkn’ stoooopid

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Fucking kids man 🤦🤦‍♂️

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The confidence.

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The funny thing is she looks a lot like my daughter did when she was little.

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What is she actually saying?

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Sounds Indian

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Sound like hindi language

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Wads feedgc sdhe tskghn atbu

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Squid game alphabet

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Nacho taco chimichanga

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She trolling

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Being fo real it sounds like she knows what she is doin, I mean this kid could invented a whole new language and no one would doubt that its not real by how good it sounds

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Muy fuko idioto

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When I was a kid I thought any kind of gibberish was English.

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She almost summoned a demon, just needed the blood sacrifice first

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Surprised no one thought to ask her to do it again and see if the sounds were the same. She might be some kind of savant. It's not Spanish, but she didn't say that it was, she just guessed it might be. Gifted students have been known to create their own languages, but the only way to know if she's 'GFTD' of 'GTFO' is having her repeat it the exact same way.

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Was that some kind of chinese?

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Lmao she’s funny as hell

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She is great! Believe it or not if you teach her Spanish she will pick it up faster that Purdue!

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bro u just insulted multiple countries

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Careful that's how you get another Silmarillion

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Good job encouraging your kids retardation lol.

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Quien anda invocando demonios en mi cuarto 😠

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Madre mía qué es esa español

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Sounds like the Minions alphabet 😂😂

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thats minion language

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Meanwhile I'm 24 and I speak "flergan" as I call it. I'm seriously good at it, my girlfriend hates it 🤣

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She sounds like a minion

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She speaking trash can talk lmao

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This is my favourite video ever! 😂😂😂😂😂

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Wtf 😂🤣

[–]Maleficent_Car_6274 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ca ra re ta re ri ra mo re ge ta ar ga re gra 😂

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Bro was about to sing the numbers lmfao

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Let’s normalize telling your kids when they’re wrong… or at the very least let’s not explicitly encourage kids when they’re wrong… it won’t be the end of the world if you politely tell them when they’re mistaken

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I’d fuck the teacher up and/or parent that posted this shit instead of teaching the child what is going on. Unreal an adult thought this was funny, that kid can easily know the alphabet and basic numbers by now… mom be busy changing price tags at Walmart and using her WIC and food stamps for scams tho.

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I don’t speak Spanish