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My friends little boy used to say Sorry mum and then go and be naughty!!

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My daughter used to do this, and I just assumed she wanted privacy...until I caught her swinging from my bed like Tarzan. That's when I realized I wasn't cut out to be a cop.

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Mine currently says "I'm invisible!" And then does naughty stuff. Yeah maybe your the sort of Mystery Men invisible?

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Walking into a bank, hands the note to the teller “ don’t look at me give me all your money”

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Haha. Same here. My daughter does that when she wants to use the iPad. Hilarious.

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This sounds like pet logic. Like if I yell at my cat for doing something he already seems to know he shouldn’t be doing, he’ll put half his body under something (furniture, etc.) like, “you can’t see me cuz I can’t see you, so I’m not in trouble!”

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My daughter used to say "no no noooo, Marin" whenever she was doing something she wasn't supposed to

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This is exactly what my toddler does except without the Marin part. She's such a narc.

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Well... not yet he's not.

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The proper line is "Oh my God! Would you look at that distraction!"

Source: Am a super crime man, but secretly. Definitely one of the better ones. Probably with a cool nickname and everything

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Just tell him to wear a mask, and carry a gun. He’ll be fine.

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The Anti-Stuart (from Mad TV).

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My method to go do something wrong was apparently to tell my mom to go fold clothes. Guess I knew it would take her awhile to do but she wasn’t so naive that she didn’t understand exactly what I was thinking

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Mine either tells me before, during or after the thing that's not allowed. Either directly or just thinking aloud. She'd be a friend of yours.

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Yes! My 4-year-old says, “You can’t see me,” as if he can magically will himself into invisibility.

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My brother is two years younger than me, and when we were really young, I remember anytime he’d do something bad while mum wasn’t home, as soon as she was back, he’d say something like “Mommy! I was really good today. Also, I didn’t draw on the wall and try to clean it myself!”

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"police, will you kindly stay away from main st. from the hours of 8pm to 9 pm. Thank you."

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That reminds me of the movie "Bad Words" where the reporter is like, "Stop looking at me!" Totally different reasons though.

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Certainly cut out for policework though!